FO4 Build: The Mercenary

Hello everyone and welcome to my build. This is a port of my old build from TV. This build is very special as this was the first build I ever made for Fallout 4 and it's currently my best build yet. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you: 



"Synth, human, mutant. I hunt all."


Name: Nicholas Draken a.k.a Drake

Occupation: Retired - Former US soldier, Former German soldier, Former PMC, Former arms dealer

Recorded Conflicts: Sino-American War, Euro-Arabic Wars, Fall of the African Union, at least 7 other conflicts

Skills: Sharpshooter, Expert hand-to-hand combatant, extensive experience of most existing weaponry, explosives expert

List of Used Weaponry: Insufficent memory storage on this terminal


Report to Brotherhood Command


Operative: Knight Simmons

Target: Drake - The Mercenary

Mission Type: Intel Collection

Objectives: Uncover Target History


After months of undercover work in the Commonwealth, I finaly found a lead to get me to The Mercenary. It was hard to infiltrate the Gunners and get a chance to speak to the now legendary Mercenary. I've even got him to tell me his name, Nicholas Draken, Drake for short. From the short time I got with him, this is what I learned of his history.


He was born a little over 40 years before the Great War in Berlin, Germany, to an American father and a German mother. He joined the German military at the age of 17 by forging his papers. He participated in the Euro-Arabic Wars where he saw his first combat situations. He was later diagnosed with PTSD at the age of 23. He tried to settle down with his first wife. But his wife died during labor with the child. Drake battled the depresion the only way he knew, with war. He traveled to Africa during the continent wide conflict known as the Fall of the African Union. He worked as an arms dealer in South Africa until he was cought. After a year spent in Cape Town Federal Prison, he escaped and joined a PMC group in Sudan and Somalia. After three years of working for the numerous new dictators, he met a doctor from WHO, a woman called Nora Clarke. They fell in love and traveled to Boston where he finaly threw away his weapons and settled down. Then the bombs came.


That is all that I managed to dig up before I was ordered to leave the compound. I hope that this report will help the Brotherhood help see what an asset this man is and that the Marked for Termination order on him is to be lifted as soon as possible.


End of Report

Knight Michael Simmons




Strenght: 5 - Five points here will help you carry a lot of supplies for upgrading weapons and armor, and building your merc base at Oberland Station after clearing it of those pesky settlers.

Perception: 4+1 - Four points here will keep you tracking your enemies. We don't need much as this isn't a sniper build, altough a sniper is used in small quantites. Pick up the Bobblehead.

Endurance: 6 - Our biggest point dump. Having a high Endurance will help us survive the toughest battles against Behemoths and Coursers.

Charisma: 5+2Having Charisma in the middle will help you convince people to give you a bigger pay for the jobs you take. You will invest two perk points here.

Intelligence: 5 - A good Intelligence will allow you to use the Hacker perk. This will allow you to hack most terminals out there.(Note: The Hacker perk is optional. I didn't use it.)

Agility: 2+1Agility is mostly used for a bit more action points in VATS, as you won't be sneaking that much.

Luck: 1You don't need luck, you have ammo. 


Early Perks


Rifleman: Two points here will keep you going for a good portion of the build. At the start of the game, you get a laser musket, that if upgraded with a good scope and a three-time crank, you can get a powerful sniper rifle.

Gun Nut: One point in this perk will help you upgrade your weapons to a good level. I built a submachine gun (nicknamed "Piper") that served me well throughtout the entire build.

Commando: In the Wasteland, automatic weapons are a must. Rifles just can't keep up with those fast moving ghouls and bloodbugs. Two points will raise their damage to a good level.

Armorer: One point here will help you endure the dangers of the Commonwealth.

Lady Killer: As some of the quest givers are female, you'll need two points here to persuade them to give you a higher pay. It's also usefull for some other thing that will be revealed later.

Gunslinger: One point here will give you a sidearm that will serve you for a long time.

Medic: You'll be using a lot of stimpaks, so why not give them a better kick.

Scrapper: Scrap, scrap, scrap! Scrap everything you can.

Life Giver: A few more hit points. What's not to like?

Toughness: Made out of steel. Take everything that's thrown at you and then some.




Scoped Three-Crank Laser MusketThis will be your primary long range weapon. You get the Laser Musket early on and it's the perfect early to mid-game weapon.

Automatic Pipe Rifle with Long Barrel and Drum Magazine - A good weapon to keep you going for most of the build.

Tactical 10mm with Comfort Grip and Long BarrelA good sidearm for every merc in the Commowealth.

Machete - A simple, yet effective weapon for close encounters.


Base of Operations


"Home, sweet home."

Oberland Station:

It's a perfect base of operations for a mercenary. It's located in a central position in the game world, so it's great for any roleplayers that don't like fast traveling, as you can get anywhere quickly. A few settlers and some turrets will keep it safe while you're out on a job.It's also great for survival mode. Don't forget to give your settlers armor and weapons from the Gunners. You're roleplaying a Gunner after all.




When it comes to combat, you're going to want to stay safe. Find a point to fortify and set a mine or two on your defensive route. What I mean with this is that you're fighting in a defense, so you will be backing off a lot. Tunnel like areas are great for this as you can booby-trap them and watch your enemies fly away as you back track. Draw their attention and make them follow you at all times. They have to keep moving and so do you. When you reach your nest, take out your gun and sprey what's left of the enemies. I found some difficulties with this combat style but when it works, it is simply amazing, and the rewards of all that preparation is very satisfactory.



Main quests until the Prydwen comes in, then you decide, will you pursue the quest, but do it for the highest bidder.

MacCready - He is probably the only person you can trust in the entire wasteland. Return that trust and help him find a cure.

Bounties - As a true merc you will hunt down various bandits, animals or other. I recommend a few bounty hunter mods like Bountiful Boards or Bounties for You.

Also, pretty much anything that pays good.



When it comes to roleplaying, be ruthless. Kinda like Geralt from the Witcher but without morals. Man, woman, ghoul, synth. All can die if it means getting you a few caps. Sometimes you will be a villain and sometimes an anti hero. This may be a small build, but if you get to Nuka World, take it. Becoming lord of Commonwealth can get you richer then everyone. Oberland will be your home and you will turn it into a fortress. I also reccomend playing on survival as you can get the most out of build. Struggling at first, starving. It gives you a real sense of proggresion.


End Notes:

I hope you like the build. More will come in the future. I hope to give Fallout a real home on the Forge and I think this is a good start. Also, stay tuned for lore articles I'm planning for Fallout, and I will see you next time!!




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  • This is awesome delta! Ruthless Mercs are probably the most satisfying way to play fallout. 

    • Glad you like it. Believe me Curse. I'll make sure Fallout rivals TES. Just like it's supposed to.

  • I like the unique way you went about telling the character’s backstory. 

    • Thanks. I tought that the Brotherhood would scout all the big players in Boston before arriving and send a report to Maxson.

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