Show off your sketches


I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of your original characters

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    • That looks dope AF! You do any commissions?

      • Thank You! It is very flattering to know that people would be willing to pay for your art; However, I do not feel comfortable taking commissions yet. Maybe in a few months, once I feel more comfortable with my art.

    • Dats hawt.

  • Alright! Here is another sketch of Loona, this time using reference purely for detailing. I was originally going to color the entire piece, but since my coloring skills are not up to par, I chose to only color the eye for impact. Quite happy with how this sketch came out.


    • Wow you are leaps and bounds ahead of where you started. I would love to see what revised versions of your old sketches would look like. 

  • WIP sketch of my interpretation of Dhaunayne Aundae


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    I started on a sketch of my ESO character. 

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    A sketch of the concept I have for my next build: a breton pirate, master in the art of looting, proficient with any weapon or armor and always thirsty for both ale and blood


    • Well shit that is amazing! Beats the crap out of anything j can do that’s for sure :D

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    Here's some before and after line art of my ESO main. 

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