Character Build: The Arcane Warrior

'Sup all? I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently, and I've been looking back at the old FudgeMuppet builds that I first played in my early days with Skyrim. Boy oh boy is there some wasted potential there. There are some great core concepts in place, but I find some of the relatively bland mechanics, as well as the fact that the builds don't play with EnaiRim, to be no longer in my taste. I wanted to do a playthrough with some of these builds still, so I ended up building my version of the original concept. Although I had originally intended for this to be a personal project, I figured since I had already done the work I might as well post them as builds here. For all you hardcore FudgeMuppet fans out there, please don't get too annoyed about this. FudgeMuppet builds may not be my style but they certainly have their place within the Skyrim community.

Before we get moving I just wanted to remind everyone quickly to leave a like if you enjoy the build. Thanks!

With all of that aside, here’s the build . . .


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  • It's nice presentation, but the text can be hard to read a lot of the time; I'd recommend either a different font, or just increase the font size.

    • I've heard that from several people. The goal was to give the build a more hand written feel, and I think this font is pretty good in that regard. I'll just try to increase the font size next time. Thanks for the feedback m8 :D

  • This build pulled me out of "lurking mode" so I can give it a like. :)


  • Good work mate, the presentation is original and appealing ! I really liked the build itself.

    • Thanks bro glad you enjoyed it!

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