Useful Console Commands for Screenshots

For those of you who want to take screenshots of your characters, and have access to a PC (Sorry console guys) here are some helpful console commands for taking screenshots. Feel free to chime in with tips and console commands of your own. This is by no means a complete list. 


- Console Commands-

tfc -OR- tfc 1 - These active the freefly camera, which lets your camera move around the world independtely of the player character. Great for setting up shots of your character posing, idling, etc. You lose control of the player while active, though I believe you can still use commands that target the player to trigger idle animations (player.playidle xxxxxxx). tfc 1 freezes game time, allowing you to capture shots in mid action from various angles. tfc (without the 1) keeps game time moving. 

sucsm <number> - Sets the camera speed multiplier. Default is 10. Use this in tandem with tfc to get better control over your camera. Lower numbers = slower camera. For dramatic zooms/pans, try somewhere between 0.25-1.00.

sgtm <number> - Sets the game time multiplier. Default is 1. All actions are modified by this -- movement speed, attack speed, animations, physics, etc. This can be really useful if you want to capture a slow mode weapon swing or similar, when paired with tfc (without the 1). Lower number = slower camera. For slow motion attack shots, try around 0.05-0.10.

fov <number> - Sets the field of view. Game default is 75, though weirdly if you never use this command or change your INI setting, your FOV will actually be 65. For normal gameplay on a 16:9 monitor, somewhere around 78-81 is usually recommended. But for character close-ups and dramatic shots, you robably want to lower it. I often find around 45-55 is a good range -- go lower for a super close-up (maybe 35), or higher for a wider shot (maybe 65). Experiment and see what feels right for each shot.

tm - Toggles all HUD elements. Really useful for those dramatic shots to avoid any unwanted buffs, stat bars etc. (IHUD largely mitigates this for the most part, but if you want to take an action shot mid-combat, you may need this command. I recommend always inputting this last as it also disables the console, making it difficult to enter other commands (as well as to re-enable the HUD, as you can't see whether the console is open and have to go by whether your camera is locked).

csb - Clears the screen blood decals from the camera, often useful when trying to capture a combat scene

tgm - Toggle God Mode. Last thing you want is to die while trying to capture the perfect shots.

tcai - Toggles combat AI processing. This shuts down NPCs or monster combat processing so they wont see you as an enemy. They'll still react to your presence, they just won't fight you.

tdetect - Toggles AI detection - Renders you effectively invisible to AI actors by toggling off their detection AI. If you type this with no actor selected all active actors are affected.

tc and - Toggles controls. This is a bit of a weird one - if you click on an actor and type "tc" in the console you basically control that actors movements the way you would control your own character. By default you'll actually control both the actor and your character simultaneously unless you then type "" to relinquish control over the character. This is very useful to position an NPC in a position or pose, freeze them using tai, then move your character into position to take a screenshot.

disable and enable - Toggles engine rendering of an actor or object. Thinks you've got the perfect shot lined up but there's one annoying bandit who's blocking the camera? Click on them with the console up and type "disable" and they effectively disappear. Use "enable" to put them back into the game when you're done. Or not.

openactorcontainer 1 - Opens an NPC's inventory the same way you can with a follower. Very useful to remove an NPCs helmet or shield, or to give them a different weapon in order to get just the shot that you need.

pushactoraway xx - Just what you think it'd do - it pushes the actor away with a force set by a number in place of the "xx". It's usually easier to use TC to move a character where you want them, but pushactoraway is a lot more fun since it acts on them physically - generates great ragdoll stumble/stagger effects as a side benefit.

credit to anaphiel (nexus forums) & teccam for this list


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