What is Dragon's Dogma

What is Dragons Dogma?

3685462624?profile=RESIZE_710xPut briefly, Dragons Dogma is a 3rd person RPG set in a fantasy world full of monsters, bandits and everything in between.

 There are 9 different playstyles (Vocations) that the player can choose to be. Strider (Rogue), Fighter (Sword and board), and Mage (buffer/healer/Debilitator) are the 3 vocations you can start off as (Otherwise known as basic vocations). Early in the story you are given the option to change (and keep changing) your vocation. At this point the 6 other vocations can be accessed. Ranger (Longbowman), Warrior (Great Sword and Mauls), and Sorcerer (offensive mage, high elemental damage and some special debilitations) are what’s known as Advanced vocations. The final 3 vocations are Hybrid classes. Magick Archer (Think a Nightblade), Assassin (mix of strider and fighter) and Mystic Knight (Battle Mage/Paladin). Each of these vocations comes with it’s own abilities, stat bonuses and growths every time you level up. Allowing you to control how your stats shape your character as you play as different vocations. To gain acess to high tier abilities youmust level up a vocation. Your vocation levels independently to your character level.

When you are a short way though the main quest you will gain access to your first follower and main follower throughout the game. You can shape them just as you would the player character. (Through the character creation screen). This follower (Pawn) will level and stay with you permanently. You can change their vocation just like you would your own. So, if you started out as a Fighter you could choose to make them a Mage to benefit from that classes healing and buffing spells. Having a balanced party is wise, (not essential, but it does help). There are two other party slots that you can utilize. These slots can be occupied by temporary followers. These temporary followers are “Pawns” that other people playing Dragons Dogma have made. That’s right you can use other peoples created followers to fill up the rest of your party. These followers will not level with you however, so you will need to hire new ones every so often. When someone uses your pawn though, you get rewarded with an in-game currency called Rift Crystals. Rift Crystals can be used on some of the higher levelled items in the game’s Dark Arisen expansion.

The combat in this game is really cool. Ever wish you could climb a dragon in a battle and stab it in the face? Maybe you wanted to call a meteor shower down from the sky to smite your foes?  Or set explosive traps to blow your enemies up? You can do all these things and more. The monster combat is by far some of the most thrilling and engaging I’ve played. The creatures are huge and sport their own resistances and weakness’s waiting for you to exploit forcing you to think on your toes often.

Below I’ve attached a little snippet of some gameplay for those who are curious.

If you play Dragon’s Dogma on the Xbox One my gamer tag is Furrion 17.

Let me know what you think of the game, if you’ve ever wondered about it now is the time get it. It is truly an underappreciated gem.

Thanks guys  - Furrion

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  • Hey mate,

    I've been curious about Dragon’s Dogma but I haven’t had the chance to look into it much. The way you break down the classes and the followers actually helps grasp and understand the game without having any spoilers. Plus the Gameplay footage was a great addition as well.

    • I'm glad you find it easy to follow man. Meant for it to be a breif beginners intro into what the games all about and how it works. I mean it's only scratching the surface but theres all the essential things in there.

      Gameplay was fun to record. That Assassin vocation is very agile and quick paced lol

  • Played this on PC a few years back, it's one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

    One of the highlights for me was the amount of apparel available and the layered armour system. You can really create a unique look for you and your pawns, especially for hybrid vocations like Mystic Knight with access a wide variety of gear.

    One of the other things about pawns is that if they encounter an enemy you haven't faced yet when they are in someone else's game, they'll be able to call out their strengths and weaknesses when you encounter them in your game!

    • Sorry man didn't see the reply. I don't get notifications. But totally agree! thats one of my favorite parts about the gamee. So many different types of armors and clothes to choose from. You can really make your characters look unique!

      And absoloutly, it''s awesome how Pawns retain their knowledge from adventures with other players. Really comes in handy if you encounter somthing new.

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