Character Build: An Orc Wanderer

I met this very interesting old man the other day. My sister and I were in a cafe and we started to argue. As our fiery debate raged on we noticed an old man looking at us and smile; feeling embrassed we apologied for our loud tone and rudness; to which the man simpley laugh and just said: 'Excatly like we used to do.' He then talked about how he would argue with his siblings to and went to tell us some stories. Long story short- he was from a rich family, but rejected his affluence and decided to make his own way. Though it cost him a much easier, and less stressful life it made him a very interesting and wise person. He now returns to countries he has lived/stayed in and wanders them remembering harsh days, and joyful months. And so this came about.48529680?profile=original


My father was just ruler of Largashbur. Loved by the tribe and despised by his enemies (though many didn’t last long). His strength was unending; his battles- uncountable; his will- unbreakable; many could hurt him, but none could kill him. For an Orc Chieftain, he lived for many years, and fathered 3 children: Orthgar, Yamarz, and I. Yamarz and I were inseparable always causing trouble of some kind, and any kind. Orthgar was always sick, always coughing, always tired. Taking pity, I cared for him as much as I could, though many in the tribe disliked him for his weakness and thought him cursed- Yamarz being one of them. But, no matter how much my father, mother, and I protected him- we knew he’d want redemption.

And so came the day came.

 Orthgar challenged Yamarz to one-on-one combat. Orthgar put up an honorable fight through sheer willpower, but it only got him so far. Yamarz was the victor, but my brother…Orthgor… was brutalized. At the end of the fight Orthgor, beaten and defeated, lay on the ground defenseless, but Yamarz was not done yet. Wanting to show his strength and impress both our father and the tribe he jumped on top of him and ripped his head off with his bare hands. He roared, a roar of ferocity as he held up my sick brother’s head, however, the tribe lay silent. I went into a blinding rage- pummeling Yamarz to a fine apple red, and the tribe continued their silence. My father rose up from his throne of bones and marched toward both Yamarz and I, then- darkness. When I awoke, my face felt hot, as if just taken out of a forge, and ached with a searing offense.

 I went to see my father, but I was refused entry into the Longhouse. My father had locked himself along with all his wives and two of his most trusted blood-brothers– no one can enter, no one can leave. After seven days and seven nights my father appeared and his decision made.

 My father said: ‘Orthgar challenged Yamarz to one-on-one combat; Yamarz was the winner and decided how the battle should end- in blood. Such is the Orc way. Yamarz will not be punished, neither will Lormak, for his attack came with a reason- revenge. However, if infighting between both, Yamarz and Lormak, continues– I will deal with both of you severely.’ From that day forth my brother and I became the fiercest of rivals constantly butting heads.

 Over the years, we continued to out-do each other in trying to impress, both, the tribe and our father with the death of larger foes; the pelts of ferocious animals, and blood- more, and more blood. It was because of this completion that we both grew into exceptional warriors, yet with extreme differences. I was calm and tactical in battle, while Yamarz became enraged and bloodthirsty. The tactic of: if it didn’t bleed at first, hit it again- harder- until it does;' seem to work well for him. I spent many days reading books and emproving my literacy skills, as evident here.

 But father… father's death was approaching, both of us could feel it. For his hair was thinning; his eyes- blurring, and his once immeasurable strength could now finally be measured. Many grieved at the thought of his passing, and feared the wrath of a new chieftain trying to assert his dominance after my father’s reign of absolute victory and unending glory. 

Yamarz jumped at the opportunity and challenge my father to single combat- he accepted, and so- they fought. While my father’s age overcumbered him, he was still the warrior of warriors and was extremely difficult for Yamarz to defeat. Going into a blooded rage Yamarz over powered my father- knocking him to the ground and prepared to rip his head off, but I would never allow it- Never! Not again. I charge at Yamarz punching him with horrible strength that flung him a good distance, but my efforts were in vain. It was my own father, who I had just saved, that mocked and ridiculed me for such an act. In his last breathes he banished me from Largashbur and cursed my wounds to never heal, and my fatigue never quenched. With that– he died.

Yamarz, now the rightful chieftain of Largashbur, re-uttered my father's distain and upheld my banishment, though Yamarz felt it too kind, and scarred my face to forever remind me of my banishment.

On the same night of my banishment, 20 Orcish bandits, consisting of almost exclusively banished or disgraced members of Largashbur (I knew this as I recognized many of their faces), ambushed and nearly killed me. Their reason? Take revenge on my father for banishing and disgracing them. Before the finale blow was struck; a pack of wolves charge out of the surrounding blackness as if just newly born from darkness– completely devastating the bandits. One large wolf, white in fur, approached me– eyes of the deepest amber, and stared directly into my eyes. Taking a few steps back, he howled, to which all other wolves responded with their own, and left.

