Character Build: The Blackflame Assassin (Modded)



The Blackflame Assassin is a hybrid of a spellsword and nightblade that can automatically disappear into the shadows when in danger only to appear striking his foes with his blade or fire magic. This is accomplished by the Ocato’s Recital spell from the Apocalypse mod which will trigger the Invisible spell when encountering enemies. With Ordinator, Imperious, and Andromeda installed, the Blackflame will utilize a variety of skills to take out enemies in groups or one by one either from the shadows or directly. Wintersun will be for roleplaying purposes as the Blackflame’s goal is to achieve 100% favor with the Daedric Princes Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah as the Champion of the Reclamations.





Name - Assantus Rolan

Race - Dunmer

Age - 30

Class - Assassin

Standing Stone - Shadow

Attributes - 1 Magika/2 Health/1 Stamina

Deity - Reclamations/True Tribunal

Faction - Thieves Guild (only for early game since he will be operating by himself afterwards)

Allignment - Chaotic Neutral/Evil








Assantus Rolan has endured a hard life. Early memories of his childhood consisted of being attack by Argonian raiders and taken prisoner only to be tortured. The Argonian raiders held a deep hatred for the Dunmer since they were slaves in Morrowind for many generations until the Oblivion crisis occurred. Along with the eruption of Red Mountain, Morrowind was left in shambles which allowed the Argonians to raid along the southern border in what was called the Accession War.

Although justifiable for the Argonians, Assantus knew very little about their or his people’s history. They already killed his family and burned down his home at a young age and had spent most of his life in chains as a servant or ended up being tortured. Despite managing to escape multiple times, he would stumble upon another Argonian camp only to be captured and tortured once again. One day, he was suffering from so much pain that he thought about giving up to in order to die. Instead, as he desired to live, he screamed in fury while being tortured and the magic within him caused a huge fire explosion wiping out the entire Argonian camp while Assantus collapsed. When he woke up, he found himself in another camp only it comprised of a small group of Ashlanders. The tribe saw what he did to the Argonian camp and understood that his desire to live in the face of death is what caused him to unleash the fiery explosion. From then on, the Ashlanders educated him about the Reclamations, the Daedra Princes Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah who were the god-ancestors of the Chimer who later became the Dunmer. In their teachings, Assantus learned that life is nothing, but a test and it emboldens against their strife. The will to survive and endure hardships are what makes people strong and only the strongest will come out on top no matter the circumstances.

After spending many months with the tribe, Assantus learned more about his people as well as their current situation across Tamriel were the majority have been struggling and have forgotten about their faith in the Reclamations. The Ashlanders have asked him to help those struggling and in doing so remind them of who they are in order to restore their faith.  His first task will be to travel to Skyrim and discover the wherabouts of a Dunmer who was wrongfully accused of murdering the former Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. 






Wintersun: Adds religion and worship for deities. Assantus will be worshipping Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah throughout his journey in Skyrim.  

Ordinator: Overhaul of the perk system. Most noteworthy will be the skills that contribute to a spellsword playstyle with sneak mechanics. Used with 20% more perk points.

Imperious: Overhauls racial abilities. As a Dunmer, Assantus will be given an extra armor bonus in combat and the ability to summon his ancestors for assistance in battle.

Andromeda: Overhaul of the Standing Stones. The shadow stone will enable Assantus to sneak better and be more effective in performing sneak attacks.

Apocalypse: Adds additional spell tomes in Skyrim. Ocato’s Recital will be the core feature for the build.

Summermyst: Adds additional enchantments. Assantus will be using a poison enchantment for his blade as well as a boost to sneak attack damage.

Zim’s Immersive Artifacts: Overhaul of noteworthy artifacts. Makes the Nightingale blade better for sneak attacks and turns the Ebony Mail into a light armor chest piece.

Alternate Start: Assantus will begin his journey in Raven Rock as a refugee from Morrowind.

Highly Recommended:

Artifacts – Tournament of the 10 Bloods: Quest mod that brings the tournament into Skyrim. Fun and challenging combat that rewards some awesome artifacts including Goldbrand.

Ritual Armor of Boethiah: Armor mod that fits the Blackflame’s aesthetic. Can be acquired during Boethiah’s Daedric quest. I also used the blackened steel retexture.

