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Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Classics Archives! The ESC Archives holds tags used for anything from Character Builds based around the Classics - such as Oblivion, Morrowind and even Redguard - to discussions from news updates about Skywind. When creating a Build or even a discussion, use the tags below - within reason - to help with archiving and allowing members, both new and old, to find them with ease.

Tagging a discussion in the Elder Scrolls Classics Group is pretty much the exact same for tagging anythin over in the TES Character Build Archives. To recap on how to tag a discussion, simply enter the name of the tag itself at the field at the very bottom of the page and hit enter. No need for quotation marks of any form. To help you decide which tags to use, below is a list of commonly used tags, for Builds, and other discussions, all of which come with a short explanation to help out.

Tagging your builds in the Elder Scrolls Classics is rather simple, it's nearly exactly same way to tagging in the Skyrim Character Build Group.

For example, tagging a Build in the Classics under the tag 'Spellsword' would be:


~~~~~Build Tags~~~~~


Classics-Archer: Marksmen who are devastating in combat at great distances even capable of defeating opponents before they even draw their weapon.

Classics-Barbarian: Aggressive and devastating fighters who prefer an overwhelming offense rather than a cautious defense.

Classics-Crusader: Fighters who use brute strength and medicinal knowledge, while also relying on their keen knowledge of the magical arts.

Classics-Knight: Honorable fighters who are willing to take the brunt of any attack.

Classics-Rogue: Prefering to use speed over brute force in combat, while also persuasive in conversation with their tongues as sharp as blades.

Classics-Scout: Gifted with the arts of evasion, guarding and the proficieny to protect themselves well in combat.

Classics-Warrior: Masters of all melee tools and combat, who put little faith in magic and stealth.



Classics-Battlemage: More than capable of solving conflicts with either spell or sword, they are a deadly combination of scholar and soldier.

Classics-Healer: Supportive mages who are specialize in the ancient art of Restoration as well as supporting buffs.

Classics-Mage: Prefering to use brain over brawn both from afar and up close, with their extensive knowledge of all things magical, they wield a might stronger than the sharpest blade.

Classics-Nightblade: Using spells to augment their abilities and benefit their circumstances, while also moving in the shadows.

Classics-Sorcerer: Able to best the most well equipped fighters, they rely on the magical arts, while having the bodily stamina to be armed with the thickest armor.

Classics-Spellsword: More nimble than the average Sorcerer and better suited at spell casting than the Knight, as students of both combat and magic, their attacks are unpredictable.

Classics-Witchhunter: Clever with spells and swift on foot, they use as their ally to deal with opponents.


Classics-Acrobat: Agile fighters, who use their agilty and endurance both in and out of combat.

Classics-Agent: Charming talkers with a silver tongue when seen, but near invisible in the shadows.

Classics-Assassin: Quiet yet nimble killers, who attack in or from the shadows on the unsuspecting target/s.

Classics-Bard: Smart and socialable, prefering to accomplish tasks with word first, and weapon second.

Classics-Monk: Quick and cunning who prefer to solve conflict with fist or arrow.

Classics-Pilgrim: Well versed in the tomes of old, they profit from persuading the weak minded and profit from bartering goods in the market.

Classics-Thief: Swift and nimble in the shadows, able to unlock any lock and steal any item, while fetching a fairly decent price at the market.


Race Tags can be used if a particular race plays a critical role in a Build or just to help it be found and archived easier along with the rest of the discussions. To add a Race tag, simply type the name of the tag in the tag bar, just like any other tags.










~~~~~Miscellaneous Tags~~~~~

Classics-Guides:For any discussions that either discuss or explain how to achieve a certain thing or how a certain thing works. Such as Ponty's Guide to Morrowind Combat.

Classics-Skywind: For any discussions that have any relevance to the TESRenewal Team, who are recreating Skywind and Skylivion (Morrowind and Oblivon respectively), with Skyrim's engine.

Classics-Discussion: For any other discussions that don't fall under any other tags mentioned above.

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