Character Build: The Mythic Dawn Agent

Having never tried a true sneak character (or true evil character for that matter) I thought I would give it a go and do some roleplaying along with it. I chose to play as a Mythic Dawn Agent, which you could call it an Acolyte as in Skyrim, there is no Conjure Armor or Conjure Daedric Mace. These two spells were the heart of Mythic Dawn assassins and agents in Oblivion, so I did my best with what skills and equipment I had. Here goes my second build.

Mythic Dawn Agent

This character is my interpretation of a Mythic Dawn Agent, taking elements from Oblivion, Skyrim, and also Lore from various Wiki sites and The Imperial Library. 

This character build is first and foremost an assassin. A deceptive agent that infiltrates and eliminates targets for the purpose of destruction - following his master, Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. As most of you will know if you have played Oblivion, Mehrunes Dagon was the cause of the Oblivion conflict when the Mythic Dawn began opening Oblivion gates, eventually leading to Dagon physically appearing in Tamriel. With this character, I hope to bring a similar destruction by taking down strong leaders and causing general destruction to all of Skyrim.

The build is based off primarily from the Magic skills. Illusion is one of the main powers of the Mythic Dawn for their ability to become invisible, making them deadly assassins and extremely hard to detect and capture. This character also makes use of almost every other magic skill: Destruction for lightning spells which the Mythic Dawn are fabled for using, Conjuration to have Daedric summons from the Planes of Oblivion to aid you, Alteration to mimic a sort of "conjured" armor, and Restoration to help regenerate magicka and help with battling the undead. The Mythic Dawn Agent is also skilled with a dagger, as One Handed plays a role combined with Sneak and Smithing for stealthy, one-hit kills while not being detected.


Racial Choices

I chose to be a Breton for a few reasons. I had never been one before. Breton's receive a good boost to magic schools, especially conjuration, and also for the look. A Mythic Dawn agent is well engineered to blend in and not cause suspicion. A Breton has the look of regular men, and can easily blend in with most cities and towns. I would have suggested being an Altmer, but they get a bad rap in this game due to the Thalmor, so I avoided them. Any race would work, depending on your preference for starting skills and looks.


Skills Used


Illusion - The major skills of this character build. Our aim for this skill is to maximize the use of invisibility. Mythic Dawn agents have the ability to become invisible for easy assassinations, reconnaissance, and also escapes.

Notable Perks

Quiet Casting - Extremely important to be able to remain undetected while casting magics.
Expert Illusion - To efficiently become invisible without depleting out magicka.

Destruction - One of the build's main form of damage output. Getting caught will happen, and when it does, this build is a lightning storm of fury and destruction. Chain Lightning causes massive amounts of destruction when it jumps to multiple targets.

Notable Perks

Augmented Shock - To progress the power of our lightning spells.
Rune Master - A helpful assassination trick if you need to stay far away. Lightning runes do heavy damage

Conjuration - Mythic Dawn agents can call upon demons from the Plane of Oblivion, conjuring up a multitude of allies to destroy his enemies either from the shadows or while in open combat. Dremora Lords are the ultimate goal for this tree.

Notable Perks

Summoner - Staying deeper in the shadows is one way of summing your lethal allies.
Atromancy - This perk allows longer durations for conjured atronachs and Dremora Lords.
Twin Souls - The more help the merrier, especially when dealing with dragons.

Alteration - Important for open combat, the Mythic Dawn Agent wears robes for less voice when sneaking and to empower himself and his spells. Mage Armor perks drastically improve armor ratings when in open combat.

Notable Perks

Mage Armor 3/3 - For maximum armor potential with flesh spells.

Restoration - Healing and regenerating ones power is important.

Notable Perks

Regeneration - To heal faster when needed if caught.
Recovery - Replenishing magicka is of the utmost importance when dealing with many schools of magic



Sneak - Remaining undetected is the way of the Mythic Dawn Agent.

Notable Perks

Stealth - Less chance of being spotted
Assassin's Blade - To quickly take down even the strongest of enemies

One Handed - To raise the power of dagger attacks.

Smithing - To increase the power of Mehrune's Razor.


Equipment Advice

Head/Chest - Hooded Mythic Dawn Robes. Attainable after retrieving and assembling Mehrune's Razor.

Hands - Mythic Dawn Gloves. Could use Shrouded Hand Wraps, as they fit the look and are extremely powerful with daggers.

Feet - Mythic Dawn Shoes.

Rings/Amulets - + Magicka / - Casting Costs



Being a Mythic Dawn Agent is to be a loyal servant to Mehrunes Dagon. You must spread destruction and deceive those around you to assassinate all people in power. Mehrune's Razor is your goal weapon to use (obviously) and I have been having a blast roaming the land, not being detected, and scoping out possible people to take out and get away while being invisible.

Dragons and stronger enemies are no match for Dremora Lords and pumped up atronachs. This is a very powerful build and is geared heavily towards the roleplaying aspect of the game. 

I would like to invite you to also take part in my soon-to-be journal in the Story Corner group to detail my latest assassination and also to take "requests" to who should be killed next! 


I hope you enjoy the build as much as I have and I will update with more pictures and other details later on if you would like!


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