Character Build: Savior of the Soul Cairn

Savior of the Soul Cairn

This build is my attempt at bringing the character Danny Phantom, from the show of the same name, and, personally my favorite nickelodeon show-into the world of Skyrim. I feel that his powers and ghost form would translate really well in the world of TES V: Skyrim. I also like how he has a dual-nature that he has to keep secret.12344694283?profile=RESIZE_710x


Davos Phedren was a normal, fairly contented child growing up in the land of High Rock. He went to school and did normal kid things. That all changed one day when he discovered a portal to the soul cairn hidden in his parents' basement. His parents tried everything to get the portal to work, after a short while they gave up. Davos approached the portal because he was curious how it worked. He stepped into the portal, accidentally hitting the 'ON' button with his shoulder. A flash of bluish-black light radiated through Davos' body, which caused him to collapse to the floor of the portal, unconscious. When Davos woke up. He found that he could flit between this plane of existence to the Soul Cairn at will.

Davos had fun wiith his new found powers, pulling pranks on the other kids, setting the record straight with the bullies that had bullied him at Glenumbra Academy. He found out pretty quick that with great power comes great responsibility. He also had a job to do. Spirits from the soul cairn would constantly spill over into this world. The soul cairn is more or less like Mundus just more dark and depressing; the antithesis of Tamriel.

Davos set out on a mission that could very well end his life for this mission iwas as dangerous as it was excitng. He had to find a way to soul trap these malevolent spirits (i.e. dragons, bandits and other ilk on Skyrim) and send them back into the soul cairn where they belong.


a soul leaving its' vessel and returning to the cairn

The Build


Name: Davos Phedren

Race: Breton

Standing Stone: The Lady

Stats: 3:2:1

Apparel: DE Avallach Robe (pre-enchanted with resist, shock, fire and frost, enchanted with regenerate health and regenerate magicka)

Weapons: Soul Shredder (unenchanted drainheart sword enchanted with fiery soultrap) 

Spells: Ebony Flesh, Drain Soul, Shadowbolt, Dark Sun, Rift Bolt, Frost Nova, Summon Arvak, Whirlwind Cloak

Shouts: Become Ethereal, Soul Tear, Clear Skies, Call Storm, Wail of the Banshee, Dismay, Dragon Aspect

Major Skills: One Handed, Destruction, Enchanting

Minor Skills: Restoration


Davos Phedren's secret: he's half ghost!

Skills of the Great One

Alteration - Davos can munipulate souls to form into ethereal armor to protect against malicious souls

Destruction - The soul-splitter is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, on account of his soul being one with the soul cairn

Enchanting - The half-spirit can enchant his sword and clothes with magics that protect him and amplify the damage output of his sword

One Handed - Phedren can use his sword Soul Shredder to cut down enemies and capture the spirit trapped inside

Restoration - The spirit-walker can heal at rates that are unseen from a normal human


The Soul's Purgatory


Aurora Standing Stone of Skyrim - Reworks Skyrim's standing stones (optional)

Imperious Races of Skyrim - makes Skyrim's races more interesting (optional)

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - adds 155 spells to the world of Skyrim

Shadow Spell Package - adds shadow spells to Skyrim

ThunderChild: Epic Shouts and Immersion - adds 29 shouts to Skyrim, one of which, Wail of the Banshee is required for this mod as it emulates the ghostly wail used by the show's titular character.

Phenderix Magic World - this mod adds a lot of spells and other addons to Skyrim

Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim - Overhauls Skyrim's perk system 

Apachii Divine Elegance Store - adds a store near Rorikstead that sells an assortment of male and female clothes and armor

Spectral Blades - retextures the drainheart sword to make it more aethetically pleasing (I use the spectral blue mesh replacement)

Craftable Everything - this mod allows the player to craft everything in the game, including an enchantable version of the drainheart sword




Abilities of the Ghost-Child

12344696092?profile=RESIZE_400x Soul-Searing Wail Greatly damages anyone who hears it Wail of the Banshee 

12344696659?profile=RESIZE_710x Soul-expulsion Davos can expel spirits of the soul cairn from their human hosts simply by touching them Soul Trap + Soul Tear

12344696859?profile=RESIZE_710x Repulsion Field Davos can repel group of attackers with a blast of frost energy from his body Frost Nova + Whirlwind Cloak 

12344696868?profile=RESIZE_400x Soul Armor Davos can form a spectral suit of armor around himself using souls of the cairn, as well as boosting his shout damage and effectiveness Dragon Aspect Shout

