Character Build: The Invoker

At the Dawn of Time, during Lorkhan's plan to invent the mortal plane; Kynareth was one of the first to agree. But she had a plan of her own, to create her own mortal agent. Not just a simple Paladin, or Cleric but by imbuing a mortal with her power directly creating power unbeknownst to any other human or god. Kynareth set out to make a new warrior, a new breed of holy warriors. Her ultimate servant. Kynareth spoke to the human: “Whatever your past, you are among the gods' most trusted servants now, bound to a covenant in which you swore to use divine power with great care. To what end will you wield that might? ” 

The Build

Race- Imperial

Stats- 2/1/1 in M/H/S

Stone- Lord

Skills- Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, One-Handed, Light Armor, Smithing. 

Shouts- Slow Time, Storm Call, Become Ethereal, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Cyclone. 

Powers- North Wind, Secret of Arcana, Mora's Boon, Seeker of Sorcery, Dragonborn Frost. 

Weapons- Chillrend & Grimsever 

Armor- Glass Armor (Full set), Gauldur Amulet -or- Savos Aren's Amulet, Various Rings of Destruction. 

Invoker’s are typically a servant of a corresponding god, much like this one is to Kynareth. Holy warriors blessed with immense power, not just an artifact or reciting some prayers. Instead of going through rites of investiture, rituals, or constant prayers to wield a measly amount of their god’s power, Invoker’s are blessed with the power of the God directly into their body. Calling on the god whenever they please, with power unmatched. Think of it as, in this case, Kynareth being in a human body. Nobody is safe from The Invoker as long as you stand in their way, or try and tarnish the names of the Aedra you will be punished, and more than likely dead. Unlike other Divine Warriors of the sort, they have no mercy.


Destruction and One-Handed are going to be the main focal points of your offense. Combining these two with the various shouts used set up deadly combo's and tactics for the Invoker to take full advantage of. Frost and Shock spells synergize great together being able to take down each others weaknesses. The master destruction spells for Frost & Shock are you "Invoking" Kynareth's full power. And they do a great job at it, unleashing blizzards and streams of lighting. One-Handed was the obvious choice to be able to spellsword. Critical Charge and Critical Strike work great together, and we have enough stamina to take advantage of the Charge Attack. 

Alteration and Restoration pair together great as defensive spell schools. The flesh spells give the Glass Armor a well appreciated boost, and Stability is what made this tree worth taking. Stability combined with Dragon Aspect extends Slow Time up to 36 seconds! Which is more than enough time to fire off multiple spells and take out a room of enemies in no time. Restoration is your means of healing, and damage against undead. You'll go all the way to master for Guardian Circle, which acts as Kynareth giving you "invincibility" inside of the circle. The sun spells are going to be your Holy Magic and do great damage against Vampires and Draugr. 

Light armor doesn't become very perk heavy until later in the build. The flesh spells allow you to perk the other more important skills while still maintaining a good defensive basis. 


Your armor is made from the stained glass of Kynareth. Molded into armor made with various metals and ores, giving you the protection you need, and always having a part of your god with you. A full suit of unenchanted Glass Armor is being used, along with Grimsever and once you get to level 30 Chillrend. I went with the option of using the Gauldur Amulet and the best destruction ring I could find. Another viable option is Savos Aren's Amulet. But jewelry is entirely up to you!

The Basic's of Combat 

The Invoker uses the power blessed upon him from Kynareth by using shouts and his destruction magic to unleash massive spells and damage. Manipulating the weather, and using Holy Magic is The Invoker's key to victory in each battle.  Each battle usually starts off with the casting of the appropriate flesh spell, followed by the casting of whirlwind cloak, finished off by using which ever element of magic worked best for the corresponding enemy. Most of the time Frost magic was used for me

I always tried to keep a healthy mix of flat out magic, and flat out hack and slash, and spellswording. That way not every battle would be the same combative routine. the use of special moves, or in this case "Invoking" is what we will call it is what made this build so damn fun to play. The Shouts were what made this all possible and it's even acheived without any shout cool-down reduction aside from Dragon Aspect. The shout cooldown acts as your "recharging" from your last Invoking. The easiest way for me to get all of my Invoking done, and to use my master spells, was through Slow Time and Become Ethereal.

Dual-Wielding really became a part of combat in the big boss fights, or against Dragons. Although no Dual-Wielding perks were taken, it really helps when your magicka is out, and you are waiting on the shout cooldown. Grimsever and Chillrend together do massive damage against enemies who don't resist frost, and most of the ones who do wind up getting paralyzed anyway. 

Invoking The True Power

Going into a little more depth about "Invoking" in game, is like I said achieved through the shouts and master spells mainly.

Although there are other ways to get power like you would at the end-game. And that's through spell and shout combinations.

I found some tactics that seem to absolutely demolish enemies and that is using Slow Time+Frost Spells. Specifically ice storm. I never knew how broken this spell was until this build. You can unleash around 10 ice storms during slow time, that last longer, and travel slower causing more DoT and finally once slow time wears off, it is a complete bombardment of ice storms.

Another great combination, that takes some time to perfect, and really good accuracy is Cyclone+Lighting Bolt/Chain Lighting. It is like sniping your enemy from mid air. Then there is the obvious master spells which need no explanation on why they are used for Invoking.


The Invoker's Powers

Sheer Cold

Slow Time+Ice Storm+Secret of Arcana

By slowing the winds around you, making time move slightly slower. Unleashing a massive Ice Storm taking your enemy down before he can even react. The Invoker's Signature Tactic.


The Winds of Kynareth

Cyclone+Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning

 Invoke Kynareth's power to blow your opponent into the air, and sniping him before he can even touch the ground.


Full Force 

Dragon Aspect+Storm Call+Blizzard

Rarely used as it takes up most of the Invoker's power to use, call upon the Ancients, reach maximum power and conjure up not only a storm, but a blizzard showing your enemies the true power of Kynareth.



Become Ethereal+Master Destruction Spell

Travel to the plane where Kynareth is, become blessed, and shift back to the mortal plane and release the power she has just blessed upon you.



Whirlwind Sprint+Critical Charge

Move at the speed of light, with the wind guiding you charging you opponent hacking your way through with ease.



Final Comments

Thank you for reading! I hope you have as much fun playing and reading as I did. 

Any questions/criticism would be great! 

Thank you to Oneness for my wonderful perkspread. 

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