Character Build: Teldryn Sero - Blade for Hire

Undoubtedly my favorite companion, Teldryn Sero, the myth, the legend, the Dunmer himself, never fails to entice our hearts with his sharp blade and tongue. Wishing to know Mr. Sero better, the Dunmer mercenary agreed to accompany me in this first little Follower build series. Before donning his signature Chitin attire, this build reimagines the tale of Mr. Sero before he arrived at the ashen land of Solestheim. Ready for Señor Sero's dangerous yet exciting adventure? Roll the music!


Song: Welcome to the Jungle

"Then, let's be off!"

vEwWj9u.pngVersion: Anniversary Edition

Difficulty: Expert+

Mods: Yes, I played Mr. Sero both on vanilla and with some mods integrated. Should you wish to play the modded Mr. Sero, some gameplay mods I used are:


hfzvQdG.pngvWX2yPN.png"Teldryn Sero, blade for hire. If you have the coin, I'm at your service."

lnFtEXw.pngRace: Mr. Sero's ashen blood grants him slight immunity against fire damage and proficiency in Destruction school, wrapping him in a blazing blanket of his Ancestor's Wrath. With Imperious, the Dunmer Spellsword can regenerate his Magicka slightly faster, albeit at the cost of his slower Health and Stamina Regen. Worry not; his fiery Atronach and ancestor's Spirit Walk will guard Mr. Sero from lethal injuries.

Morality: While wealth and fame are his priority, Mr. Sero is not a bloodthirsty demon who feeds upon innocent souls. He is a cunning and charismatic person who accepts requests based on his moral code and calculated risks. As they say, professionals have standards.

Class: Multitude of spells in one hand and a sword in the other, Mr. Sero is more versatile than a hulking knight and more nimble and powerful than a cowardly wizard.

Blessing: Mr. Sero acknowledges the Good Daedras as the Dunmeri's Patrons. Thus, their blessings, especially Azura and Bhoethiah, favor him. Azura blesses Mr. Sero with a magical 'shield' and 'spear', while Bhoethiah sanctifies his steel. Unless Wintersun is in your pocket, Mr. Sero will not receive any blessing while in Skyrim.

Standing Stone: Often overlooked, the Tower helps Mr. Sero to tame and restore the Thieves Guild, as no perks touch his Lockpicking skill. Andromeda's Royal Treasury also befits Mr. Sero's early luxury, and the Tower's Dungeon plays a part in his combat tactics. Once Mr. Sero moves to Solestheim, the Lord will guard him with extra defenses, and Andromeda's Lord bolsters his deadly power attacks.

Attributes: Since the Dunmer Spellsword will cast several spells at the start of the battle, I slightly prioritized Señor Sero's Magicka over his Health and Stamina.


hfzvQdG.pngXWHQv5G.png"I've got swords, spells, and a few other tricks up my sleeve. You'll find I'm full of surprises."

DuwwL3X.pngAble to solo the most dreadful dragon, no soul can deny Mr. Sero's swordsmanship skill. All One-Handed perks except dual-wielding and Paralyzing Strike are his ace cards. Adding fuel to the fire, Mr. Sero's Destruction skill focuses on his blazing carnage up to the Expert level, and Intense Flames implants Fear to his enemies. Conjuration is pivotal in Mr. Sero's arsenal as Bound Sword is his favored early fang, and the fiery lady is his trusty companion. With Summoner and Elemental Potency, the fiery beaut can act as a shield. Farewell, love.

While the hot lady and his ancestor's spirit (Imperious) guard his steps, moderate perking in Light Armor ensures Mr. Sero's safety from lethal blows. Recharging his three stats, Restoration is another important skill. Not only recovering his Health, Respite also replenishes Mr. Sero's Stamina, and Ward Absorb and Recovery maintain his Magicka. Alteration augments Mr. Sero's defenses further with Flesh spells and Magic Resistance.


vEk1X1g.pngOrdinator offers similar premises, yet Mr. Sero's efficiency and optimization are better and faster. Clash of Champions' unique ability renders the enemy's attacks slightly weaker, turning them into an easy prey for Mr. Sero's power attacks bolstered by Disciplined Fighter and Furious Strength. Cross Cut and Thundering Blow offer a chance to play with normal and power attack combos, resulting in devastating final power attacks. Overrun and Falling Sword integrate Critical damage and more agile swordplay motions.

