Character Build: Daedric Prince Beyondormason (Modded)

Long ago I taught mortals the way,

I sought nothing in return,

Just the  satisfaction of being the one who told them,

Showed them and Proved to them,


Alchemy (Oblivion) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom

This build is heavily inspired by The Character Build: Daedric Prince Exucath




The Book of Daedra (books of Skyrim) - The Book of Daedra - Wattpad

The Book of Daedra, lost page


Beyondormason, whose sphere is philosophy and alchemy, they lost way of everything, known as The King of blood and gold.


Spell Tome (Skyrim) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom

(Excerpts from) A Oblivion Walker's Guide to Daedric Planes


Welcome fellow Oblivion Walkers, within these pages I shall guide you to all kinds of Realms, 

First is my particular favorite rather unknown realm. Byzantinum, Home to the City of gold. The sun shines red and when met with the blue sky, a beautiful purple corona is visible.

The city is always bustling and  hosting all kind of events, especially within the Arena. 

The Arena is always filled with attendance and the combatants are from all over the Aurbis.

All of the realms inhabitants are wealthy beyond compare, for they know the way.

All are forever grateful to their Lord Beyondormason. He who taught them that they should question everything. Taught them the art of Alchemy. To immense wealth and even godhood, all is possible through the Philosopher's stone.

Letter from a Friend - Skyrim Wiki

A letter left on The Gilded King;s Throne in The City of Gold


"To Whom'st ever reads, 

     You have found the throne and found it empty. To that I apologize, I leave my Dragon known as the Jabberwocky, as my Proxy and he shall greet you soon.

I must however go to Tamriel and enlighten it's people once again. They will know the Nature of Everything." 




I will be briefly going into the mods used. 

Alidon's Ultimate Armory  

Alidon's Customizable Dremora Race(2 bugs worth mentioning for the Dremora race on 1. PS4 THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VAMPIRES. You will have to join the dawnguard. 2. YOU ARE ALSO UNABLE TO FINISH THE DARK BROTHERHOOD STORY LINE. You can join but once you get to the gourmet she will be unable to address you. If you are on pc or find away to skip stages of quest you can otherwise.)

Weightless Overhaul - Just for potions and ingredient to weight nothing (As it makes it more rewarding to just collect every ingredient. I also recommend Rare Curios in the Creation Club

Skyrim Ps4 Recolor Craftable Pack

Perk Tomes (just because I think the character should at the very lest use the tomes just for the Daedric smithing for free) 

Any Alternate Start mod (not needed)




Magicka - 0%

Health - 100% (crazy, I know)

Stamina - 0%


Race - Dremora, Racial buff; Soul of Oblivion Slightly more melee damage, longer conjurations, power attacks with daedric weapons cost much less stamina.

Appearance- has a slight resemblance to Mehrunes Dagon, A Red skinned Daedra with four horns and Golden eyes, unlike Dagon, Beyondormason has a full head of long black hair.

Standing Stone - The Lord

Major skills - 

  • Alchemy
  • Speech
  • Destruction

Minor Skills - 

  • Conjuration
  • Heavy Armor 
  • Illusion (optional)

 Due to Alidon's Ultimate armory we wont need the other crafting skills because he has very handy custom enchantments and gear we can use to completely skip it unless you want to complete all crafting skill trees.)





Full set of Gilded Daedric Armor 

Gilded Wristguards - Skyrim Wiki

For Fashion I whore the Gilded Wristguards, they went great with the set! Blended right in.


I wore the Aetherial Crown (may be taken as an artifact too, daedra sure do love those dwarven stuff)


Daedric Artifacts - 

With Alidon's armory there are a bunch of new and custom items and enchantments. Such as the 'Add enchantments' ring that lets you put 12 enchantments on one 1 item but it doesn't work with extra effect perk thats why we don't level it. Also equipment that carry really strong base enchantments like the 'Alchemy gauntlets' that fortify alchemy by 2000% and other items to match the other crafting skills. You will have 2 choices between the enchantments for the stone. Fortify Alchemy + Custom Health Enchant which covers Health and Recovery in one enchant or the custom god enchant. The god enchant really isnt too op and cover all attributes but since the build is all about transcendence and divination it fits.

Philosopher's Stone

Fortify Alchemy + Custom Health Enchant or God Enchant



(The picture used is from) The Character Build: The Alchemist's Apotheosis (Ordinator)

This weapon is also in Alidon's Armory and is as of right now in the experimental chest but it works perfectly fine as is, no tempering or enchanting needed.


