Skywind Gameplay Trailer

Hey guys! Just over a week ago, the team working on Skywind, had published their very first gameplay trailer at Gamescon - which was also live streamed and had an interview (in German, but later on, English subs were added).

Watching the gameplay myself was breathtaking. The team shows parts of Balmora, the wilderness of Morrowind, including NPCs as well as a functioning guild, the Morag Tong as well as a few other goodies which I recommend you seeing for yourself.

Check out the gameplay trailer for yourselves below! Give me your thoughts below. Also, on the Skywind Discord server, they do occasionally have streams (sometimes testing, gameplay or even just landscaping), should you want to check it out.

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  • Sweet! Can't wait till this comes out 

  • That Music holy damn it sounds so good. Looks like they've reworked alchemy too yay. And SPEARS they have actually got working animations for the spears!!. The sound effects were top notch too. It's looking really good man, hope that it wont be too longer. One things for sure this will probably be the push that gets me to move to to PC when it lands.

    • Aye tell me about it! It’s  going to be real good when it comes out - and hopefully soon. That and with a bit of luck it’ll boost some activity around here 

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