Witch's Familiar keeps Mr. Sero's flaming maiden by his side longer. As a gratitude, the Atronach further augments Mr. Sero's fire spells and Magicka Regen. Scarring Burns, Flame Affinity, and Spellblade complete Mr. Sero's blazing swordplay by weakening his foe's fire resistance and strengthening his fiery steel. Philosopher's Stone is a fun little perk added simply to emphasize Señor Sero's goal further.



"You like my chitin armor? It was specially crafted for me by Grendis Rolovo... one of the finest master armorsmiths in Morrowind."

UJqydel.pngMr. Sero is indeed well-known for his signature Chitin look. However, I chose a different approach in picturing Mr. Sero's younger days in Skyrim, giving him a reason to wear his Chitin armor and hiding his handsome face behind the helmet. The Studded Dragonscale set imitates his Chitin look, and the quest for the set is available at Windhelm, Mr. Sero's first stage in the frozen land. To offer the impression of a proper adventuring mercenary, I traded Mr. Sero's cuirass with Leather Scout Armor.

Joining the Thieves Guild, Mr. Sero cloaks himself in the Guild's signature look still with his Studded Dragonscale Gauntlets and Boots. Once he embraces the Guild Master position, the Guild Master's Armor becomes his new fitting. As a badge of wealth, Mr. Sero pairs his new sleek look with the mythical Daedric Mail Gauntlets and Boots bought from the Khajiit caravan during the Missing Merchant quest. The amor-paired-hood or Vokun offers extra protection and bountiful enchantments.

For his fangs, Bound Sword and any other swords Mr. Sero deems worthy may accompany his journey. We can obtain a Daedric Sword of the Inferno early from the quest The Arms of Chaos, where the Warlock's Mark and Sovereign Band are Mr. Sero's other crucial arsenals. Unlocking the Mythical Binding/Rend From This World perk will help Mr. Sero triumph against the three Dremoras and their summons. Once Mr. Sero has enough coins, you can trade Sovereign Band for a Ring of Wielding.


fyMcrzl.pngFor the modded outfits, Rugged Rogue and Practical Pirate fit Mr. Sero perfectly, thanks to his attractive figure. Plenty of pieces with unique designs and colors to dress Daddy Señor Sero fabulously.


hfzvQdG.pngMgar4x6.png"You filthy N'wah!"

PLzZKFc.pngSpells: Fire spells up to Unbounded Flames, Flame Cloak/Mara's Wrath, Conjure Flame Atronach, Flaming Familiar, Bound Sword, Flesh spells up to Iron Flesh, Healing spells up to Close Wounds, and Ward spells up to Greater Ward.

Shouts: None. Mr. Sero is not the destined Dragonborn.

Powers: Ancestor's Wrath, Ancestral Guardian and Spirit Walk (Imperious), and The Dungeon (Andromeda)

Passive Abilities: Sailor's Repose & Gift of Charity

Black Books: None. Why would you touch that suspicious nasty book?

Simple, effective, and deadly are how Mr. Sero presents himself on the battlefield, combining a plethora of spells with his sword tricks. Combat focuses on casting a Flesh and Flame Cloak or Mara's Wrath (if you are not a strict roleplayer) spells followed by summoning his Flame Atronach or Flaming Familiar. With (2/2) Summoner/Rift Summoner, the flaming maiden can be cast from miles away, distracting the enemies' attention with her burning love.

Rapid-short-burst Fire spells are a great way to balance the Stamina and Magicka consumption, and the Unbounded Flames is Mr. Sero's highest arcane trophy. Healing spells with Respite replenish Mr. Sero's Health and Stamina, ensuring the Dunmer Spellsword stays active. Ward spells protect Mr. Sero from nasty spells and dragon breath, yet they are costly. With Absorb Ward and (2/2) Recovery/Descending Light, no longer Mr. Sero needs to worry with his magical shield. Finally, Mr. Sero's sword-slicing and power attacks complete his flashy moves.