Boethiah’s Bidding: Continuing the theme with the Prince of Plots, this mod adds a quest after acquiring the Ebony Mail by assassinating a Jarl.

Realistic A.I. Detection: Makes sneaking more immersive and challenging. AI’s will have a better line of sight, improved hearing, and search longer if detected.

CL’s Ebony Blade: Option to change the Ebony Blade into a one-handed sword. Quite necessary to gain favor with the Prince of Betrayal and Murder.

Other Recommended:

Black Mage Armor: Variety of black mage armor sets that mashup well with the Ebony Mail and Nightingale Armor set. I used the hood w/ scarf and mask 

Ultimate Combat: Makes combat more dynamic and challenging.

TK Dodge: Having the ability to dodge in combat adds another dimension to the Blackflame's arsenal.

Mysticism (SE only): Another magic mod that adds spells with some changes to the vanilla ones. Fire Surge, Greater Flames and Greater Fire Rune are useful additions.




Since each school plays a vital role for the build, I decided to separate them in categories associated with each Daedric Prince as way of reflecting how they were taught back when they were the Chimer.


Azura - Transition & Change4394699677?profile=RESIZE_710x

Azura taught the Chimer how to be different from the Aldmer before their exodus into Morrowind. She is seen as a protector and provider, an embodiment of transition and change, who rewards those that are most faithful. As a devotee, Assantus skills as a spellblade will be augmented to be more effective in combat.


  • Spellblade - Casting a spell with one hand, you deal 20% more attack damage for 4 seconds.
  • Wild Shrines - 5 shrines dedicated to nature mysteries can be found in Skyrim. Each shrine grants a permanent bonus to 1 school of magic. For the build, use the Alteration, Destruction, and Illusion shrine.
  • Welloc's Dormant Arcana - Choosing a spell type will bind 3 magic effects that will activate when the chosen spell type is used. The chosen spell type will be a flesh spell and the 3 magic effects are +50 armor, +10% damage, & +10% destruction magnitude.  


  • Thunderstruck - Weapon enchantments are 25% more effective when delivered by a power attack.
  • Spellscribe - Stores a spell while dualcasting and will activate when power attacking. Start with Firebolt, then switch to Incinerate and Fireball for late-game.
  • Might & Magic - Spells cast with your left hand are 10% more effective if you are wielding a weapon in your right hand. Attacks with a weapon in your right hand deal 10% more damage if you are holding a spell in your left hand.




Mephala - Evasion & Silent Murder4394767318?profile=RESIZE_710x

In Morrowind, Mephala was the ancestor who taught the Chimer the skills they need to evade their enemies and kill them with secret murder. Assantus will use these skills in the same fashion his ancestors did while wielding the Daedric Prince's prized artifact, the Ebony Blade.


  • Demolition Job - All Destruction spells are 1% more powerful per level of Sneak if the target is not detecting the caster (2% for rune spells).
  • Cloak & Dagger - Breaking invisibility with a power attack is a guaranteed critical strike that deals 50% more critical damage.
  • Shadow Warrior - Entering sneak mode in combat grants 2 seconds of invisibility, briefly leaving combat and forcing distant opponents to search for you. This effect has an 8 second cooldown.

Light Armor:

  • Windrunner - Move 10% faster in combat if wearing all Light Armor
  • Evasive Leap - If wearing all Light Armor, jump in combat to cause all incoming attacks and spells to miss for 1 second. This effect has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Lightning Strike - Your critical strikes deal 75% more critical damage for 10 seconds after entering combat while wearing all Light Armor. 


  • Quiet Before the Storm - All spells you cast from any school of magic are silent to others.



Boethiah - Deceit, Treachery, Destruction4394785504?profile=RESIZE_710x

The source of all manner of cultural advances by the Chimer is credited to Boethiah, ranging from philosophy and magic to their architecture, as well as their current clan-based political system. Although considered a violent and evil Daedric Prince, Boethiah taught the Chimer that actions and the will to make them are deserving of merit. This reflects Assantus' will to take out opponents as he sees fit and killing them for Boethiah's favor in bloodshed.


  • Furious Strength - Power attack damage with one-handed weapons increased by 15% plus 0.1% per point of Stamina. Unlocks decapitations.
  • Overrun - Can perform a one-handed sprinting power attack that deals up to 50% more damage and critical damage to a target above half Health. The higher its remaining Health percentage, the more damage and critical damage is dealt. 


