Persona-What is a Persona?

Now, for those of you interested in checking out a Persona game, you may wonder, what's a Persona? Well,  to take a page from psychiatrist Carl Jung's (Of which the series takes some inspiration from), Personas are "The persona, for Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, was the social face the individual presented to the world—"a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual"." basically, the "mask" we where when interacting with another person or persons.

In game terms, Personas are the manifested Shadows, basically your enemies in the game that take the form of various mythological gods, monsters, etc, that you can, if you knock em down, engage in a dialogue with, and basically you can try and recruit them, ask you to give you an item, such as a consumable or such, or straight up mug em for money. In Persona 5, you can gain a Confidant/Social Link (More on those later), that allows you to have a chance to mug even more money from enemies, though pushing your luck may cause the enemy to become agitated and summon more enemies. Basically, think of them like Pokemon.

Now comes fusion. In all the Persona games to date, you can, for a modest fee, "fuse" Personas. This allows you to combine two Personas into a number of differing ones. Fused Personas can inherit a certain number of their predecessor's skills, randomized of course, and also gain a boost in XP depending on whether or not you have the Social Link for that Persona. Also note that, except after a certain Social Link perk is unlocked in Persona 5, you cannot summon Personas above your level. Summoning can also "fail" however, resulting, not in the fusion not working, but rather, in the fusion making a Persona that wasn't the one you wanted. Sometimes this can be good, sometimes not. 

Persona damage is split up, depending on the game, between physical attacks, and elements, these being Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Nuclear, Almighty, and Dark.

More to come in later posts. Ciao

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