What Inspires you When Playing a Character?


3640401128?profile=RESIZE_710xMore or less what the title says. What do you guys take inspiration from when playing or developing a character. What influences your decisions when making choices for your character? It doesn't just have to be Skyrim or Fallout either, anything goes. Got some unique things you've put into a Mass Effect, Witcher or Assassin's Creed playthrough? I'd like to hear em!

For me I tend to try and build a character around a specific inspiration or theme. I've taken inspiration from books, history, tv, movies even music for some of my characters.

My last playthrough of Mass Effect Andromeda I played a character that was a biotic assassin. I used Tactical Cloak, Throw, Pull and the Assari Sword with the Adept specialization to take down enemies quickly and control groups with biotics. I took a few inspirations from Star Wars and Halo for that character, making use of the “Force” abilities that Jedi and Sith have and the “Active Camoflague” Elites use along with their plasma infused Energy Swords from Halo.

My first Skyrim build “The Stormrider” was developed around a metal album called “Night of the Stormrider” By Iced Earth. My Witch Arrow build took inspiration from some Celtic mythology/beliefs namely the sidhe and fae. It also was heavily influenced by the “Dalish Elves” from the Dragon Age series.

Have you got any ideas for what you’d like to do for characters for upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Outer Worlds? I for one would love to make a character in Cyberpunk 2077 that is akin to “Major” from Ghost in the Shell.

Anyway, guys that’s it for me. So tell me what inspires you? 

- Cheers Furrion -

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  • I never had a chance to play Andromeda. Is it any good? I've heard a lot of mixed opinions. Also that biotic assassin sounds pretty bad ass. Were you going for a Thane Krios feel?

    I dont know why but for any game other than Skyrim I find evil and heartless decisions so much harder to commit to. I tried playing a pure renegade Shepard for one trilogy play through and quit maybe half way through Mass Effect 2. I guess other devs do a better job than Bethesda at making sympathetic characters. 

    • It’s a decent game but you’ll find it difficult to care for the chracters as much as you did in the original trilogy. 

      • I had heard of that being a major complaint. Aside from the numerous bugs. 

    • After all the patches they've done it is much better than it was at launch. The story is mediocre, but at times some of the Original Triligy's spirit shines through, though not enough to make it on par with it. Some of the characters are good others are just plain terrible. A lot of the games story elements feel familiar at times. I found myself always drawing similarties between Halo with it. The games ssaving grace comes from it's combat and character building potential. The combat is leaps and bounds ahead of the triligy for the most part.

      Was a little inspired by Thane, but mor so Kai Leng. That tactical Cloaking with his biotics ans sword was awesome.

      Renegade Shep ftw lol. I started out Paragon, but the last few years thats changed to me being more gravitaed toward making more Renegade decisions lol. I take kind of the "Get shit done for the bigger picture approach" lol. Paragon is too much of a softie to make the hard decisions and live with them lol.

      • Oh thats right. How could I forget Kai Leng?

        I guess I play what some fans have taken to calling a Paragade. Its mostly paragon with a few renegade decisions where appropriate. 

        • yea I geuss if I were to split it'd be like 75% Renegade and 25% Paragon for me. Renegon? is that a term lol.

          Bioware have always had great story telling. My fav way to play Hawke (DA2) will always be a witty smart ass with a sprinkling of the angry/violent options lol. Here's hoping the they come through with DA4

  • The only game I really make builds for is Skyrim but inspiration can come from anything at anytime really. I've been inspired by Album Cover Art, music, and shows. The majority of it would come from other games I've played, especially D&D. Someone in my group will do something I think is cool and I find myself thinking "I wonder if I can make that work in Skyrim". Sometimes just reading through the Player's Handbooks and Dungeon Master's guide does the trick. Other's homebrew character classes are another great source of inspiration.

    • Aye D&D is great place to pull some inspiration from. Have always meant to give it a go. From what i've heard and seen of it, really seems like there are endless combinations of awesome concepts that you could put to work for a Skyrim toon!

      • D&D has no limits and has a community of some insanely creative and passionate people. Really is nice to read through forums and such even if not looking for inspiration but just for fun.

  • It depends for me. At first (like most people) I’ll just go with what feels right or interesting (such as Prey and using the Shotgun with no abilities whatsoever). Afterwards, I’ll aim for a theme, which can be something very broad like building around grenades or stealth or something in particular such as trying skills together and whatnot.

    Sometimes, at the start as well as in much later play throughs, I’ll do some that are essentially me if that makes sense. 

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