The Pirate Modding Guide

In consideration of the ongoing Pirate themed Skyrim Character Build Contest, I figure it wouldn't hurt to create a modding guide FOR pirates. With luck, this’ll hopefully help out some contestants, and those thinking of making a Pirate build in the future. Those of us who use mod know, having the right mods really can make the game so much more immersive immersive and roleplay wise - great.

What I hope to do with the Pirate's Modding Guide is to recreate - no - make it easier to play AS a pirate in Skyrim. An experience that even rivals Oblivion with it's Pirate realism (Oblivion had quests and even NPCs based around them). Onto the Guide…

Core Mods

Alternate Start - Live Another Life - What kind of pirate can’t cross a border without getting caught? AS-LAL spares you yet another ride to Helgen in a cart, offering countless starting points each with their own backstory.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition.

Ordinator - A radical overhaul of the vanilla perk system which adds countless new perks and abilities, some of which lend themselves quite nicely to pirate themed builds.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition. Also worth noting, Ordinator is on Xbox.

Quests & Adventures

Pirates of Skyrim - Northern Cardinal Under the Black Flag - Be a pirate or privateer! Pillage enemy vessels and obtain unique loot. Sail the Sea of Ghosts and explore the ocean floor! Pay your crew by sharing the spoils of your pillages, or better, give them rum!

Available on Legendary Edition

Darkend - A mod for the supernaturally inclined cutthroat. Darkend adds a shipwreck just off the coast  of Winterhold bearing a dark and mysterious artifact within its hull. Upon touching the artifact you are transported to the desolate island known as Pharos, a gloomy, desolate island filled with derelict ships, deadly foes and bountiful riches..

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Northern Encounters - A mod that adds countless new encounters, quests, and hidden treasures along Skyrim’s northern coast and within the mysterious Sea of Ghosts. The catch is much of this new content is found offshore, so you’ll need a means of getting out there. Unless you’re an argonian I recommend a sailable boat mod such as Realistic Functional Boats

Available on Legendary Edition.

The Hanging Gardens - A mod worth noting for pirates and cutthroats. A remote Dwemer outpost perfect for the looting. Comes with a Morrowind-like quest, filled with secrets as well as sea travel with pirate raids

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition.

Tamrielic Culture - A mod that adds lots of more items to the game, as well as several new locations, including several wrecked ships full of treasures and enemies. And let’s not forget a player home and a unique storyline/murder mystery to solve revolving around a pirate captain and his estranged wife.

Available on Special Edition

Hideouts, Homes & Vessels

The Airship Dev Aveza - For those who wish to pillage the skies and be sky pirates, this mod is for you. A Dwemer Airship allows you to fly anywhere in Skyrim. Combination of two mods, the Moonpaths to Elsweyr and Dwemer Skyship Fully Flyable (script wise only)

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition.

Rayek's End - This mod adds a dark themed player home just outside of Whiterun, perfect for those particularly dark/evil pirates and cutthroats. Contains storage for all in-game artifacts, crafting tables and also has something worth checking out in Broken Oar Grotto (in the Special Edition version).

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition.

Serenity - A beautiful ship that only requires Skyrim (no DLC’s needed), comes with a DLC Addon, for those who own the DLC’s (take you to Castle Volikhar, Raven Rock SeaPoint and Tel Thirith (a new world space) - also worth noting it is created by Elianora.

Available on Legendary Edition

The Scarlett - The Scarlett is a large buildable ship mod with over 200 build options to choose from, featuring two small quests and a new unique location. The ship also features a fast travel system along with plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, Indoor

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Arms and Armor

Flintlock Pistols - Adds a beautifully realistic looking flintlock pistol to your game. The pistol’s damage and effectiveness is determined by your archery skill level, but otherwise functions much like a staff and uses the Vanilla staff charging and firing animations. It requires ammunition to fire which can be found or crafted in game. A highly recommended addition is Pistol Shooting Animations, a mod that replaces staff animations with pistol firing animations. Be sure to download FNIS PCEA2 to make these animations unique to your character.

Available on Legendary Edition

Jaysus Swords - No list of of Pirate themed mods would be complete without mentioning Jaysus Swords. It’s a weapon pack mod that adds several beautifully crafted, lore friendly swords and sabers to the game.

