Character Build: The Haarvenu

When wandering Skyrim at night be very careful, avoid it at all costs if you must. A vampire may be following you waiting for the right time to strike you down, this one more deadly than the others for her spells are more powerful, it puts the wizards up in Winterhold to shame. It's said that the last victim had his skin peeling at the smallest touch and hacked to death. Whatever you do, watch your back at night, or you just may be her next victim.


The Haarvenu Are a bloodline of vampires from the Illic Bay in High Rock. Those who are blessed with this bloodline have a gift in destruction magic, mostly elemental damage. They are common in the areas of Anticlere, The Llessan hills, and Shalgora. They are enemies of the Montalion bloodline who are gifted with the ability to cure paralysis and are also able to teleport.

The Build

Race: Nord, I found the frost resistance useful and the boost in two handed and light armor

Stats: 2/2/1: This build will be focusing on magic and staying alive, but putting a point into stamina as well also helps

Stone: The Lover stone for the early game then switch to the atronarch stone for the magic absorbtion and magic resistance 

Skills: Two Handed, Sneak, Destruction, Conjuration, Light Armor, Alchemy 

Shouts: Marked for death for those tougher enemies, Fire breath for dealing heavy damage. and dragonrend for when it refuses to land.

Equipment: Black Vampire armor, vampire boots, vampire gloves, Ring of Namira, Dwarven battleaxe, Shrouded hood.

Spells: Flame cloak, Conjure Storm Atronarch

Recommended Quests: Main Quest, Vampire Storyline, Dragonborn, Destroy the Dark brotherhood. Destroy the Dawnguard, Collage of Winterhold. The Taste of Death 


If you have alternate start you will start as a vampire in a secluded lair so you can already get set since you will have half of your armor already and your already a vampire, if not you will have to become a vampire as soon as possible when you leave Helgen (I would go to Shriekwind Bastion or Haemar's shame). After that I went to the Collage of Winterhold to get a bit of start leveling up conjuration and destruction, at the start conjure familiar and flame atronarchs until you can start conjuring storm atronarchs, as for early destruction use flames and then firebolt, and of you have the Lover stone or mage stone they will level up very quick.

The Build will always prepared for battle even in public places, with her spells ready and her potions always close by. Start by casting flame cloak and casting your storm atronarch, pop a potion of fortify destruction and two handed if their are multiple people, or fortify conjuration if you know it'll be a long fight. She will come charging in with her battleaxe hitting as much people as possible, she's also no fool and will also take a more stealthy approach if needed, the shadows are her foe's worst enemy because at right time she will emerge readying a swing so quick they won't counter it followed up by the smell of burning flesh and her summonings coming to her aid.

Flame cloak is not the only option, you got frost cloak and also lightning cloak each for different situations. For humans the cloak depends on their combat style, for bandits since they mainly use one or two handed and archery, frost cloak will help with them since it will stop them from doing power attacks but will not really help against the undead since most of them resist frost. Storm cloak is mainly for mages and dragons, dragons resist both fire and frost but not shock damage so lightning cloak will be more effective and mages will have their magicka drained the moment you get in range. Automatons are more difficult because they have a 25% magic resistance and are completly immune to frost, I used flame cloak for the overtime damage but lightning cloak works well two. Don't use frost cloak on the undead because they resist frost so use flame cloak.


Wraith of the sun - fortify destruction

Requires: Beehive husk and nightshade

For 60 seconds your spells do 75% more damage

Vampire's strength - fortify two handed

Requires: Troll fat and dragon's tongue 

For 60 seconds two handed weapons do 60% more damage 

Oblivion protect me - fortify conjuration

Requires: Blue mountain flower and lavender 

Increases the duration of your conjuration spells by 60%


Two Handed: On top of the damage of your cloak this is your source of defence by hitting like a truck with your battleaxe. The perks to focus on hear are sweep and great critical charge. Great critical charge goes well with her play style emerging from the shadows striking down as many people as possible, sweep is for when they line up perfectly for you to strike them all with swing. 

Destruction: This will only be used to cast your flame cloak, on top of your battleaxe Your aiming for Adept destruction, both perks augmented flames and intense flames. I added intense flames so it gets the weaker enemies out the way so you can focus on the tougher ones. 