4Fgxgzm.pngOnce Mr. Sero sets his foot in Solestheim, he may acquire additional arsenals. Conjure Ash Spawn and Ash Guardian are Mr. Sero's new companions in the ashen land. With Imperious installed, two invulnerable Ancestors from Spirit Walk will join Mr. Sero's fight, adding more power to his small party. The Flame Spider Scrolls are another new fun toys, especially the Oil Spiders, which deal tremendous damage and can be detonated from afar using Flaming Familiar or Unbounded Flames.

One last thing to mention is the use of Ash Shell and Ash Rune spells. While they can temporarily thin out the enemies' number, a unique application is to cast the Ash Shell on Mr. Sero's summon, especially his blazing maiden. Wrapped in the ashen cocoon, the hot lady becomes invulnerable against every attack, morphing her into the perfect shield. A similar effect is also achievable with Andormeda's The Dungeon without waiting for Mr. Sero to arrive in Solestheim.

Should you wish to spice Mr. Sero's movements, Skypia's Spellsword Moveset and Verolevi's Vanargand Animations are the answer, differentiating Señor Sero from the other common Spellsword mercenary (I'm looking at you, Baldyrand). Feel free to crank up the difficulty or install a combat overhaul mod like Smilodon, Wildcat, or SCAR if you live up to the challenge.


hfzvQdG.pngqYYYCbB.pngHow did you end up on Solstheim?

"Long story, but I don't see the harm in sharing it with you."

a4hspeJ.png"I lived in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm for years... it's a wretched place full of bitter Dunmer."


Mr. Sero's story in the frozen land begins in Windhelm. Leaving his hometown, the wonderful city of Blacklight, Mr. Sero seeks a new fortune in Skyrim, selling his sword services and sharpening his skills. The mod Alternative Start can help Mr. Sero arrive in the freezing-cold city. Windhelm shall be Mr. Sero's first stage to start building his name as a remarkable mercenary, where our charming Dunmer will stay at the Candleheath Hall (vanilla) or New Gnisis Cornerclub (Alternative Start).

Any quests in Windhelm that reward accordingly are Mr. Sero's daily meals. Quests like solving the murder mystery of Blood on the Ice, Retrieving the White Phial, and helping the East Empire Company to Rise in the East are Mr. Sero's luxury. Radiant quests from the bitter citizen and his fellow kin are always great options to spice Mr. Sero's days. The start of the Dark Brotherhood's quest of Innocence Lost is another option if you feel like doing a little trespassing.

The Nordic King's town is also the stage for some handy CC quests that befit Mr. Sero's goal and help him acquire a dependable early arsenal. Mr. Sero, however, refuses to take part in the Stormcloak rebellion. Thus, he will not gain much wealth in Windhelm. Once the job offers start to dry up, the Dunmer mercenary packs his belongings and leaves the old town, wandering the outside world of Skyrim and living up to the adventure while collecting more coins and fame.


ZpKFRXw.png"All this walking... I wish there was a silt strider around here."


This is the part where you can freely determine Mr. Sero's next adventure, whether he will go south to Riften first or head to the west and visit different holds and villages. After leaving Windhelm, Mr. Sero's goals are simple: fortune, fame, and glory. Similar to how our Dunmer mercenary operated in Windhelm, he will stay at the local inns and taverns until he makes a name for himself and manages to buy the available house for sale.

Any rewarding quests Mr. Sero encounters along the way are his daily activities. Mr. Sero's moral compass and to what degree he will take certain quests are yours to determine. I played Mr. Sero as a professional sellsword, unafraid to take dangerous requests and fetch some dirty works and light crimes, yet he refused to raise his sword against innocent civilians. Now, go live up the world, Señor Sero.


uucmfqs.png"Dragons, eh? Good, I was looking for a challenge."


