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Spider Scrolls Test

Hey guys, its been too long, and its about time I get back on track with the KoTN series, but first before I do. I wanted to do some Testing on a particular mechanic in Skyrim as it will be heavily used in a KoTN Build and possible RoTA/RoTD Build (C

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9 Replies · Reply by Curse Feb 19, 2019

Alchemy Reference Guides


I've noticed many players are hesitant to try alchemy, and for good reason. For those who aren't experts in this crafting skill, it can seem daunting to get into. Here are some resources I use that take a ton of the guesswork out of alchemy. 


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8 Replies · Reply by Maximilliean Dec 26, 2018

The Modified Advanced Atronach Stone

The Modified Advanced Atronach Stone (or MAAS, for short) is a trick based on the old Advanced Atronach Stone. Both allow the player to achieve 100% spell absorption. However, while the Advanced Atronach Stone gives +100 magicka and -100% magicka reg

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3 Replies · Reply by Albino Nov 28, 2017

Unkillable Zombie Thralls

Hey guys. I touched on this topic briefly in the Tips and Tricks round up thread but wanted to elaborate a bit more here. I'm here to share with you a little trick I found out while experimenting with raise undead spells and alchemy. Having used thi

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Pickpocketing Strategy Guide

The pickpocketing skill in Skyrim is possibly the most underrated and overlooked skill in the game. Everyone who has used it noticed how quickly it levels. You can get to 100 in little time compared to most other skills. When you get to 100 you have

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