Show off your sketches


I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of your original characters

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    • I think you did a Really nice job on this. I’ll keep an eye out for any modded armor set that resembles your sketchy bad hopefully it works with Requiem.

  • I can’t get the hang of drawing faces, or hands, or anything for that matter. Much props to those who’ve tried this so far. 

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    This is my boy, Favnir Silver-Tongue, from In Love and War and soon-to-be Daughter of Dominion. Apparently cartoony drawing suits me.

    • He has some colors now.


      • Ayyy, bloody mint. Great job. I bet you’ve found your ‘style’ now 

        • I'm still trying to figure it out. Hahaha. Hair kills me.

      • I like your art style, it’s cute.

      • Nice - I quite like the style. Out of curiosity, what brand of colored pencils did you use for coloring?

      • Love the way it turned out with the color. It looks like a screengrab of a Disney movie or something of the like. Well done!

    • That’s the face of a man who could con a beggar out of his last septim.

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