Article Creation Guide

So, another one joins the Historians? Very well. This means I can teach you the ropes. This place is the Article Creatin Guide and here I will show you how to make your Article good-looking and presentable and not a big brick of random words.


1. Introduction

When it comes to the Introduction, it has to draw readers into the rest of the Article. You can look at the Article as a slide. The introduction is the part of the slide where you let go of the handle. This is where you tell the readers what the Article is about:


Example: "Hey everyone! I decided to create this Article after seeing multiple requests from other wastelanders wondering about Ghouls. Here, you will be able to get infromation about the history of Ghouls, their anatomy and condition, how to fight them and the difference between a Feral Ghoul and a non-Feral Ghoul."


2. The Article

This is where the Article properly begins. Try to write down as much information of the subject as you can. Don't just write "Ghouls are ghouls because of rads and ferals are ferals because they are crazy." Very porly made Articles will NOT be put in the Archives, but you will be given a second chance at writing it with the help of one of our Historians.



Summary of Ghouls and what are they.

blank space or picture

Difference between a Feral and a non-Feral and how they become Feral.

blank space or picture

Types of Feral Ghouls and how to deal with them.

blank space or picture


3. Ending

You've completed your Article but need a good end word?  Well, you can write down where you found the information or you can put in a quote. And you can also thank the readers. Also, don't forget to TAG your Article. Use the following tag: Fallout Lore Article


And also thank you, for giving some time to read, the Article Creation Guide.



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