Did You Know? - A round up of Skyrim Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone. Along the way I got to thinking that our growing community of new builders dont have access to the treasure trove of knowledge that older builders had in past Skyrim communities. So I thought I'd create a simple thread where anyone can post any interesting tricks and exploits, and even little quirks about the game that they come across. I'll even start us off.

Did you know ....

The spells Courage, Rally, & Call to Arms all stack.

The end result is an ally( or allies) with a metric ton more health, stamina, and weapon proficiency than they typically possess. Word of advice: Courage will be difficult to aim in the midst of battle, so its best to use this combo right before a big fight. 

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  • Did you know you could equip staves in werewolf form?
    It's a very nifty trick, where each claw swipe weaves a spell. The staves never run out of charges when used this way too. Powerful burst magic + ragdoll attacks are resisted by few. Best staves to use are Chain Lightning, Fireball and Wabbajack.
    • How does that work exactly? I thought you couldnt access the equipment menu in werewolf form. 

      • I heard about that too a long time ago. Its sort of the same as the stacking glitch where you can equip multiple amulets or other items. You do it at the right moment during the transition...I think...

        • That would make the most sense. 

    • Should've clarified, I meant to say if the weapon is equipped through the chat glitch using a follower/Secret Servant. 

  • Did you know 100% of the internet is wrong on the mechanics of werewolf combat? Werewolf form has a more diverse and powerful range of 'combos' than any website says.

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      • Yeah, tell us more about that
    • I agree with Jon, this is certainly worthy of its own discussion. 

    • I can't give many details about it because I discovered it years ago and no longer play the game. I will do my best and maybe someone can test it for themselves and nail down the details...

      Some of what they got wrong is what happens when you hold down either left or right attack. One thing they definitely got wrong was what happens when you hold both attack buttons at the same time, you do a big uppercut that knocks someone down or at least staggers them. There are sprinting attacks that knock down everything in its path.

      One of my favorite discoveries was how I could sort of do a stop-animation kind of glitchy thing. I would start with some normal attacks, hold down an attack button to get a strong attack then hold both down (something like that, I dont remember the exact combos now). I could string together as many powerful attacks as I wanted until the stamina bar is depleted.

      Years ago I could have written an entire detailed page about it. Now, not so much. I hope someone tries it out and finds what I am trying to say.

  • Here's one I discovered a long time ago. Did you know...

    You can raise a zombie that is immune to all forms of damage? Its really simple. All you have to do is paralyze an enemy by any means and kill them while theyre still paralyzed. When you attempt to raise them, their corpse will stand in place, unable to move or attack. Enemies can and will still target the corpse but will be unable to kill it. Theres so much you can do with an invincible decoy. 

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