12344696872?profile=RESIZE_584x Ice Control Davos quickly learns how to control ice to decimate his foes Frost Breath + Frost Cloak + Ice Spike 


Davos uses the power he gains from the lady standing stone from the Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim mod to conjure a big ghost cat to fight alongside him while he uses his elementally-coated ghost sword which he gets from Craftable Everything mod to decimate his enemies. He uses the Shadow Spell PackageApocalypse: Magic of Skyrim and the Phenderix Magic World mods to greatly enhance his ethereal abilities. The Imperious: Races of Skyrim mod makes a ghost hunter with spectral powers possible for a Breton. the Ordinator and Thunderchild mods help build this character. One adds shout to the world of Skyrim, including the banshee's wail shout and the other adds completely reworked perk trees to Skyrim. I play this build on master difficulty so that the souls are formidable opponents but are not too indomitable.


Against petty souls (falmer and lesser beasts) Davos uses his soul-searing wail ability to weaken the soul before using his soul expulsion ability to send the soul back to the soul cairn.


Against lesser and common souls (i.e. sabrecats and various other predatory animals), Davos uses his drain soul spell to slowly weaken them and when they are an inches from death, he mercifully ends their life with his soul-expulsion ability.


Against greater Souls (ie. forsworn, bandits, highwaymen and mages), Davos uses his Repulsion Field ability to keep these threats at bay and then when they are wakened by the ice shards he recalls them from the mortal coil with his soul expulsion ability.


against grand souls (i.e. Dragon and Dragonpriests), he uses his superior Ice Control ability to slow them down while doing damage to them over time and then when they are weakened, he uses his soul-expulsion ability to send them back to where they came from.


Against black souls (i.e. Alduin, Durnehviir, Harkon, Miraak, Karstaag and the ebony warrior), Davos must use all spells, shouts and abilities at his disposal along with his soul armor ability to severly weaken these foes before finally banishing them from this world and send them back to the soul cairn with his soul expulsion ability. 

The obstacles that Davos will have to overcome are many if he is to complete his soul capturing endeavor, first off: davos' armot will protect with a 20% boost to fire, frost and shock can still get injured from those elements so he has to use his ward effectively. One wrong move and Davos is as good as dead. The same goes for the dead that mages and Durnehviir conjure. They can really pack a punch with powerful spells and shouts, which can land Davos in some pretty hot water if he is not prepared. Davos must be quick on his feet if he is to topple these seemingly impregnable foes.


After getting zapped by the soul cairn energy, Davos has to put back the souls that have escaped the ideal masters' watchful eye and put them back before they can exact their revenge upon the mortals who put them in that seemingly inescapable prison in the first place.

Many souls have escaped the Soul Cairn and it is up to Davos to put them back where they belong. After leaving Helgen, he goes directly to the College of Winterhold to learn how to control his new powers. After he has a handle on his powers, he starts collecting all those souls that have escaped from the soul cairn. He does this by first completeing The Black Star in order to collect the vessel he will need to send all those vengeful souls back to the cairn. After he has aquired the vessel, He must then track down every soul that escaped the soul cairn by doing the dragonpriest quests and both parts of The Man Who Cried Wolf. After he traps these lesser souls he has to tackle the biggest and baddest soul of them all and he does this by completing the Dawnguard questline.

After Davos kills and captures a soul, he must release it into the soul cairn to make room for the next spirit's soul. To do that, he enters the soul cairn and drops the current filled soul gem or the black star on the ground and in doing so forces the the soul to fly out and mingle with all the other spirits just longing to escape the cairn but, let's face it, no one can escape the ideal masters.


Recommended Quests

Main Quest Dragons have once soared the confines of the cairn, but are now invading tamriel, causing havoc everywhere, Davos must absorb their souls and place them back where they came from

College of Winterhold - Davvos must learn how to control his powers before he takes on the ultimate enemy

The Man Who Cried Wolf {both parts) A powerful soul has broken free of the soul cairn named Potema, the wolf queen. Davos must stop her before she rematerializes is the human world.

All dragonpriest quests - thirteen of the soul cairn's most dangerous spirits are loose in the human world. Davos needs to put them back into their eternal tomb.

Dawnguard - With Davos' soul recepticle at full and all other souls brought back to the soul cairn, he now faces off against the greatest threat to the world.

The Black Star - this soul gem is the perfect vessel for souls of the vengeful dead to ride the sea of death back to the shores of the Soul Cairn


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