Meli's Elder Scrolls Art

Occasionally I draw characters, items, scenes inspired by The Elder Scrolls games, mostly Skyrim, but now ESO as well and the odd one from Oblivion.

Dorcas-Anya Geonette (born 2E552)

Vestige, templer, crafter, murder investigator, friend to High King Emeric, King Aeradan and many others. This was a very quick sketch, my last TES drawing being in 2017, so a bit out of practice on my proportions for humanoids.


Daedric Pod Plant

This started life as a practice piece, just general shapes and shading, on the third version, I tried out some acrylic inks, then finally into GIMP for the addition of a couple of modifyng layers and adding a Daedric pedestal.



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  • Loving the look of the armor on the first piece. Is that an armor set from ESO by chance?

    • Yes, normal Breton pauldrons and bracers, but the Shad Astula robes, they're nice and fancy for when visting the nobility :-)


      • The attire certainly has a noble feel to it. Nicely done. 

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