Persona Retrospective-What is Persona?

Alright my fellow Sky Forgers, welcome to my first series based, non build post on the Misc Gaming Corner. Today I'll give you a rundown on one of my favorite JRPG series. This will just cover the basics. Lore articles and whatnot will come later on down the road. Alright, let's get ready to cause some mass destruction, reach out for the truth of what the series is, and see if it steals your hearts?

What is Persona?

Before I get into lore and whatnot, what is Persona? To put it simply, it is a decently long-running JRPG series, and a spinoff of the much wider Shin Megami Tensei JRPG series. Releasing in North America on the PS1 on September 20, 1996, the series had some commercial success. In essence, like SMT, you play a cast, typically for Persona they are high schoolers. Through the intersessions of the enigmatic Igor, a long nosed, refined gentleman, you gain the power of Persona. Basically weaponizing part of your soul/personality. The series combines Carl Jungian philosophy, religion, mythology, some social commentary, and more to meld a pretty fun JRPG series. From Persona 3 in 2006 onwards, the series allows you to build Social Links. Basically you can bond with certain NPCs, follow their story in game, and unlock perks and Personas. The series follows the Tarot motif, with your character, known as a Wild Card, a being who can hold more than one Persona, represented by the Fool, and your party members and fellow citzens as the other 12 cards. Well, for those of you who've played the series, favorite Personas? Favorite songs? More Persona articles to come, stay tuned!

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