• Can anyone please reply?

  • For female body and face, I use DIMONIZED UNP [Special] (it is worth mentioning that the Oldrim version doesn't edit face gen, but the Special version does as it is actually a port of two mods)

    For males, I use The Men of Winter


    For character specifics, I use Seranaholic (this actually edits both Serana and Valerica with various hair and eye changes, weight tweaks, skin and makeup upgrades), Bijin All-In-One (this is a collection of Bijin NPCs, Bijin Wives, and Bijin Warmaidens, all of which can be found separately for both versions, though I only linked the 2019 release for Special), and The Ordinary Women (overhauls and replaces 60 different NPCs; please note that TOW is incompatible with Bijin [though, if you add the plugins with Bijin separately, you can avoid conflictions] and Seranaholic's Valerica plugins)

    DIMONIZED UNP female body
    This is female body replacer. It will change the way every naked female will look ingame.
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