  • Runecaster - Can place runes farther away and place three times as many runes at a time.
  • Elemental Specialization - You may choose one element (choose fire). Spells and effects of that element are 15% more powerful, while spells and effects of the other two elements are 15% weaker. 


  •  Speech Mastery 2/2 - Your intimidation attempts are four times as likely to succeed.






With the Wintersun mod, the main goal of this build is to achieve 100% favor each by worshipping Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah. Gaining favor is not too challenging, as long as one is willing to commit unsavoury acts, but favor also diminishes faster. As a result, prayer alone is not enough to reach devotee status and Daedra worshippers must actively follow their tenets to build up favor. Once you get to 100% you'll be rewarded with a Devotee power that will cost either 5 or 10% favor. You can only have one Devotee power at a time although to be honest I rarely used any of them.

Azura - “Trap souls in my name. Explore new locations. Pray only at twilight, preferably outside.”4458091551?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Shrine blessing - Resist Magic: Resist 10% of magic.
  • Follower - Twilight Shroud: Foes within 40 feet suffer X% reduced magic resistance (based on favor with Azura) and can't absorb spells.
  • Devotee - Perfume of Moonshadow: Activate a person in combat below X% Health (based on favor with Azura) to paralyze them with 1 Health. Costs 5% favor.

For Azura, you can only pray at around 7pm or 5am outdoors. Doing so for a couple of days should easily get you at 100%. I managed to do so after completing the Thieves questline. With her follower ability, destruction magic is very usefull especially for increasing damage from the Demolition Job perk. Since Azura is seen as a communal united force for the Dunmer people, complete side quests for them in Riften and Windhelm. By doing this, Assantus can remind them how the Dunmer came to be as the Chimer restoring or establishing their faith in the Reclamations. You can trap souls if you want as long as they're White souls since Black souls is part of magic that goes against traditional Dunmer culture. Her devotee power is useful against some tough opponents you'll have to fight without sneaking against them.


Mephala - “Poison your weapons. Strike unseen with sneak attacks. Intimidate the weak.”4458103693?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Shrine blessing - Fortify Poisons: Poisons you mix are 15% more effective.
  • Follower - Secret Murder: Sneak attacks deal X% more damage from behind (based on favor with Mephala).
  • Devotee - Whispers of Betrayal: During prayer, seize control of the nearest person within 75 feet to fight for you. Costs 5% favor.

Following Mephala requires retrieving the Ebony Blade first and using it as an assassinating weapon whie betraying your allies fits perfectly. The extra sneak attack damage from the Nightingale Blade also works. Make sure you’re undetected when performing sneak attacks otherwise you will not increase your favor percentage and I found that engaging in one-on-one combat diminishes her favor. The build doesn't use poisons but enchanting a sword with a poison enchantment from the Summermyst mod is ideal. I also did the Served Cold questline as a follower of Mephala because the themes of assassinating and betrayal along with the presence of the Morag Tong fit perfectly with the Daedric Prince. Her Devotee power is useful for taking out some enemies in a large area. 


Boethiah - “Murder the innocent. Strike unseen with sneak attacks. Poison your weapons."4458118930?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Shrine blessing - Fortify One-Handed: You are 10% more effective with one-handed weapons.
  • Follower - Blood Throne: Your attacks deal X% more damage when fighting only one opponent (based on favor with Boethiah).
  • Devotee - Assassinate: During prayer, you may invoke superior Daedric Invisibility for 90 seconds. If broken by a sneak attack, it deals 50% more damage. Costs 10% favor.

After the Served Cold questline you can switch to worshipping Boethiah at the Daedric Temple in Raven Rock and begin Boethiah's Calling. You can still worship Mephala if you haven’t reach 100% favor yet and Boethiah’s quest will help in that regard. Worshipping Boethiah is very similar to Mephala since increasing favor relies on sneak attacks. However, I found that it was a lot easier to increase the favor percentage and it didn’t take me long to achieve 100%. Killing Thalmor does count as murdering the innocent and since the Thalmor are a representative of authority in Skyrim, slaying them in the name of Boethiah will satisy the Daedric Prince of Insurrection. The devotee power, Assassinate, fits nicely with the build as well.


