just some skyrim screenshots


one of my first characters, freya the just


serana and valerica using the mod "better serana" and "better valerica"


a version of the character i've been playing for several years now, seterra the pure, made specifically for the RP server

seterra using stendarr's aura spell from dawnguard

seterra again using stendarr's aura but a different angle

i was playing around with console commands and this is what the game recognizes mephala as...

using the familiar faces mod, i imported some of my old characters into one of my files. my character is the one with the green hair, that's usually how i have seterra look ((but fimvul said green hair wasn't lore-friendly, meanie butt))


serana in lilith armor *heart eyes*

testing a mod i helped develop called conjuration madness, but i don't think it was ever published *sad face*


i've got a lot more somewhere, floating around on my desktop I think, but im at school, and thats at my parents' house, but these are all I can find on my laptop. i wanna see some of yours!

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  • Looks good, Marin. I really like the name Freya.

    • It's a play on Freyja (pronounced the same), the goddess of sex, love, beauty, fertility, and the wife of Od/Oor/Odin


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