Gladiator Fallout 4 Build

10859329085?profile=RESIZE_710xEnter the Arena for a battle to the Death.


The fondest memories from his youth is buying drugs on Halloween to mess with his old folks. He wasn't good at school, always a troublemaker always winning the fight and usually getting away with if he tried to be charming. Joining the army for the fight but getting it trouble for some war crimes, setting up a underground arena for pow to fight in, these charge seemed like they would stick, but a good lawyer and future wife put a stop to that. Turning into a family man put the charge away for good and still getting the honorary discharge.



Exiting the Vault with 10 Strength, 1 Perception, 10 Endurance, 3 Charisma, 1 Intelligence, 2 Agility and 1 Luck. Putting the You're SPECIAL! book into Agility. After reaching 10 Agility it is time to gather the S.P.E.C.I.A.L Bobbleheads for Strength, Endurance and Agility, bringing the three stats to 11.



Starting with Sneak this makes it easy to sneak past the Deathclaw during the Devil's Due quest, one of the first things you should do after leaving Vault 111. Blitz combined with Moving Target is the main battle strategy, Blitz in sprint out forcefully activate V.A.T.S. make a 180 degree turn and strike back in with Blitz, hit and run.

Pack Alpha, reward for completing Power Play.

SCAV! #3 and #5 located in the Kiddie Kingdom Fun House and in Gulch Dry Rock Gulch employee area, the employee area can be reached by climbing up the side of a large knocked over bottle inside the park section but close to the normal entrance. Continuing onto a hedge, turn right following the hedge till you can get onto and behind the rock formation there you can climb onto some rock close to the wall and jump over the wall into the employee area.

Wasteland Warlord, Pick-me-up stations are great, a good source of drugs to use and combine for xp and use, leveling is otherwise slow. Drugs are also a good storage of value since with SCAV! #5 you don't want to be carrying any actual caps. And the Raider dealers are a good way to ditch of caps. Chem Resistant seems unnecessary when you can buy a cure.



  • Deathclaw Gauntlet if you can find a random legendary you probably want to use that one instead of the one from Devil's Due.
    • -Large mod
  • A handmade rifle preferably the Problem Solver as a backup weapon, for when your claw doesn't reach far enough.
    • -With the best modifications you can find. Considering the weapons high usage that will likely be top tier upgrades by the end. 
  • Wildman rags (clothing+torso)
  • Atom's Bulwark (right arm)
    • -Assault mod (removed from the Assault Marine right arm that can be obtained as an optional reward for the quest "Best Left Forgotten" or Recon Marine right arm if you prefer to pay.)
    • -Brawling mod
  • Champion left arm (Sold by Lucas Miller sometimes located in Bunker Hill)
    • -Polished Metal mod
    • -Brawling mod
  • Recon Marine helmet (Sold by Brooks in Far Harbor
  • Black Ops right shinguard (Sold by Deb in Bunker Hill)
    • -Shadowed (should be default)
    • -Lead Lined (should be default)
  • Destroyer's left leg (Sold by Daisy in Goodneighbor)
    • - Polymer
    • -Custom (should be default)



The Devil's Due, for the Deathclaw Gauntlet, return the egg to the parent and the Gauntlet should spawn on the ground.

Brotherhood of Steel/Institute, two evil factions where the Gladiator can screw over people.

Far Harbor, for Atom's Bulwark, you need to complete the dlc's main questline, either in favor of peace or in favor of the Children of Atom. KILLing them all is more in character, but be certain that you get the Recon helmet before ending the questline as well as everything else you want. If you are unable to get Atom's Bulwark as a right arm, this can happen because you are over level 40 when given the reward or because are unable to cause it to spawn as a right arm use the Recon Marine right arm sold by Mai in The Nucleus instead. Still strong and bulky looking, but not the highest defense on a arm piece.

Nuka-World, siding with the Pack and one of the other two. Ace Operator is the better perk of the two, but money is not that interesting. Also the Wildman rags are in Nuka-World being used by Cito, he needs to die for you to get the rags.

Special Delivery and The Secret of Cabot House, immortality is a useful thing to have when you are on top of the world.



Be evil and build a raider empire that lasts. Construct deatharena's in every settlement big enough for one and have your settlers, raiders and wildlife fight to the death (with Wasteland Workshop). You do want to take away the ranged weapons from non combatants so that spectators don't KILL the Deathclaw you went through sóóó much effort to catch or the Gunners you "hired". Dismember some enemies as intimidation. 10859380690?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I absolutely LOVE this one. It turned out fantastic. 

  • Always glad to see more Fallout builds

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