I kept worshipping Boethiah for the duration of the build because of how high the favor percentage got (around 180%) and I found that the increase damage output when fighting only 1 enemy was useful in dealing with enemies I couldn’t kill instantly. You can switch back to Azura or Mephala if you like since the playstyle is very versatile, but for a roleplaying perspective I’d stuck with Boethiah because of his central role in establishing the Chimer race. I’d also recommend worshipping Boethiah during the Tournament of 10 Bloods quest, because you’ll be doing plenty of one on one combat against powerful opponents including a high-level dragon.




Also known as the Bad Daedra, they are a collective name given to the Daedric Princes Malacath, Sheogorath, Mehrunes Dagon, and Molag Bal by the prophet Veloth. They represent obstacles to the Dunmer people to overcome. Assantus will encounter these obstacles throughout his journey in Skyrim serving as a test for his will to become stronger and overcome mortality.

Malacath – Test of strength & physical weakness 

Assantus will encounter this trial during the Cursed Tribe questline, defeating a giant and orc chief in the presence of the Daedric Prince.

Sheogorath – Test of mental weakness

Unlike most issues Assantus will have to use his brain to escape Pelagius’ mind in the Mind of Madness questline.

Mehrunes Dagon – Test of the will to survive and persevere

The land of Skyrim is a different landscape compared to Morrowind. While not as harsh, being accustomed to the cold environment, wild beasts, and political climate is something Assantus will have to be accustomed to.

Molag Bal – Test of upsetting the bloodline

During the Dawnguard questline, Assantus will be asked twice to become a vampire but will refuse both times. Although he despises working with a vampire, he only does this to prevent the infection of vampires on his Dunmer brethren. If inflicted with the vampire disease he will visit the Daedric Temple in Raven Rock asking for the Reclamations' blessing.



Main Quests:4458594982?profile=RESIZE_400x

The Thieves Guild -  Assantus has been assigned to help a fellow Dunmer who was exiled after being wrongfully accused of murdering the former Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. After rising the ranks and uncovering the truth about Karliah and Mercer Frey, Assantus will eventually become the new Guildmaster but will defer since he doesn’t care about the title and his journey is of greater importance.

The Black Star - The prized artifact of Azura’s has become corrupted by a rogue wizard, Malyn Varen. Find the star, enter it, and banished Malyn’s soul to cleanse the artifact becoming Azura’s champion.

The Ebony Blade - After acquiring Mephala's prized artifact, She will task you to betray close allies and friends to empower the blade. Assantus has a deep hatred towards Argoninans so start with them, but never betray a fellow Dunmer unless they have intentions to cause harm. 

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Considered as rivals to the Morag Tong, get in contact with them and wipe out all in their sanctuary. Feel free to use the Ebony Blade for Mephala's favor. 

Served Cold - A prominent family from a rival House is attempting to assassinate the Councilor of Raven Rock. Find out who and take them out.  

Boethiah's Calling/Bidding - After wiping out the Daedric Prince's followers, Boethiah will ask you to find her former champion and assassinate him and his band of bandits. Doing so and acquiring the Ebony Mail, she will then ask you to assassinate the Jarl of Solitude.

The Cursed Tribe - Will serve as the test of physical weakness. Defeating the giant and Orc chief will cause further displeasure to Malacath emphasizing how weak his followers are in the presence of Boethiah's champion.

The Mind of Madness - Will serve as a test of mental weakness. Assantus usually solves issues by killing or intimidating his foes but using his brain to escape Pelagius’ mind will be a new challenge for him.

Pieces of the Past - Despite gathering the pieces of Mehrunes’ Razor, Assantus will decline Dagon’s offer. Instead, Assantus will slay the Prince’s daedric servants for Boethiah’s favor in bloodshed and kill Silus on his own terms.

The House of Horrors - Molag Bal will ask Assantus to free a captured Priest of Boethiah and betray him once he returns to his altar in Markarth. Assantus will refused and kill Logrolf himself. A worshipper of Boethiah allowing themselves to be captured is unworthy to the Daedric Prince.

Tournament of the 10 Bloods - Take part in a tournament against 9 other of Boethiah's faithful and emerged victorious as the Daedric Prince's true champion.

