Sky Forge Skyrim Event: Lore of the Ancients


Welcome, all, to another Sky Forge Skyrim Building Event! The year is nearly at a close, and with the holidays looming, what better time to start planning a new character build?


So, on to the event. What is it?


Lore of the Ancients. An event centred around an ancient, obscure or faltering race, faction or religion of Tamriel. The possibilities for characters in this event is vast and will be quite open form in terms of how a character can be played. That means anything from the three main playstyles (Thief, Mage, Warrior) goes. 

Some examples for ideas could be:

  • An obsessive Aylied scholar
  • A Knight of the Nine
  • A Mythic Dawn Cultist
  • An Akaviri Dragonguard
  • A Dunmer who follows the Tribunal
  • A Worm Cultist
  • A Nord who follows the Totem gods

Below are a few resources for finding Lore and info for your build


~Fundamentals of the Event~

  • All builds that wish to be considered apart of the event must be submitted before the event's end date.
  • The build must have a clear link connecting it to the event's theme. Please specify your theme.
  • Mods are ok. But if you are using ones that overhaul the magic and the perk system, please use the common ones. Nothing too obscure, as the build should be easily replicable for the average player. ie Simon Magus or Enai Saion.
  • You can choose to work with a team of up to 3 individuals.
  • One entry per contestant/s
  • Videos and stories to complement your build are welcome.
  • Have Fun!!

~Event end date~  15/02/2023


  • Skypothesis 
  • Gorlack
  • Marook
  • Molag Balin
  • Chris Diokno
  • Hai Hopes
  • Codswolop
  • Deadbeatzzz
  • Nystee
  • S'huno
  • Ryolorien
  • Mug Magician
  • darksabrz
  • Axel CdRm
  • Halkaun
  • The Rusty Argonian Blade
  • Ye4thorn
  • Adz
  • Coldsteel051
  • benhargreaves
  • Ramses
  • Skyrimnut 1
  • Kruger (Maybe)
  • Furrion 17 (Maybe)


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  • Sign me up! Hmm, no idea what I may do yet for this, as I have a few ideas. 

  • I might actually complete this one. I'll keep it simple this time instead of trying to go too hard, as I did with the last event.

  • Sign me up too. Actually i'm already worked on a build, but you're right: it's time to plan a new one. 

  • I've been wanting to make Dwemer scholar, this would be the perfect occasion. 

  • I'll go for it as well.  I'll be running with Snow Elf on this one (surprise, surprise).

  • I've only recently joined, but I've used this site as inspiration for builds for a long time.

    Sign me up! I definitely want to participate! I have multiple ideas for this event, I just need to pick one!

  • Sounds fun, I'll try and put one together. Can't wait to see what people come up with. 

    • I've decided to do a Nord Totem worshipper. Just fyi 

  • I have been thinking about a Yngol build from time to time so that could be something. So sign me up.

    • I am withdrawing from the competition I do not have the time to make a character currently, maybe one day I will have to time make Yngol.

This reply was deleted.