FO4 Build: Red Hood

Well, hello everyone! After a long, long time, I decided to make a new build. This one is about the biggest badass in the DC comics universe and one of my favorite characters of all time, Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood. Of all foes that Batman faced, his former sidekick is one of the few to be a formidable opponent in all areas. Non other have been able to match the Dark Knight blow to blow other then Bane. This a fast moving, high risk, run n' gun build that mostly uses pistols with some sharpshooting. So, without further ado, unto the build.


"You can't stop crime. That's what you never understood. You want to control them by fear,

but what about the ones that aren't afraid? I'm doing what you can't. I'm taking them out."

- Jason Todd, Under the Red Hood


The blood was still flowing from the corpses of the Raiders as Jason sat on the small rock. The raider base was on a hill overlooking most of the Commonwelath. Near him was a raider, his hand bloody and his leg caught in a bear trap. "How did you do that?" he mumbled. "How did you take us out that fast?"

"Your defenses are shit." said Jason.

"Why did you attack us? We didn't do anything to you." asked the raider.

"No. You didn't." answered Jason. "But you did something to someone else. You destroyed someones farm, killed someones son, raped someones daughter. The point is, you did something to someone. You are a murderer and a thief. That is your answer."

"So fucking what. We're not the only ones. Like you're not a murderer as well. How many have you killed?" asked the raider.

"I kill those that deserve it. My justice may be bloody but it is justice nontheless. It is the only form of justice that works. I walk these roads looking for scum like you. To eradicate your kind before you plunge this world into an even larger shithole then it is today." said Jason as he stood up.

"Good luck, asshole." said the raider as he smiled. "We are everywhere. It's gonna take you two lifetimes to kill us all."

"Good." said Jason. "More fun for me." He then took out his gun and shot the raider in the head.


I have to tell you how much fun I had playing this build. It was a new experience playing with handguns only. I did incorporate some long distance shooting, but the fun of barge in, guns blazing and high on jet, was incredible. I never played Fallout that way and I wish I did it before.

The build is very simple. I had problems with crashes and corrupted save files so I had to stop the build at level 15 but I will leave pointers how you can take the build further.

As I mentioned before, handguns will be your main weapon. In the start I used the 10mm but I highly recommend downloading the Tunnel Snakes Rule! mod either from the CC or the Nexus if you're on PC as the mod adds the amazing Classic 10mm handgun which has the starting damage of 36. By upgrading the gun you can increase the base damage to 85. You can further increase your damage with the Gunslinger perk. 

One more thing that is important to the build is VATS. I didn't use it much in the start, but as the game progressed, I found myself in need of high accuracy and high critical damage.

That is also where the Companions come in. MacCready is the perfect sidekick to Red Hood as they are both mercenaries with a twisted moral code. They will be friendly and caring to people of pure heart, and bloodthirsty monsters to raiders and other criminals.

And with that we come to the distribution of points in SPECIAL and the perks that will go with the build.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Perks


Strength - 5: With Red Hood being a master of various martial arts and a very strong person at peak physical condition, 5 points in here will help you control the recoil of a gun and give you enough power in your bashing attacks when raiders come in too close.

Perception - 3+2: Perception will help with accuracy in as you'll be using it when starting your attacks. Be sure to grab the Booblehead and the SPECIAL book.

Endurance - 5: As this build is up close and personal with combat, five points here you will give you additional health.

Charisma - 3: Not much is needed here. Just enough to get a higher pay here and there.

Intelligence - 6: Red Hood, being trained by the Bat, is highly intelligent and a great hacker. This is our biggest point dump.

Agility - 4+1: Four points to start and a one point after a level up. Seeing as you have a handgun only, sneak and double damage will be mandatory.

Luck - 2: Two points in Luck is enough for filling critical and finding more loot.


Level up Perks:

These will be the perks that you choose when you level up. As I said before, due to coruppted save files, I wasn't able to complete the build as I originally wanted.

Action Boy (1): This perk will allow you to regenerate your action points 25% faster. Trust me, it will help a lot in firefights.

Armorer (1): As you won't be getting Kellog's outfit for a while, one point in Armorer will help you enhance your armor enough to withstand early game dangers.

Demolition Expert (2): Red Hood is an explosive expert. You will be using a lot of grenades and molotovs.

Gun Nut (2): Upgrading your handgun to it's maximus potential base damage is impossible without two points here.

Gunslinger (2): This is one of the most important perks for this build. Two points here will give you 40% higher pistol damage. Amazing for early game.

Hacker (1): Red Hood is an amazing hacker, so a point here will be enough to unlock most early game terminals and deactivating turrets.

Lone Wanderer (1): Less damage taken and bigger carry weight is essential for survival in early game and before meeting MacCready.

