Live Roleplaying General Rules

Like all sites and games, there are rules that need to be followed for the good of all players. They're not hard to follow, so keep these in mind when playing!

  1. Be polite to your fellow players, no trolling or harassing them outside or inside of roleplay.

  2. Stay in character during roleplay sessions, use 'OOC' to indicate you are stepping out of character (but do not spam the chatbox! PM a player if you wish to have a conversation.)

  3. No god-modding or powerplaying. Play to your characters abilities, do not control other PCs (player characters) or NPCs (non-playable characters) and keep the theme of the roleplay in mind.
  4. Player characters must not be related to characters from previous games nor have a significant role in previous games.

  5. Characters cannot hold a significant role before the events of Sky's Haven, such as a guildmaster or jarl. Their starting skills should reflect their story and vice versa.

  6. No adult-themed (XXX) roleplay. Keep roleplay mature and civil too, with minimal swearing and violence.
  7. Use proper grammar and spelling, along with no chat speak (u, cya, wtf etc') when in character.

  8. No revenge killing or attacking. You cannot create another character to kill the one who killed your previous one, for example.

  9. Player conflicts using the combat system must be solved with a GM or voluntairly player referee present.

  10. And beyond all, follow the word of the GMs. If you have an issue, please come to us and we'll solve it!