Available on Legendary Edition

zzJay’s Wardrobe - A clothing and armor mod that adds many high quality, lore friendly female only armor sets, with no small number pirate themed armors perfect for the aspiring pirate queen.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Sea Dog Pirate Armor - A semi lore friendly armor set, which is standalone and light armor - works with both genders. Also comes with a nifty Pirate hat. Included in the Immersive Armors mod which was created by hothtrooper44.
Warning: Seadog Pirate Armor is known to have a corrupt mesh, that can cause crashing and save corruption - it is believed to be on the hat itself.

Available here on Nexus

Be A Skeletal Ghost Pirate - Perfect for an Undead Pirate playthrough, which offers you a unique and customizable set of skeletal armour along with a few custom spells thrown in for good measure.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition


Sokco’s Guild Starter - Being able to create your own Pirate crew, up to 10 Guild members, anywhere in Skyrim (including Solsthiem). On top of that, you’re able to give any of your recruits a job, from any Hold (the relationship with said Hold will change, for better or worse - depending on the job). As well as taking one (or more) of your recruits as a follower, with much more.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition,

Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition - Allows you to enter the town (only walled cities, meaning Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Riften), without having to get past guards especially if you have a bounty.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition,

Trade Routes - This one’s for the smugglers out there. Trade Routes dynamically adjusts the prices of all goods and materials based on actions you take and a myriad of other ever changing conditions throughout the province.

Available on Legendary Edition.

Alcohol Drunk Effect - What good is drinking half of Skyrim under the table if you can’t even get drunk doing it? This mod adds new debilitating effects to your character and screen to simulate the effects of inebriation. No longer will being drunk amount to simply reduced Stamina Regen.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Skyrim Reputation - Pirates live and die by their reputation, and any pirate worth their salt instills fear in the hearts of all who hear their name. Skyrim Reputation introduces a reputation mechanic causing NPCs to you as a noble hero or villainous scum you are based on quests you complete, the choices you make, and your actions throughout your play-through.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Morrowloot 4D Edition - A mod that overhauls the looting system of Skyrim, and reverts it to a system akin to Morrowind - also worth noting, it brings in several artifacts back from Oblivion and Morrowind.. Also changes Smithing and it’s connection to Races slightly.

Available on Legendary Edition

Argonian Fins - For those of us who want to play as an Argonian Pirate, this mod adds pretty much what it says. Fins as a possible hair style for that extra look.

Available on Legendary Edition and Special Edition

Walks-In-Shadows - For those of us, who want a Pirate Captain (Follower) in their travels. Comes with Fast Healing, and skills on One Handed, Two Handed and Archery.
Note: Requires Immersive Armors and/or Bandoliers if you plan on using the Full or Lite versions. Comes with Full, Lite and Vanilla.

Available on Legendary Edition

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  • Nice list, Lee. Elysium and I had a pirate build concept in the works a few years ago that used some of these mods. I recommend the Sea of Ghosts quest mod by ThirteenOranges as another semi-piratey quest mod. Also Moonpath to Elsweyr kind of applies too.

    One word of warning: The Seadog Outfit is known to have a corrupt mesh (I believe it's the hat, unfortunately). This can cause crashing and save corruption, so I would advise people to avoid it or proceed at your own risk.

    I can't wait to see all the pirate builds!

    • Thanks Teccam. And really? Interesting. I'll add those two mods now, but I never knew about the corrupt mesh with the Seadog Outfit - I'll add that in as a warning as well.


      • Just use Immersive Armors instead. It’s already included.  

        • That's a fair point but for some it adds too many armors and can cause lag ingame (Happened to me before). I have mentioned that above though


        • The bug persists in Immersive Armors too.

          • Huh, that's weird. I would thought, that it would have been fixed in Immersive Armors. Interesting


            • Try the Tera Armor collection. It’s got great pirate gear, but the female armors are pretty slooty 

              • Hmmm, that one I am a bit unsure of honestly. Due to well, the female armors but I'll give it some thought.


  • Great job on the list dude. I’ve never even heard of some of these mods until time now. 

    • Thanks man, I can't take all the credit, I had a fair bit of help. Most of these mods I never even knew about admittedly before making the guide.

This reply was deleted.