Dawnguard - Will serve as a test to Assantus' bloodline. He will refuse to become a vampire and put an end into Harkon's goal of blocking out the sun preventing the vampires of overtaking Tamriel. 

Side Quests:

Spirit Walk - small quest from Imperious that marks a target to kill within a certain time limit. Doing so 10 times will grant the Spirit Walk ability that will summon Assasntus' ancestors to aid him in combat.

Standing Stones - quest from Andromeda that upon discovering all of Skyrim's standing stones will grant the Shadow Step power from the Shadow stone.

Any quests that revolves around helping the Dunmer people in Riften, Windhelm, and Solstheim. 




Ocato’s Recital – Stores up to 3 spells that activate when entering combat. A Flesh Spell and Invisibility are required while the 3rd can be any of your choice. I'd recommend Flame Cloak when facing dragons and boss battle opponents.

Spell Twine - Binds a temporary boost when using a spell. Use magic resist and speed boost with the Flesh Spell and Invisibility, and fortify destruction for Fireball.

Fire Destruction – Assantus specializes in fire magic as a repertoire for taking out anyone that stands in his way or from the shadows.

  • Bolide - Metoric rock that heats up the further it travels dealing up to 5 times damage
  • Fire Runes - Deals more damage as sneak attack with the Demolition Job perk
  • Scorching Hands/Bombardment/Greater Flames - Continuos spells that can be cast while invisible
  • Forbidden Sun/Fireball - Area of effect spells that can wipe out large groups from a distance

Ash Shell - Imbolizes a target. Useful for activating Invisbility and singling out targets.

Detect Life & Dead - Important in locating your enemies and planning sneak attacks ahead of time.

Ghostwalk - Caster is invisible for a short amount of period or until broken, then teleports back to where the spell was cast. Useful for singling out targets and casting area of effect spells among groups. 


Spellscribe – Stores a destruction spell that activates when unleashing a power attack.

Shadow Step – Shadow stone ability that teleports Assantus to the target for 50 points of stamina.

Spirit Walk – Racial ability that summons Assantus’ ancestors into combat for 45 seconds.

Laughing Ghost – The ultimate assassination power. Teleport behind a target to deal a powerful sneak attack that doubles the damage on the unsuspected target.

Special Moves:

Azura’s Embodiment – Ocato’s Recital (Flesh Spell) & Welloc’s Dormant Arcana & Ancestral Guardian

  • Azura blesses her champion with up to 225 points of armor when entering combat.

Blackflame Strike – Spellscribe (Incinerate) & Shadow Step

  • Requires timing. Assantus gathers all his strength as he steps throught the shadows to land a devestating power attack.

Ancestral Pyre – Flame Cloak, Spirit Walk, Ocato’s Recital (Invisibility), Shadow Warrior

  • When approaching a group of enemies, Assantus will summon his ancestors while cloaking himself with fire. When detected he will become invisible and hide in the shadows as his enemies burn while fighting his spirits.

Ash Execution – Ash Shell, Ocato’s Recital (Invisibility), Sneak Attack, Fire Runes

  • Requires 2 enemies. Encasing one enemy will activate Invisibility followed by a sneak attack on another. Placing fire runes around the immobilized foe will end them once the ash spell wears off.

Brimstone Onslaught – Forbidden Sun, Spellscribe (Fireball), Fireball

  • Assantus hurls a gigantic ball of flame that impacts a large area while lowering the fire resistance of those affected. He follows up with numerous fireball spells from his blade and hands to finish them off.

Note: To be honest, there's probably like 10 more I can list, but they're quite similar because of  relying on Invisibility. I only listed 5 because of how different they are, but this build does encourage you to be creative in taking out opponents.




Early Game:4458362335?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Clothing/Thieves Guild Armor

Mid Game:

  • Ebony Mail - Muffle, Increase Fire & Armor Resistance


  • Nightingale Armor - Muffle, Fortify Stamina & Magika
  • Nightingale Gloves - Increase Frost & Shock Magic Damage, Increase Piercing Weapon Damage
  • Nightingale Boots - Resist Frost & Shock Damage, Increase Armor Rating  
  • Black Mage Hood - Fortify Magika
  • Nightingale Blade - Frost & Shock Damage, 2x Sneak Attack Damage
  • Ebony Blade - Absorbs health based on friendly targets that have been killed

Although the Nightingale Set doesn't help with fire destruction magic, you'll be fighting many opponents in Solthstheim that are fire resistant so using this set with frost and shock magic along with the Nightingale Blade is helpful. I know this build relies on fire magic but since Assantus is an assassin, he wants to use the best available method available to dispatch his foes. Other than the rune spells, I'd recommend Chain Lightning, Frost Nova, and Ice Shiv. 