Strange. Very strange, indeed.

And, as if to reassure the feelings I had, that night I dreamt of a great battle between Malacath and myself ; around us was a surrounding ash-colored smoke. I was defeated, but before the finale blow was struck, that same white-pelted wolf pounced from the smoke; bit Malacath from the neck, and dragged him into the smoke, the wolf then returned– eyes of the deepest amber. I awoke at dawn.

Assured, I understood now.

After that attack; my banishment, and a fresh scare scorched into my flesh by my own brother; I grew sick of Skyrim and the Orcs of Skyrim, and began my journey to Hammerfell. 

On my journey, I fell into an Imperial ambush at Darkwater Crossing, and was sent to Helgen…and then… a strange occurrence occured. Very strange, indeed.

The Build



  • Orc– Fits backstory, and essential to both roleplay and gameplay, Beserker Rage is VERY important for this build.
  • Gender– Male or Female (I perposly did not disclose the gender to give as much room for costumisablity as possible)


  • Lormak Domash-Son (Before Exile)
  • Hergash the Exiled (When in Exile) 


  • A single broken/deformed tusk. 
  • War paint- Another mark of exile. (Preferably white or orange)
  • A prominent scar


  • Early Game: Lover (For leveling)
  • Middle–End Game: Atronach (As a part of The Curse)

Stat Distribution: 0 Magicka/ 2 Health/ 2 Stamina – Due to the +50 from both the Atronach Stone and Necromancer's Amulet, plus the Adept Level Destruction perk, you won't have to invest in any Magicka at all. Other than that, an An Orc Wanderer is a almost pure warrior, and you'll need those large Health and Stamina pools, especially because of that damn Curse.

Major Skills: Two-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Smithing

Minor Skills: Archery, Destruction, Restoration


Two-Handed- My weapon of choice is a Two-Handed Orchish Battleaxe. The battleaxe is not as heroic as the Greatsword and not as brutal as a Warhammer, while the dark basil green of the orichalcum remind me of my people and my home, and its wrapped leather hanfdle  

Block- Calm and collect. While some Orcs see the Art of Blocking as a means of 'hiding amidst battle,' those same Orcs are too often the first to diea stupid death.

Heavy Armor- As my armor of choice is heavy, it is only natural for me to grow confortable with it.

Smithing- I learned Smithing for my birth mother– I craft armor in her honor.

Archery- I create my armors and weapons from scratch. From. Scratch. I  rarely use it in combat, however.

Destruction- (I'm going to break the fourth wall here.) Just for the Flame Cloak spell, as both it's aesthetic and damage are very completemtery to Beserker Rage.

Restoration- While caring for my brother, Orthgar, I learn simple restoration spells from the tribe's wise woman. Later, in my exile, I be came more efficient in dealing with undead due to, both, experiece  and Hircine's insight.






  • Orcish Battleaxe– Your main damage dealer.
  • Bow of the Hunt– It has the base damage of an Orish Bow, and inflicts 20 points of extra damage towards animals- Perfect for hunting.
  • Unarmed– Mainly for getting into brawls, or personally dealing with enemies. This is mostly to fit with the 'Strong and Exiled Warrior' theme.


  • Flame Cloak– Only used during Beserker and Hircine's Fury (This will make more sense if oyu scroll further down)

Shouts for Fighting Dragons

  • Fire Breath- for fighting frost based dragons (Crazy, I know)
  • Frost Breath- For fight fire based dragons (Even crazyer, I know)
  • Animal Alligence- Never underestimate the power a skeever can bring (Spoiler warning: he bring shit all)

Shouts for Everyone Else

  • Animal Alligence- (If you're fighting bandits, and they bring a dog, and you turn that dog on them, does anybody hear them scream?)
  • Clear Skies
  • Dismay - (Lore wise, both Orcs and Argonians have a tendency to roar in battle to dismay their foes. So here we are.)
  • Whirwind Spirit - Either to get to a far away enemy, get some distance, or to simply reached a desired spot.
  • Unrelenting Force- This is the only shout that's really meant for combat, it's a display of sheer power and strength. Knocking the most heavily of armored of enemies using just your voice...rad.   


Combos & Tactics

Before we start: PLEASE REMEMBER due to the curse Hergash's father put on him (The Neckromancer's Amulet & Atranoch Stone used to emulate it) you cannot regenerate health or samina. Yes, it's infurating, but so is living with a curse– I hear it's kinda the purpose.

