• Very nice, Ponty. Google Fonts has tons of free fonts as well, and the Nexus actually has several good ones that fit Skyrim's theme very nicely.

    One tip I'd add in terms of design principles is to try to create the illusion that the text is closer to the reader than the background. There are two simple ways to do this. One would be to add a drop shadow effect to the text, and the other would be to add a field/motion blur and/or desaturation to the background layer. I think this can be a cleaner approach to make the text more readable than using the semi-transparent black background behind the text.

    One other thing - for people who are taking their own screenshots to use as perk spreads, I highly recommend having a vision of where you want the perk text to be *before* you take your shots. Then you can stage/frame your shots in a way that will allow your text placement to work well. Take more shots than you need and pick the one that works best.

    • Good tips Teccam, will definitely keep that in mind if I’m having another run at this. I’m actually quite new to making perk spreads myself but I received some questions about mine and thought I might as well put something together in absence of other guides.

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