Late Game:


  • Gauntlets of Destruction - Fortify One-handed & Destruction
  • Boots of Insurrection - Windfall & Stamina Regen
  • Helm of Snake Mount - Fortify Health & Destruction
  • Armor 0f Attribution's Share - Imminent Victory & Link Magic/Stamina
  • Amulet of the Reclamations - Resist Magic & Fortify Destruction
  • Ring of Deceit & Treachery - Fortify Sneak & Sneak Attack Damage
  • Ritual Shroud of Boethiah - Muffle & Inflict Slow Movement Speed
  • Blackflame's Blade - Poison & Fire Damage
  • Goldbrand (from Tournament of 10 Bloods) 

Since I'd stick with worshipping Boethiah it was only fitting to use an armor mod in the Daedric Prince's name. The armor piece can be looted off the Priestess of Boethiah during the Boethiah's Calling quest.

The Link Magic/Stamina is a rare enchantment from Summermyst that fortifies Magic and Stamina depending on their current values so its basically two enchantments in one. I was fortunate to find one from looting but if you can't find it, substitute for fortify stamina since the damage output from power attacking relies on its attributes (Furious Strength perk).  









Really had fun with this one not because of the playstyle but the Dunmer are my favorite race in the Elder Scrolls universe. They were the 1st race I choose for my first Skyrim playthrough despite not knowing anything about them (I thought the name Dark Elf was cool or something). After learning about their history, culture, and society through watching lore videos and reading web pages, they're way of life is one of the most interesting things I've ever learned about. I'm sure for the majority of my playthroughs I've played a Dunmer and I pretty much always do the Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah questlines along with settling in Raven Rock. Listening to the Morrowind music while chilling in the Retching Netch is always relaxing as well.

Anyway, I did combine the builds of the Shadow of Dawn and Shadowflame Pheonix (very old build on the Tamriel Vault website) for this to fit the playstyle. Also found unique ways of assassinating people from CouchWarrior's Shadeling videos on Youtube along with some gameplay videos on ShadePerilous channel. This is the 2nd build I've posted on this site so any feedback is welcome.

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  • Excellent build and very detailled (thing i appreciate) , i guess i just found my new character

    • I know this is a late reply but Thank You.

  • This build looks like so much fun.  I added a house mod in Raven Rock that has all 3 shrines inside to start out with, even though he (or possibly she, I haven't decided) will be traveling to Skyrim ASAP.   Thank you for the inspiration!  

    • Didn't realise anyone commented on this until now but I'm glad you like it.

  • I wanted to say, Kruger, I love this and your Vitae Warrior build a lot. So much fun, spellswords really do have the best playstyle :P

    One thing, though, how do you cope with not choosing vampirism for this character? It screeeams for it but I can't make it fit in the RP other than just outright betraying the reclamations. Makes me sad because wicked wind and hemomancy could turn this guy into a sort of Vitae/Blackflame hybrid. But I digress.

    Hope this build gets much more attention sooon because it deserves it.

    • Thanks. Glad you like those builds.

      Lol yea Wicked Wind is a fun ability though for this character I tried to avoid as much open combat as possible and focus on taking out enemies one by one or from a distance. I find that the Shadow Step ability is quite similar and its basically the Wicked Wind version for sneaking even though WW would make combat more fun.

      • A little forward, but if you would like to tag team a build sometime, you should hit me up! I'm a lurker of skyrim blog since launch, now on both skyforge and T-V, and am a passionate lorebeard and player of ES. I've always wanted to post a successful build on here and then have it demonstrated, JS!

  • Hey mate, you got a very nice build here ! I really liked the gameplay section but also the way you built your "quests order" in a subtle way. Good work using Wintersun in an original way, you did a great job with the Dunmer religious lore.

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