One notable event happens in Whiterun, the event that tells the coming of the Dragonborn. Mr. Sero is not a Dragonborn, yet he will still fetch the Dragonstone and help the Whiterun guards battle the flying lizard as the Jarl promises honeyed rewards. Thus, someone must take the role of the 'destined Dragonborn'. To roleplay this, any follower you deem worthy can become the 'Dragonborn'. I chose Uthgerd as her unbroken spirit fulfills the Hero's criteria.

Once Mirmulnir is slain, drink a Potion of Invisibility (Arcadia gives you one when you complete Farengar's radiant quest) and stand beside your follower. With Mr. Sero turning invisible, we will roleplay the follower as the one who absorbs Mirmulnir's soul. When the guards and the Jarl speak of the legends, they refer to the follower, not Mr. Sero. After finishing the business, dismiss the follower so they may continue their journey to High Hrotghar, and Mr. Sero can claim his rewards.

Whiterun may become Mr. Sero's first stage before entering Windhelm Gate if you play without the Alternative Start mod.


nQhC5b7.png"You may want to be careful down here... the Thieves Guild makes the Ratway its home."


One faction that Mr. Sero can fully explore and establish is the Thieves Guild. While the guild primarily consists of burglars, robbers, pickpockets, and smugglers, and many condemn such actions, some view the guild as the underground 'crime-regulator'. Aside from gaining much wealth, having a bounty and crime records in not blatantly hideous ways befits Mr. Sero. Leading and restoring the Thieves Guild to its former glory shall bring Mr. Sero steps closer to his goals.

Other notable factions include the Dark Brotherhood and the Companions. I chose not to embrace the assassin's path as murdering some less-suspected victims like Narfi would make for a hard justification, even for a mercenary. At the surface, the Companions seems to fit Mr. Sero's ambitions, yet embracing the Nordic way strays from his origin. Instead, we can implement the Companions' early quest as a gateway for Mr. Sero to finish his business in the frozen land.


hjLuGHp.png"Nice place you have here. I never knew you were so wealthy."


As mentioned, one of Mr. Sero's goals is to gather wealth and spend it to live a luxurious life. One way to realize this is by claiming the available houses in each hold except for Windhelm. While building the three Hearthfire houses seems tempting, Mr. Sero, an experienced blade for hire, would agree that building a luxury mansion in the middle of an isolated place with only a housecarl and a steward as the guardians seems like an invitation for bandits' raids.

The only exception to this is the Golden Hills plantations. Aside from its humble appearance, the lots also generate more profitable income. Near the plantations is the village of Rorikstead, home to the legendary Erik the Hoe Pusher God Slayer, where the finest Whiterun guards patrol the road. Security should not be an issue.


jjVFIEW.png"Until we ended up tracking him to one of the largest bandit encampments I'd ever seen. My patron took one look at me, and made the most menacing grin I'd ever seen. At that moment, I knew I'd never see him again. No amount of money would ever be worth that kind of death."


Once you feel Mr. Sero has achieved his dreams, the time for Mr. Sero's final act in Skyrim is near. If we ask Mr. Sero his reasons for leaving Skyrim, he will answer with his bitter experience. His last patron, a traditional, stubborn, and battle-hungry Nord with tattoos on his face and dressed in animal skins, weaved him into a suicidal mission. Bluntly speaking, it is impossible to recreate this scenario faithfully. With some headcanons creative minds, however, we can experience a similar tragedy.

Farkas will aid you during the Companion's quest Proving Honor, and the muscle head fits Mr. Sero's description. After clearing Dustman Chairn, face the Silent Moons bandits as a part of the In the Shadows quest to adhere to Mr. Sero's statement where he and his patron cleared a ruined fort outside of Whiterun. The final chain of quests is Beyond the Grave, where we will roleplay that one of the bandits manages to flee and gallop on a horse. The two men pursue the bandit on foot for three days until they arrive at Knifepoint Ridge bandit encampments.