For combos: 

Charging Bull

  • Become Etheral + Critical Charge 

Standing Bull

  • Whirlwind Sprint + Standing Power Attack 

Dismayed Prey

  • Disamy + Bow of the Hunt + Eagle Eye

Exiled Beserker

  • Flame Cloak (Single Cast) + Beserker Rage + Elemental Fury. Go crazy. 

Dragon Rage

  • Flame  Cloak (Dual Casted) + Beserker + Fire Breath + Critical Charge.

Fury of Hircine

  • Ice form + Flame Cloak (Dual Casted) + Beserker Rage + Beast Form. Go Crazier.


Charging Bull & Standing Bull are standard meele attacks that should be used for all battles if necessary.

Dismayed Prey is the only combo that uses the Bow of the Hunt in battle. If in a tight situation: Dismayed Prey should be used to free yourself and pick out your fleeing prey.

Exiled Beserker should only be used against truely difficult foes; it IS an offensive combo and should be used as such.

However, Fury of Hircine is purely a defensive combo, this should be used in the most extreme of situations. Ice Form immoblizes almost all enemy types; get some distance; then Dual Cast Flame Cloak; activate Beserker Rage, then Beast Form. This very overpowered so, again, be logical when using. 

And as for Dragon Rage, as the name suggests it is, indeed, for fighting dragons, Fire Breath will stun them, allowing you to quick charge towards them, and Beserker Rage & Flame Cloak will keep the damge on the high end.

For the tactics-

There isn't much here. Just utilised the Critical Charge perk, and use ussual warrior logic of bashing just when an enemy's about to attack– draining his stamina, and damaging his health; use the Dismay shout before battle as a 'Battle Roar,' but other than that, you're golden. 

Recommened Quests

Companions– From a warrior family to another warrior family. It's only logical that I seek a purpose worthy of my talents; a place where my abilities are on constant display, and my strength always challenge.

Civil War– The Imperial Legion has always given Orcs special treatment in legion; they recoginize our strength and prouesse in battle- that's more than I can say for these 'Stormcloak.' I will rest easier knowning that both the Tribes, and the Orcs of Skyrim are  by the Legion. 

Main Quests– The dragons are among the strongest creatures to ever grace the soils of Tamriel, and Alduin having the title of World-Eater makes him the strongest foe I have, and will ever face. Alduin is the ultimate test of my skills.

Old Orc– Many of my kind wander Skyrim, to old to carry on, but these ancient ways have set the Orcs back time and time again. Yet, I will honor those seeking a good death.

Bards College– My brutish extrior tends to over shadow my artistic side. I've had an interest in writing for as long as I can remember. It was only a matter of time till I joined the Bards College.

Discrening The Transmundane– A warrior is as must brains as he is bronze. In a endless persuit of knowlege, I have dealt with many Daedric Princes, but none have enhanced my still as Herma-Mora did.

I'll Met By Moonlight– Lord Hircine saved my life, in the name of honor and gratitude I must pay this truely unpayable deabt. 

The Cursed Tribe– My tribe, my home, my family does not disevere this horrid treatment from an incompetent leader. While I hold no grudge against Yamarz, I will hold my tongue and grit my teeth at his incompetence in an effort to save my family from certain doom.

Waking Nightmare– An entire hold is under the control of a the Daedric Prince of Nightmares...I can't just do nothing. Plus, Erandur is a truely respectable mer.


Hergash (The Orc Wanderer) is quite the gray character. He's sophisticate, but can never let go of the Orcs violent nature. In battle he's calm and collected, yet outside of battle (in everyday life) his temper has gotten him in jail multiple times (Yes. That's right. You can kill Nazeem).  I played this character as almost two. In battle Hergash is calm, efficient, deadly, and confident, outside of battle he's short-tempered, cynical, doubtful of people and their abilities, but displays high levels of respect to to all teachers (warriors, mages, and yes–thevies), scholars, and elders. He's like a father figure for the Orcs, doing what's best to those who are honorable, and punishing those who are dishonorable (Bandits, for example.)

That being said, simple tasks like delivering a letter, or restoring the Gildergreen should just be disregared or ignored. It's up to you to decide the fate of these ignorate quest givers.

And as for followers, you can have them...just have them fit this character's personiality. Characters like Erandur, Selevni Nethri, and any of the Companions. You could also have 'apprentice' follwers; characters like Mjoll the Lioness who want to join to learn from you are very viable as followers for role-play.



Even though I have made other builds, I consider this my first build because:

  1. I took it seriously.
  2. It's the first build I ever share.
  3. I didn't give up on it after level 13.

Hope you have/had fun playing it.

Have a great day. 

(A sincere thank you to Curse for his critique of my earlier combos. Even though the critiques were small, they were very useful to make my 'combos' into actual combos. Thank you, sir.)

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