Character Build: The Anesthesiologist


Anesthesiologists are the doctors in charge of monitoring patients during the application of anesthesia before surgery and they then monitor their vital signs during surgery. The application of the gas can be dangerous because if done wrong, the patient would flatline. This build focuses on stages three and four of the four stages of anesthesia. Stage three and four are unconsciousness and complete loss of vital signs when too much gas is administered. I always wanted to try a build based on paralysis combined with various poisons that act while the opponent is unconscious.



As long as Keletar could remember, he has always had a fascination with Alchemy, Every day since he was five, he would ask for an alchemy set for the new life festival. One day he seemingly crossed the preverbial line with them one night at dinner.

His father slammed his fist down on the kitchen table, making the silver goblets, silverware and plates clatter loudly, "Son, shut up about that blasted alchemy set. We are sick of hearing about it day in and day out, can't you put a lid on it? By Akatosh you are so annoying sometimes." His father pointed upstairs. "Now, no more and go upstairs to bed, do you understand me?" Keletar said nothing. his father, named Alinar asked again, somewhat louder and sterner than last time, "Keletar, do we understand each other?" looking down at the ground, the elf said, very softly, "Yes, sir.” " Keletar went upstairs to bed.

The next morning, which happened to be the eve of the new life festival, he snuck out of his bedroom, down the stairs of the small cottage that he and his parents lived in and checked his stocking by the fireplace and under the big douglas fir planted in the dirt that comprised the living room, but he saw no sign of a present even remotely resembling an alchemy set.

The small Altmer returned upstairs, disheartened. Kelletar jumped into bed, covered up with the warm fur blanket his mother had fashioned his bed with and fell asleep, dreaming of different concoctions he could make with the set such as paralyze, drain health, drain stamina and various deadly poisons as well. The hours seemed, at least to the little high elf, to be moving at the pace of a kwama forager.

The morning of the festival came, like all days do, with the orange rays from the sun protruding through the cloth curtains in his room. Keletar just lay there under his furs when he heard a knock on his door. He got up and opened it to find his mom standing there, "Son, come downstairs.” She paused upon getting one foot in the room, “by the way, happy new life." Keletar was still too sleepy to respond, so instead, he just lay there. 

His mom opened the door all the way and walked into his room and looked down at him with her beautiful brown eyes. "Well, come on sleepyhead, get up, I'd wager you have presents downstairs.” Keletar sat bolt upright. Did he hear that right, presents, for him? He mulled this over in his head. It was minutes before the thought registered and he raced past his mom, downstairs and into the living room. His parents joined him soon after.

A few minutes later, with all the presents opened, his dad told him that those were all the presents. "Not quite, dear." Said his mom, "Keletar, be a dear and see if there might be something you missed, maybe behind the tree?" The elf looked behind the tree and, sure enough there was a thin, square package measuring three feet in height, he pulled it out. His eyes practically lit up because he knew what it was. He unwrapped the alchemy set.

A fews years past since that memorable day, He played with the alchemy set every day since he got it all those years ago, experimenting with different combinations of potions and poisons to learn their effects. On his desk were test tubes, potion and poison bottles and ingredients all set to start his craft. He started experimenting on diseased skeevers, administering a custom made restore heath potion. He administered it and they would instantly bounce back to perfect health and then he would brew up a paralysis potion  and pair it with a drain health poison and pour the poison on the caged skeevers and they were instantly paralyzed while their health drained. The skeevers, however, were completely unaware that this was happening because the potion acted as a muscle relaxant, and rendered them unconscious.

"Amazing!" Keletar exclaimed, smiling to himself, "I may just have created anesthesia. This tool can either help my friends or hurt my enemies." He said as he bottled the two potions and put them both in a leather knapsack that was leaning against his desk, he slung the knapsack over his shoulder and proceeded down the stairwell. “I can't wait to tell my parents." He thought to himself.

When he went downstairs, however, he saw an assassin slittling his mother and father's throats. He ran at the assassin and yelled at him to stop, but the assassin was too quick. In his haste, however, he dropped a small, silver medallion. Keletar noticed this and picked it up. On the back of the medallion was an imperial dragon. Keletar flipped it over in his palm, on the front was a styilized black hand, the symbol of the dark brotherhood. Keletar stood up and knew what he had to do. He hefted his pack with his alchemy set, the two vials and extra vials in it and headed for Skyrim after the assassin. 




Name: Keletar

Race: Altmer

Standing Stone: the serpent

Stats: 2:3:1

Armor: Armor of Rejuvenation (full glass armor enchanted with Regenerate Health, Regenerate Stamina, Siphon Stamina, Siphon Health, Influence: Calm and Fortify Potions)

Weapons: Bow of the Forever Sleep (glass bow enchanted with paralyze and drain Stamina), Sword of Gaseous Sleep (glass sword enchanted with Paralyze and drain health)

Spells: Paralyze, Frostbite, Ice Storm, Sotha's Maelstrom, Ruin, Life's Finale, Corpse Curse, Mind Fog

Powers: Poisoned Talons

Shouts: Drain Vitality, Soul Tear, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Wail of the Banshee (optional)

Major Skills: Alchemy, One Handed, Alteration 

Minor Skills: Restoration, Archery

Unperked Skills: Light Armor




Alchemy - the high elf can choose to slip the lethal drug into the patient's bloodstream through an intravenous solution

