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I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of your original characters

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    "It hurts, Antonius...IT HURTS--! *snarl*"

    "Wuulnmar...Champion...please get a hold on yourself! You're making everyone uneasy..."



    another one of my "champion of cyrodiil unwillingly becomes a werewolf after the oblivion crisis" au sketches! for context, this scene is based off a dream i had some time ago, when i was in the perspective of my oblivion character with his post-crisis companion, and he found a possible cure for his ailment, which was a concoction of some wolfsbane and something else thrown in there (i dont know what the other ingredients are). at one point, he was staying at  the imperial city's merchants' inn, and an alchemist came in with him to test it out, alongside a few other spectators (women, apparently. because he has a" silver tongue") who wanted to witness a test cure being administered to him. unfortunately, the full moon revealed itself before the alchemist could manage to give it to him, and he began to painfully transform into a werewolf partially in front of everyone ("partially"...because he has high willpower to prevent himself from fully transforming), roaring at the alchemist in a momentary bestial rage, and promptly fell off the bed he was on (he couldn't control his erratic movements on the bed in his sudden transformation), and his companion immediately ran to his side and tried to restrain him while also trying to calm him down. hence...this scene here

    it was bad.

    so yeah. story of how i get most of my ideas LMAO

    • Hi I'm Miraak, and I'm here to nek you for posting this kjdhfjkahfjakhf

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    Made this sketch of my friends ESO character

    • And finally got off my ass and colored this 


      • Oh snap that looks awesome!

      • And another 5482116869?profile=RESIZE_930x

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    A sketch of my current character. "The Abamanth clan is a Wood Orcish clan and it has carried the heaviest of all shames for ages. They were the hosts of the Blood of Mauloch, a sacred bloodspring granted by Mauloch himself, the God of Curses known as Malacath by human and elf kins. But this gift was lost and the tribe was cursed by its failure, weakness is punished under Mauloch's chiefdom. The Ayleid invaders were gone after some time but then the shrine was defilled by necromancers, tainting the blood and breaking the bond with Mauloch forever. We've being marking our skin with red paints since that day to clear our legacy, to never forget our mistake. After many centuries the shaman of Abamath has spoken about a new bloodspring, a new shrine, a sacred place which is already being corrupted by vile creatures.This is the time to prove Mauloch the worth of his children, it's time to recover the power of the Clan Abamanth"

    • That looks incredible. The level of detail is far and away better than anything I can do. Nicely done!

    • That is badass AF! So many talented artists here!

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