The Vorpal Blade

A blade made from the union of Alchemy and Smithing, said to be immeasurably sharp 


"If it bleeds, this blade can kill it."



Well usually for an alchemist build I would be putting a bunch of essential but none are really. This character is a master who loves his craft so much he would start all over again. All potions are for collecting. All mixtures and combinations he will find out and catalogue. But here are some good concoctions :

Fortify Health+Restore Health: Blue Mountain Flower+Wheat

Fortify Destruction+Fortify Sneak+Restore Magicka: Beehive Husk + Ectoplasm + Human flesh

Resist Frost + Resist Shock
+ Restore Magicka + Restore Stamina: Hawk Beak + Moon Sugar + Pearl

Damage Health + Lingering Damage Health
+ Ravage Health + Weakness to Poison: ChokeberryCC + Giant Lichen + Imp Stool

Lingering Damage Health + Paralyze: Canis Root + Imp Stool + Orange Dartwing OR Mora Tapinella OR ScathecrawDB


I thought it would be rather fun to specialize in some blood magic, due to its ties with high level alchemy. Its good to use with fortify destruction potion to amp the damage alot to keep up with high levels. Also summon dragon spell can be found in Alidon's armory.

Blood: Drainblood Cloak*

Blood: Drainblood Vortex

Any Daedra Summon

Mage Grip


Summon Serpentine Dragon 


Gameplay is a mix of assisting a follower or summon or taking action with either select spells or resorting to the vorpal blade. You chose the amount of action you want. You are a lord, pick your battles. If they are weak they don't deserve your time. Thats why having a champion can be fun and let them handle the dungeon and then take back the artifact back just to face the boss, Do what you want.

Special Moves

Lord of Oblivion - Fortify conjuration potion + Conjure Dremora + Become Aetherial 

Bleed to Death - Vorpal Blade + lingering damage health poison

Laugh in Their Face - Hotkey healing potions and let the enemy hit you (as a dremora race the character will make noises when hit and attacking.)

Fear The Jabberwocky - Summon Serpentine Dragon + Fear Spells 

 Sadistic Kill - Mage Grip + Fortify Destruction Potion + Blood: Vortex 

The Red Death - Fortify Destruction + Blood cloak (will melt most things and innocent wildlife)

Roleplay & Quests

  • You're sole purpose of coming to Tamriel is to remaster alchemy again with Skyrim's (to the character) new reagents.
  • Gain influence and spread your teaching with speech invest in all alchemy shops and when it comes to little things like giving Valdr a potion to heal him or that argonian to cure her addiction thats all worth while to Beyondormason.
  • If a mortal pleases you take them as your champion and give them any artifact you desire.
  • Only do quests that you WANT to do, try and find reasonings, he would only do it to gain the people of skyrim's trust so that they may listen to his teachings.
  • Harkon he would stop because the sun is the reason everything has magical properties useful for alchemy.
  • You can outright kill your champion if they no longer suit you.
  • Persuade and Intimidate everyone you can.
  • You know they secrets to getting rich don't be stingy with the gold, throw it around but never pay theives and bandits.
  • You hate those who steal.
  • Become Than of every hold and own every house.


Closing Notes

I hade a lot of fun with this this build, once i saw the build mentioned on top I knew I had to create my own. Be honest and let me know if you guys liked it. I had to get this idea out of my head, and Thanks for reading!

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  • I love the addition of special moves, especially the laugh in their face one. I had a nice laugh at that one.

    • haha thanks I got the idea from a really old character named Golden Bat that does that and it fit because of all the potions the build uses. 

  •  First I like the originality of the build, I think you can develop it into something nice. So far this is what I spotted:

    • Try to provide a little explanation for each mod you used (I don't think you need the bold font for all of them)
    • Like I said earlier a perk spread would be a nice addition
    • You can add some banners to separate the sections in an aesthetic way
    • Also, a brief explanation of the spells added by the mod would be good
    • This is just a suggestion, but I like how you mentioned that you could take someone as your champion. My idea would be to provide some examples. Maybe Lydia equipped with the Targe of the Blood and Gauldur Blackblade or Ralis equipped with Soulrender and Bloodscythe. You would let them fight your foes alongside your conjured minions when you feel like your enemies aren't deserving of your time.

    I hope I have been of some small help!

    • You have been a big help and all of you're points are excellent. I'll be sure to make the adjustments soon  

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