Mister Sandman (1): Better damage with silenced weapons plus already high damage with handguns will make your pistol a one-hit kill.

Scrapper (1): One point here will help you find more materials for modding your gun.

Scrounger (1): One point here will allow you to find a lot more 10mm ammo. Trust me, you'll be going through it like crazy.

Magazine Perks:

This perks you can find in the world as you explore. They can help by further enhancing your pistol damage and weapon bashing damage.

Guns and Bullets (2): These two magazines will further increase handgun damage.

Barbarian (2): These two magazines will increase bashing damage. Very usefull.

Covert Operation (1): Enhances your sneak, which is perfect for does double damage strikes.

Equipment and Gameplay


Because of the save file corruption, I was not able to fully complete the builds equipment. But that shouldn't be a big problem. First up is the weaponry.

Classic 10mm Handgun: You can get this bad boy with the CC mod, Tunnel Snakes Rule!. It is an amazing handgun that can rival Kellog's Magnum. I added the advanced receiver which got the base damage of the gun to 85. You can get an unstopable hand cannon with the above perks, especially with the undetected bonus. It truly is an amazing weapon. I even managed to kill the Deathclaw at Salem with only one magazine.

Sniper Rifle: Altough Red Hood is an exceptional sharpshooter, I decided to keep the use of rifles to a minimum as the high risk up close gameplay is much better then picking targets from afar. However, there were some situations where the sniper rifle was very useful.

Kellog's Outfit: One of my favorite outfits in the game. It looks similar to Red Hood's jacket and it is perfect. It also has great damage and energy resistance. Early to mid game, this outfit will be a great addition.

Sack hood/Synth Field Helmet: This is where the save file corruption hits hard. At the start of the game, you will be wearing the sack hood which you can get from the raiders in Concord. It will do its job until you can get the Synth Field Helmet from University Point as it sometimes spawns there. You can also get it from the vendors in the Institute. If it doesn't spawn with the vendors, just reload your save before entering the Institute. You may have to repeat several times before it spawns. With mods, you can paint the helmet red, so you can get the full look.



The gameplay is simple, yet very fun. As I said before, many times, this is a high risk, run n' gun build that depends on high damage, VATS and accuracy to quickly take down targets. The point is to start the fight undetected by aiming at the highest level enemy or the one that poses the biggest threat. These are normally raiders or Gunners in power armor. After that you will take down as many as you can while running towards them. Use natural or man made cover to minimise taken damage. As you find yourself in the middle of the enemies, enter VATS and headshot as most of them as you can. After, that you can pick off the stragglers.


Factions, Quests & Roleplay

When it comes to factions, things are a bit complicated. Red Hood is a chaotic good character. For him the end always justifies the means and he will stop at nothing to eradicate evil in the Commonwealth. With that in mind, he will help the Minuteman and the Railroad but he will not officialy join them. Build a small settlement here and there for the Minuteman but that is it. You will fight to protect the people but they will do the rest. The Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute will be destroyed for they do not care about the good of the people.

You will complete the Main Quest to get rid of the Institute and the Brotherhood. Remember to save synth Shaun and sound the alarm so the civilians can evacuate. Retake the Castle  for the Minuteman. Take out the Mechanist. Protect the citizens of Far Harbor and destroy the Children of Atom. If you think that DiMA is a good person then you can keep him alive. When you make it to Nuka World, the goal is simple. Kill them all! Every last Raider.

And now Roleplay. Jason Todd is a man that went through a lot. He is a ruthless killer but he never forgot his more sensitive side. Help those in need and kill those that hurt others for pleasure or caps. Also, don't forget that you are a mercenary as well. You will take on jobs that involve killing raiders and clearing out locations of ghouls and such. However, you will not take contracts that tell you to hurt innocents. You will act kindly to nice and innocent people and like an asshole to criminals. Also, try to be sarcastic. Jason has a weird sense of humor.


And with that, we have come to the end of the build. I had a lot of problems with this build, which is why it is a level 15 build. I really hoped you liked and enjoyed it. I will try and post my next build in the coming months. I'll see you all soon.

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  • Ah, excellent job Delta. Glad to see another FO4 build here. Love Red Hood

    • Glad you liked it. I think it came out fine, despite being half finished.

      • Maybe one day you can add on to it, expand the build

        • I'll see. But it would be a long time until then. Gotta a lot of stuff on my mind. Looking to make a raider build inspired by the Highwaymen fron Far Cry: New Dawn.

  • I don't play fallout but much appreciated build nonetheless seeing as Red Hood is my all time favorite DC character. 

    • Thank you for viewing the build! He is one of my favorites as well. Much more relaxed then the Punisher.

  • Is there a way you can finish this build to level 50 or higher plus flesh out the perks spread?

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