Facing the death wish for days to end resulted in Mr. Sero rethinking his life decision. While fortune and fame are on his side, they matter not when death is on his face. Contemplating the answer, Mr. Sero leaves most of his luxury and fame, now pursuing a more simple and low-profile life. Selling his houses and giving most of his wealth to charity, Mr. Sero packs his belongings and travels to the ashen land, settling with the Dunmer's society to remind him of his home.


NsoZawS.png"I've called Raven Rock my home for a number of years. Azura knows why... it's a mess."


Leaving most of his past self behind, the Dunmer mercenary dons the Chitin Armor he exclusively ordered from Grendis Rolovo. We can only obtain the Chitin set in Solestheim, and thus, feel free to use Console Commands or Cheat Room to spawn the Chitin set before sailing to Solestheim. As some bounties are still under his name back on the mainland, Mr. Sero now refuses to reveal his face, and his sentences are covered partially in untold truths.

Once the ship arrives in Solestheim, the Chitin-looking-Dunmer will seek works similar to how he did back in Skyrim, yet he no longer pursues wealth and fame. However, do not enter the Retching Netch Cornerclub yet, as meeting with the 'real' Teldryn Sero will break the roleplay. Thus, only several quests are viable in the little town, namely The Final Descent, March of the Dead, CC Tribunal Temple, and other minor quests that do not force you to enter the Cornerclub.


w3D2buQ.png"Hope we don't run into too many Ash Spawn out here."


Mr. Sero may also wander the ashen land after completing the viable quests in Raven Rock. Heading to the Telvannis and helping Talvas Fathryon will unlock his new arsenals. The Dragonbron quests, of course, are not our Dunmer's responsibility. Once Mr. Sero makes a proper impression on the Raven Rock citizens and the Telvannis, it is time to close the Dunmer mercenary's journey. The end goal is to finally enter the Retching Netch Cornerclub, where Mr. Sero will settle in the tavern, sitting around the fireplace and waiting for another patron to hire his blade.




hfzvQdG.pngU75JkdB.pngThank you to Mr. Sero for accompanying me on this memorable journey and to you, dear readers, who become the witnesses of Mr. Sero's adventures. As I browsed and learned more about Señor Sero, I stumbled upon an old TamrielVault build recreating the same experience of the Dunmer mercenary, The Blacklight Mercenary. Do check Motty's Mr. Sero, as his amazing interpretation inspired some of this build's elements. Lastly, feel free to drop any comments, and see you on the next adventure!


"Oh fine, go on... leave me here. When you decide to return to your senses, you know where to find me."



hfzvQdG.pngi94MR3W.png"I don't know why I decided to make my way to Solstheim to seek my fortune. I should have stayed home," sighs the Dunmer mercenary while holding a bottle of Sujamma, waiting for the last customers to leave the club so he may open his helmet.

Ring, the sound of the Retching Netch Cornerclub front door opens. From under the moonlight of the ashen land, a vague shilloute appears. Approaching the Dunmer mercenary, the figure appears more visible - a Nord woman with a rather... eccentric look, wearing Dwarven-made clothing.

RYgc6VA.png"I heard you're the man to talk to when I need someone to protect my back. Are you willing to accompany me fetching some valuable artifacts?"

"The best swordsman in all Morrowind, is at your service... for the right price. Don't pass up on this opportunity, outlander. I'm worth every coin," said the Dunmer mercenary, convincing the eccentric-looking woman before him who might become his new patron.

Handing out a pouch filled with Septims, the woman seems eager to test the Dunmer's skills, "Very well. Shall we see whether your skills match your words?"

"Heh, I like the way you think, outlander. Then, let's be off!"


Next follower build, the One who Lost to the Ages.


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  • Excelent work , a perfect way to roleplay one of the best character in Skyrim.

    Not beeing the Dragonborn is also a reliefand i like the way you finished his adventures.

    I will keep one eye on your fantastic build and even wait to see the next one before to play my "dwemer specialist".

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoy Mr. Sero's tale. Katria's going to come next with her mighty Zephyr. :)


  • Awesome work as always Jazz. Love the presentation, great work recreating Senor Sero

    • Thanks as always, man!


  • As always, a fine build! 

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