The Blood Battery aka Demonic Reserves

Hello and welcome (again) to another trick that can make your life/gameplay/stance-gameplay/no-Alchemy-no-potion-no-restoration-builds significantly better. 
Recently, I played around with the Rings of Blood Magic, powerful artifacts from the Dawnguard (Volkihar/Vampire Side) questline. Here are some details:

  • The Ring of the Erudite (we're gonna call this one "RE"): + 100 magicka / + 2 points base magicka regeneration

~ (dont let this fool you! 2 points is actually a ridiculous high number because it adds to the "Base Regeneration", which is normaly 6 magicka, but with the ring it's 10) ~


  • The Ring of the Beast (we're gonna call this one "RB"): + 100 Health / + 20 unarmed dmg

Aside the fact that 100 points health/magicka, respectively, is much more than you can reach with self enchanted items (if you're not using op enchanting potions), the secondary effects are pretty good too. But what we're really aiming for is something else. Let me explain: 

Basically it's equipping the RE whenever you want to cast spells (spell/sword style) and equipping the RB whenever you are out of magicka and/or want to go close and personal.

  • You can reequip the RE when you're out of Magicka to instantly gain 100 magicka, allowing you to cast most spells in your arsenal (with some cost reduction).
  • When Health is very low and you're going to die, equip the RB and although you will loose 100 magicka, basically your ability to cast spells, you gain 100 health and more dmg to your unarmed attacks to fight yourself out of the situation. In case you unequip it with less than 100 health, you will still have exactly 1 point left, so it doesn't kill you. Unequipping and reequipping the ring acts like a health potion because if you have less than 100hp and requip it, your health will go up to 100.
  • Note that doing this "refuel trick" makes you very vulnuverable because for one second you will only have exactly 1 hp. The same refuel mechanic works with the RE, giving you 100 magicka even if you have less than that at the time you unequip it.
  • You can even throw the Ring of Namira into the mix for +50 Stamina and Health fortification/regeneration by feeding on corpses.

Let's take a look at this scenario:

  1. We start with the RE equipped, granting us 100 magicka and 2 pointsregen (it's so huge that it's really noticable during combat, even without "any" other regeneration), cast spells until we are out of magicka.
  2. Now we want to go all in with two handed, unarmed or whatever, so we equip the RB, which grants us 100hp, perfect for jumping into the enemies.
  3. After some fighting, we notice there are some archers and whatnot at range so we want to fight that with spells or just recast defenses. This requires us to equip the RE. Problem now is, once we equip the RE, we loose 100 health which will almost kill us if our health is below 100, so it's not without risk. But if we still have enough hp to survive normaly, we will now have a lot of magicka to spend on our utility/dmg spells, and a very strong magicka regen.

As you can see, the trick isn't op because it has as many drawbacks as advantages.
Try it out yourself ingame if you think it's not useful, you will be surprised how well it works, especially for stance-builds that use both, mage and warrior stances. It's also amazing for builds that can hardly survive battles without using restoration spells or Alchemy potions.

It's called the "Blood Battery" because those are the Rings of "Blood Magic" and the trick has some "bloody" drawbacks that can kill you easily if you're not careful. :P
Hot-keying the rings works extremly well.
Check the Relycs tag for more.

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  • Hey I think your first picture is missing. 

    • I'll fix that once I get to my pc. 

    • Ty btw. 

  • So youre basically swapping between the two rings to fortify and gain health or magicka at will. Thats pretty clever. 

    • Pretty much, it's a known trick but implementing the Rings of Blood Magic makes it just that bit more useful, since you dont need a high enchanting lvl. 

      • I could see this being useful for some kind of monk mage hybrid. 

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