Character Build: The Eye of Ra


I love ancient egyptian mythology and a god of particular interest, at least to me, is Sekhmet, the lion goddess of war, healing, plagues and wrath of the sun. I love how she is depicted as the destructive eye of Ra and how she can both call plagues upon mortals and healing those same mortals she curses. I also had an image of a khajiit in my mind when I looked at the human goddess with the feline head. 


In Egypt, when the pharaoh is in need of protection, Sekhmet rides down on the rays of Ra, the sun god, to answer the pharoah's call. She is the leader of the pharaoh's armies in times of war. She also will send out plagues and use destruction magic to turn the tide of war in her favor. The goddess was killed in a great battle of the two deserts by the snake demon Apep because he was jealous that she had the gift of beauty while he did not. In a fit of rage, he bit her. His bite enabled a powerful toxin to work its way into her blood, one that carried with it a deadly curse. She was then placed inside one of the great pyramids of Giza to lay beside King Tutenkhamen. Her body would eventually turn into a festering cesspool of disease and death.

Her death would be short because soon after she would be reborn in another body, in another time. She would not be alone in this endeavor, The curse would follow her wherever she went, and so would Apep. Wherever the air of chaos fogged the air, he would follow. He clung to Sekhmet like a mosquito on human skin.

In Elsweyr, a small female kitten was born to Magrus, the sun god and a feline mother. She also carried with her the dreaded blood curse which transformed her from a creature of beauty to an ugly nightstalker who shuns the rays of Magrus. Her name was Sekhmet and it was her destiny find and annihilate the one who put this curse upon her. With the curse came an insatiable lust for blood, this unquenchable bloodlust earned her the title 'The Red Lady.' She is also quite skilled at spreading deadly plagues around the land, though they are mostly directed towards the unlucky souls that anger or disobey her.

No one, not even she, knows her true purpose in Tamriel. One day, she departed from the Annequinian port to the snowy land of Skyrim so she could find her purpose in this mundane and dreadful life as an undead monster. The curse placed upon her was Sanguinis Vampiris, with the curse also came new, deadly spells, powers and abilities allowing her to become more powerful, she uses these powers to help her end the life of the miserable wretch who turned her against her will.



Race: Khajiit vampire lord

Stats: 2:3:2

Standing Stone: the lady stone (steed stone with the aetherium crown)

Weapons: Ra’s Fury, Claw of Horus (dragonpriest dagger enchanted with fire damage and sun damage), khopesh encanthed with sun damage and absorb health

Apparel: Eyes of Horus (elven helmet enchanted with chaos damage and absorb magicka) Ra’s protection (elven armor enchanted with fortify health and health regeneration) The Ankh (bone hawk amulet enchanted with regenerate health and fortify health), Ring of the Beast, Spellbreaker

Spells: stendarr's aura, sunburst, solar beam, rune of sunfire, necroplague, welling blood, horrid wilting, blood boil, life's finale

Shouts: Drain Vitality, Marked For Death, Soul Tear, Fire Breath, Summon Durnehviir, Slow Time

Major Skills: Light Armor, Smithing, One Handed

Minor Skills: Destruction, Restoration

Unperked Skills: Enchanting, Archery



Archery - the red lady is quite skilled at using a bow to dispatch her enemies if her plagues do not kill them

Enchanting - Before her life was turned upside down, Sekhmet was taught about the finest enchanting magics

Destruction - The goddess, being kin of the sun can wield powerful destruction spells

Light Armor - The goddess is well versed in all manner of protection

One Handed - The lion goddess’s claws are as sharp and as intense as Ra’s sunlight

Restoration - Sekhmet knows how to cure common ailments on herself as well as others

Smithing - The all-father taught her how to smith weapons and armor out of the toughest material


Apep, Sekhmet's mortal enemy, She must destroy him to escape the realm of shadow


Palace of Amarna SSE - Ra passes her Egyptian palace and all of the included amenities included to her daughter

Dawnguard as a Vampire - this mod allows you to join the dawnguard vampire hunters as a vampire

S''rendarr's Arsenal - this mods adds some of Sekhmet's arsenal of spells to Skyrim

Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim - this mods expands Skyrim's available spells

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mod promotes various playstyles by adding various new perks to Skyrim’s perk trees.



Helliomancy - this mod adds more destructive sun spells to Skyrim

Inigo - this mod adds a companion to Skyrim with over 7,000 lines of dialogue to Skyrim

Sun Damage Enchantment From Summermyst - this mod adds a standalone version of the sunlight damage enchantment found in the summermyst mod

Sun Magic Overhaul - this mod enhances sun damage so it can work against all types of enemies, not just undead





The sun goddess wields deadly fire against her enemies. She uses her fire rune and close range flame spells against common thugs, bandits and forsworn. Against wolves, dragons and frost trolls, she uses powerful ranged flame attacks to keep them just outside of arms reach. If they fail, she breaks through their defenses with her spellbreaker shield and her khopesh. When she faces off against mages and dragonpriests, she uses sunburst rune, Ra’s fury or marked for death.

Not only can she wield fire magic to obliterate her enemies, she can also wield powerful sun magic andd diesase magic to destroy her enemies such as the shadows of Apep.

The S'rendarr's Arsenal mod allows Sekhmet to expand her already impressive array of damaging sunlight spells with even more lethality. Sun Magic Overhaul allows the standard sunlight spells in dawnnguard to be useful against all enemies, not just vampire, draugr and skeletons. Dawnguard As A Vampire enables vampire play in the dawnguard vampire hunter questline. It would just not feel right having Sekhmet side with the vampires, as they wish to destroy what her father, Ra created. The Ordinator mod allows for greater roleplay value as Sehmet, given the mod's disease spells intergrated into its restoration perk tree.



When Sekhmet arrrives in Skyrim she must regain her abilities and learn weapon techniques. She starts off by joining The Companions to get her bearing and learn the ins and outs of how the body reacts when dealt damage. When she has a handle on this, she heads to Solitude to join up with The Imperial Legion  in order to put her new found weapon skills to the test. After this questline is complete, she undertakes Evil In Waiting. to destroy one part of the thirteen shadows of Apep. After that, she undertakes The White Phial to gain a ridiculously strong healing potion. The feline goddess must go through the Dawnguard to become the eye of Ra who is tasked with purging the clones of apophis from Skyrim. When Sekhmet feels she is ready, she goes to Solstheim to put an end to the remaining four shadows of Apophis in Dragonborn.



Image result for breath of the desert Breath of the Desert Some say Sekhmet's breath transcends time Fire Breath + Fireball + Flame Cloak

Related image Fear of Sekhmet Mortals fear the lion goddess for she and Ra are polar opposites, he is the sun's light whereas she is the destructive power of the sun Marked For Death + Firestorm + Ra's Fury


Companions - Sekhmet learns the ins and outs of combat and learns how that pairs with her new powers

Dawnguard - Sekhmet joins this guild to help the all-father, Ra, by purging the Apophis’ servants from skyrim

Imperial Legion - the sun goddess lead the egyptian armies in life. Now she leads khajiiti armies in death via the strong imperial army

Dragonborn - The lady or radiance undertake this quest to destroy the four remaining shadows of Apep

The Only Cure - The ruthless goddess must use this shield to protect herself from harmful spells with the help of the fifty point ward spell that activates when the shield is raised

Dragonpriest Quests - the goddess rids tamriel of the shadows that Apep has cast over the land

Evil in Waiting - The warrior goddess must kill one of Apep's shadows

The White Phial - the red lady has no healing power of her own so she has to rely on the phial’s power to restore health for one hundred points

Companion: Inigo


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