Conjuration: Who's to say that a Haarvenu can't also be a master of Conjuration, your main perks to focus on are elemental potency so your storm atronarchs are more powerful, and twin souls so you can have two. 

Sneak: The shadows are your best friend, stalking your prey readying a surprise attack. Your main perks to focus on are silence and maxing out stealth.

Light armor: Protecting yourself in battle but also staying light on your feet, Just focus on Unhindered so your armor don't weigh you down

Alchemy: Your most important skill, buffing up your damage and keeping your atronarchs around. Every perk except Snakeblood and experimenter should be focuse on, there just there so you can get Purity 

Rolepaly and Quests

I don't like that when you feed you get weaker so I got the ring of Namira since your still feeding on people all be it the persons dead when you do it but you still keep your powers, she will feed on a dead corspe at least once a day to satisfy her hunger. The build will focusing on becoming more powerful than she already is, for example the main quest; she will only hunt down Alduin so she can become more powerful by learning different words of power, The collage is another example of doing something for more power but she also thinks that she is above all of the mages in their and that she can easily surpass them.

Main Quest: What good is becoming more powerful and keeping prey around if there is no world to do it on. The more important thing for her is to expand on what she can do already with dragon shouts. She will seek to learn as much words of power as possible to further enhance her abilitys to the point where no one can stop her.

Vampire questline: You don't care for Harkon or Serana or anyone in the castle, after hearing of the prophecy to block out the sun that's the only thing she will care about. However she will not turn down becoming the lord of the castle who did what Harkon couldn't do, complete the prophecy. The sun is another threat to threat to her besides the Dawnguard but much more of a threat than them so by ending the sun she keeps her full power instead of half during the day.

Dragonborn: There is much to gain from the black books across Solstheim and will only get more power and defeating Miraak. The power that Herma mora can give by slaying Miraak is the only reason she does it, for example summoning a spectral dragon when killing someone with fire breath and bending everyone to her will making mindless thralls to fight her.

Collage of Winterhold: Your skill in magic makes her above the mages in that Collage and how much influence can she obtain by becoming the Arch mage for thousands of years to come. No one can even come close to the magical powers and becoming the arch mage by defeating a simple thalmor agent when no can, your mainly there to gain more of an influence across the college.

Destroy the Dark brotherhood: They only kill for coin, so disgraceful so petty just a group of worthless cut throats. Lets go kill them not for the coin but so I'm the only threat in Skyrim and for the fun of it. The reason she destroys them instead of joining them is because she wants to be the only threat out there in Skyrim and turn the hunters to the hunted 

Destroy the Dawnguard: I hate to admit it but they are a threat to me but I'm also a threat to them. The problem is with them still being around is that they will hunt you down while their still around, eliminating them will give you more freedom of movement without them around to get in your way

The taste of Death: This is so you can get the ring of Namira to feed and get health regeneration for a few seconds, also who doesn't like the taste of flesh, She doesn't like feeding on humans for blood because her powers go away. The ring of Namira allows you to eat the dead providing you with health regen and to feed without losing the powers given to her.

Thanks for Reading! Shoutout to Curse for the Gameplay idea.

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  • I like this build. The idea of a heavy weapon wielding elemental powerhouse sounds like a good time. My suggestion would be to elaborate on what this build's response would be when faced with various enemy types (undead, automatons, humanoids, & dragons) as well as the most preferable element against them and why. 

    As far as roleplay, I see you've listed some recommended quests, but help us go deeper into the mindset of this character. What are his/her goals in Skyrim? Its not an absolute requirement to add roleplay pointers into a build but if you choose to it can do wonders to flesh out a character. 

    • I'll do that thanks Curse

  • Why dwarven battleaxe?
    • I thought that it worked with the look of the build, I think it works pretty well

      • Isn't it too weak on higher levels?
        • the dwarven battle ax is formidable weapon in its own right. Jons heavy focus on two handed combat and potions to compliment it make it even stronger.
  • I like the fact that you have a clear concept you've built around. And this concept is clearly stated. Which in turn gives your build a solid identity. I like that.
    • Thanks
      • You're welcome. A lot of builds lack this sort of identity (from a lack of better term), but you've made a good job of capturing it. As I usually try to do.
        So yeah, a like from me is in order.
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