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What is your ESO User ID

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I suppose the best way to kick off our ESO is to have everyone share their user names. With that said here you may post your User ID as well as what system and server you play on. 

I'll start us off

  • @CurseND
  • PC
  • NA Server

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  • @ilyrios, PC NA; I've been playing regularly since the beta in 2014, so if anyone has any questions, needs help farming gear, is confused about PVP - I can help or steer you in the right direction!
    • I added you. 

  • I forgot to mention I should be listed as Curse_ND in the PS4 NA server. I don’t have any content past Morrowind though.
  • PM for user ID


    NA and EU server

    Been playing about 8 months, but new to mmo and guilds, currently running a Templar on EU, and sorcerer on NA.

    • @Tae-Rai
    • PC
    • NA server

    I mostly PvE but also do occassional PvP! I enjoy dungeons, roleplaying, fishing and trials :D 

  • Oh and if you feel like it you can post what kinds of activities you do in game. I mostly do PVE and roleplay. 

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