Tip: Safe Storage Houses Across Skyrim

There are, suprisingly, a lot of places to store your items in Skyrim. You can make a mini-home in almost any non-respawning cell, however you obviously will not be able to invite your wife to live there as it is not an 'official' Skyrim home. Here is a list of a few non-respawning places in Skyrim which are perfectly safe to store your items.

As you can see, Ironbind Barrow is located just south-west of Winterhold.It is a Nordic Ruin that is associated with the Coming of Age quest. There is only one zone and I am pretty sure enemies do not respawn. All storage in this ruin is 100% safe, do not worry about losing your items. However I would keep a spare save handy just in case I am wrong about this.

As you can see, Dustman's Cairn is located North-West of Whiterun, not to long a walk from where you leave Helgen. There are two zones, Dustman's Cairn and Dustman's Crypt. Both of these locations can be permanantly cleared of enemies (almost certain) and are both safe for storage. Again, it's best to have a spare save in case I am wrong. I certainly don't want to be responsible for wasting 300 hours of your time.

Unfortunatley I could not get a better picture for this. Ah well. Anyways, this is most likely common knowledge, but Nightcaller Temple has loads of beds and enchanting and alchemy apparatus. After the associated quest, Waking Nightmare, the building will not respawn. No enemies will respawn either. I tested this myself because I need the location for one of my upcoming Daedra builds, you can probably guess which one. There is loads of living supplies all around the temple and makes a great yet slightly depressing home for a while at least.

I hope this helped you guys out even a little bit. There are loads of other non-respawning places listed here.

Thank you for reading. See you around the site!

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  • Good stuff. My personal favourite is the Thalmor Headquarters inside Castle Dour in Solitude. Imperial-aligned characters can use the beds (and cooking pots) there and it seems to be safe to store your stuff too. Not to mention the various potions scattered throughout the rooms as well.

    • Dammit Ponty, you said what I meant but beat me to it and named it correctly!

  • My favorite safe storage is within the confines of the capitol. It is late and I cannot remember names right now, but the Thalmor Embassy is safe to use.

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