Hey, all! Just thought I'd throwdown my character profile from my RP server. If you haven't joined it yet and might be interested in doing so, feel free to click this link: The Elder Scrolls: Rise of an Empire Please note that you do, in fact, need a Discord account in order to join. Who'd have guessed? I do want to point out that the backstory of this character and the given backstory for the North-Wind faction and whatever may be listed in the Character Profile for it do slightly differ. This Bronmir is far older than any iteration I've ever done, allowing for a more intricate character specifically for the RP.



 Bronmir North-Wind



Date of Birth:

 30th of Mid-Year, Fourth Era Year 149, Age 52

Place of Birth:

 Winterhold Mountains

Current Residence:



 1.85 meters (6.08 feet)


 91.6 kilograms (201.9 pounds)


 Bronmir is a rather earnest individual, believing that one should always speak the truth in every situation. He is, however, careful enough to understand that sometimes, the truth needs to be stretched, or avoided. He hardly ever lies, but is quite adept at twisting his words in a way to almost mean something else without actually breaking the truth. Despite this, he maintains that his use of words in this way shall never be a direct cause to bringing harm to another. Bronmir is also well known for his loyalty and his hospitality towards friends and loved ones, or comrades. He is fierce about defending the weak and innocent, striving to protect those that cannot protect themselves, or who have done no wrong to their assailant(s). As such, he harbors a deep-rooted hatred of all things that prey on them. He does, however, have an open and forgiving nature, believing that all creatures born of evil or with evil intentions deserve a chance to prove themselves above it. Bronmir also has a strong sense of justice and fairness, believing that all creatures, regardless of their natures, deserve a chance to absolve themselves. He also believes that any crime, no matter how small, deserves an equal and just punishment. These things have led to him becoming one of the greatest Jarls Skyrim has ever known.

Moral Alignment:

 Lawful Good

Faction Affiliations:

 North-Wind Paladins: Grandmaster

The Blades: Honorary Member

The Companions: Honorary Member

The Dawnguard: Field Agent (formerly)

The Vigilant of Stendarr: Vampire Hunter (formerly)

The Greybeards: Student (formerly)

The College of Winterhold: Restoration Master (formerly), Scholar

The Legion: Axuiliary (formerly)


 North-Wind Crusader Armor (Silver Knight Armor [equivalent to Ebony] of his own craft; provides fortifications to his Physical, Elemental [Frost, specifically], and Magical resistances as well as providing a significant bonus to his resistance to damage from Daedra and the Undead)

Aedric Defender (Silver Knight Shield of his own design that provides a slight bonus to his Health and Stamina as well as boosting their regeneration rates)


 Kiss At The End (Ornate Maul from Immersive Armors [I think] that deals bonus damage and critical damage to Undead and Daedra, as well as apply Slow and decreasing their resistances)

Non-Combat Equipment:

 Cure Disease Potions, Honningbrew Mead, Potions of Well-Being

Spells, Shouts, & Powers: Skills:

 Ice Form Shout (Master), Frost Breath Shout (Mastered); Guardian Circle Spell, Turn Greater Undead Spell, Banish Daedra Spell, Greater Ward Spell, Battle Cry Racial Power, Waters of Life Water Stone Power


Bronmir North-Wind is the last of a great family, the North-Winds, who served the Empire in ages past, similar to the Blades. He was born in 4E 149. Before his first birthday, rumors of unrest between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Cyrodiilic Empire reached Skyrim. For safety, infant Bronmir, his mother, and his sister were sent to Bruma with distant relatives while the rest of the family went to the Imperial City, to be close to the Emperor in case relations turned violent. To further protect Bronmir, he was not told of his heritage, and instead allowed to grow up as an innocent child, though he was still educated and trained by his mother. When he turned ten, the strength of his arm became readily apparent and he began training to join the legion, which he finally did as an Auxiliary on his eighteenth birthday. Progressing all the way to the rank of Commander, he was battle-tested and more than willing to die for the Emperor. However, in 4E 170, his mother came down with Brain Fever, and died just over a year later. He made a personal choice to quit the legion and take care of his mother, and when she died, Bronmir took over the family store, and here he would remain for the next four years, through the entirety of the Great War years. On his twenty-fifth birthday, he discovered a tattered journal among his mother’s possessions, detailing her departure from North-Wind Manor, and his entire heritage. He quit the store, eager to travel to Winterhold to find out what had happened to his family, whom he had never known. Through his travels into and inside Skyrim, he further developed his prowess, discovering an innate talent for healing magic, though he was not proficient without training. Two years later, he finally discovered the charred ruin of his family’s home. A sealed vault in the catacombs beneath his family’s estate was unsealed by his approach, naming him heir to the family’s secrets, awakening his gift for the Thu’um (similar to how the Dovahkiin learns, though the North-Winds were not Dragonborn, it was merely a powerful sealed spell). Compelled by an unknown voice, he made his way to Ivarstead and climbed the Seven-Thousand Steps all the way to High Hrothgar, where he unleashed his gift with the Thu’um, his Frost Breath roaring across the sky. The Greybeards took him in, understanding his desire to learn the Way of the Voice so he could control his gifts. He trained with them for three years, mastering the Fo Krah Diin and Iiz Slen Nus shouts, Frost Breath and Ice Form. He left the monastery, pledging to use his Voice only to protect others, as the will of the Gods – particularly Kyne, who had given this gift of shouting to mortals. He made his way back to Winterhold, rebuilt his family’s home, and then studied restoration magic with the College of Winterhold, learning how to use it to protect himself and others so he could fulfill what he believed was his duty. Bronmir, now thirty, began travelling Skyrim, rooting out monsters who preyed on the weak and innocent and destroying undead where he could, offering protection and healing to all those in need. He eventually grew a name for himself and began the North-Wind Paladins, headquartered at his family’s rebuilt estate in the Winterhold Mountains, training others with a profound sense of moral justice to fight the evil and wicked creatures and protect others. When Bronmir turned forty, he used his influence to become Jarl of Winterhold, and rebuilt Winterhold and the College to their former glory. He now lives in Winterhold. He maintains an uneasy alliance with Solitude and Whiterun, but his outspoken loyalty to the Empire is not favored among the Nords who feel betrayed by the White-Gold Concordat.

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