Alteration - The altmer knows how to administer a lethal dose of anesthesia on his enemies

Enchanting -  the high elf can enchant his weapons to deliver a lethal dose of chemicals without having to phisically touch his ynfortunate patient

Heavy Armor - the master of sleep can protect himself from the chemicals that he infects his opponents' bloodstreams with

One Handed - his sword acts as a conduit for the dangerous chemicals providing a quick and painless death to any who stand in his way of achieving his goal

Restoration - if any of his chemicals happens to splash onto his clothing, the high elf can heal himself to avoid being placed in the forever sleep like his patients


some potions Keletar made with his alchemy set


Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - replaces skyrim's standing stones with ones with interesting abilities

Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim - this mod expands further upon Skyrim's pool of available spells

Imperious - Races of Skyrim - this mod adds some nice abilities and a unique power that fits an altmer master of magic, alchemy and sleeep inducing herbs

Skytoxin - this mod enables Keletar to truly practice his craft with realistic potions and poisons


Keletar's backpack, where he stores his finished potions and empty vials


Thunderchild: Epic Shouts and Immersion - being a doctor of sorts, the high elf needs to study his craft, just like any patron of the healing arts

Alchemist’s Basement - This mod gives the alchemist the home he deserves

Radiant and Unique Potions HD SE - This mod makes it so that it is easy too tell with is inside each vial plus it makes the vials look nicer

Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim - this mod adds various new beneficial or dangerous enchantments to the world of Skyrim



Elven Supremacy: Skills are more effective upon reaching skill level 100.

Gold and Glass: When low on Magicka or Stamina, it regenerates faster at the cost of reduced armor and magic resistance.

Shimmering Threads: Weapons and armor are weaker, but enchantments are stronger.

.Contingency: At will - Weave spells into an auto-cast trigger with specific conditions.




Experimenter - you reveal all properties from an ingredient by ingesting it

Alkahest the altmer can corrode enemies armor for 40 point with his knowledge of poisons

Elemental Oil and The Alchemist's Cookbook - Keletar can use oil to achieve various effects when he uses a ddestructive spell. He can also use paa.ralysis oil to gain fast acting anesthesia.

Pure Mixture - All negative effects are removed from created potions, and all positive effects are removed from created poisons.



Alter self - Attributes and resistances - Keletar knows how to boost his health and poison resistances in order too avoid being put under the same anesthesia that he deals onto his opponents




12344700258?profile=RESIZE_400xPropofol -  an intravenous solution that make his opponents sleepy and relaxed, it is often paired with other poisons, by itself, it is not that effective. Briar Heart + Imp Stool + Crimson Nirnroot + Canis Root

12344700283?profile=RESIZE_400x Sevoflurane - an inhalant that effects the nervous system and the spinal cord of a patient, sapping their health while they are unconscious. Brair Heart + Imp Stool + small antlers + Ancestor Moth Wing + Crimson Nirnroot + Canis Root

12344700090?profile=RESIZE_400xIsoflurane - an inhalant that acts as a powerful muscle relaxant, also ravages health of the unconscious patient. Briar Heart + Imp Stool + Jarrin Root + Glowdust

12344700294?profile=RESIZE_584xDesFlurane - an inhalant that if used improperly can cause tachycardia, which means irregular heartbeat, while damaging the unconscious person's health. Swamp Fungal Pod + Daedra Heart + Spriggan Sap + Orange Dartwing + Canis Root



When enemies mess with Keletar, the elf strikes as quick as a serpent and either uses his Serpent Stone power from the Apocylapse modto paralyze them while draining forty percent of their health or strike them with his sword or bow to deliver a more potent dose of the sleep iinducing drug into their bloodstream. With the Imperius mod, Altmer gain mainly rather nice magical abilities. These abilites fit rather nicely with the aesthetic I am trying to convey.

Agianst Dragons, the high elf must use mundane actions such as dragonrend and his sword or bow because his anesthetics do not afffect flying reptiles. Dragon's platelets and red blood cells simply do not allow the chemicals to act on the body. This also stands true, kinda, with dagonpriests because while they  do not require dragonrend to be defeated, they are undead and therefore do not have a bloodstream to be affected by the volatile chemicals.

Against human opponents like mages, bandits, and highwaymen, the altmer can use his anestetics on the bloodstream of these people because their platlets and hemoglobic cells give the chemical admittance to affec them.



After the elf exits Helgen, He must go to Winterhold to join the College of Winterhold, once there, He can study the art of chemically iinducing the forever sleep. After the, he goes to Windhelm to start the The White Phial . After that he will go to the shrine of Azura to undertake the The Black Star . He will then walk to the small hamlet of Riverwood to talk to either Gerdur or Alvor to start the Main Quest. After that, I obtain a horse from the local stables and ride over to Solitude so I can plead his case to commander Maro after he kills Astrid for his permission to Destroy the Dark brotherhood and in do so, I can finally avenge my parents' deaths.





Main Quest - Keletar must gain some key shouts if he is going to toe to toe with his parennts' killers

Destroy The Dark Brotherhood - the high elf must find and kill his parents' killers 

The Black Star - the altmer undertakes the quest in order to obtain an instrument to power his weapons with anesthetic poisons

Colllege of Winterhold - The altmer must gain knowledge of anesthesia from the college and then he can use that knowledge for revenge

The White Phial - Keletar requires a heavy duty phial that can contain his anti-anestheisa potion


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