Character Build: The Serpent of Eden


One of my favorite books is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and this build is based on my favorite character from that book. His name is Anthony Crowley and he is a duke of hell. however, he is often criticized by them for being too 'native' because he has been amongst humans for way too long. 


"Crowley: the angel who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards" - Good Omens


Anthony Crowley was born in Stormhaven, High Rock in the 188th year of the fourth era. He was born to a Breton mother and a dremora father. His mom wanted to bring Anthony up as a normal human and have him live in High Rock, but his father, a servant of Mehrunes Dagon, wanted Crowley to be brought up in Oblivion where his father would teach him about the seven circles of Oblivion and also teach him how to torture souls and even soul trap them in order to experiment on them.

His mother, however, frowned upon Geivaalag's method of raising the boy whom she saw as human. He, however, saw Crowley as a servant of Mehrunes Dagon. He even told Crowley that his real name was Ninhaoth and that he was destined to destroy Tamriel and usher in the end of days and the return of Dagon. He had to decide between saving the world, or fall to his father's level and have Dagon destroy the world he loved. He hated choosing, as he wanted to make those parties involved in the decision happy. He did not want to see any party mad or dissapointed. When he turned fifteen, though he was, in truth, far older,, he decided he would contact his mother and tell her about the horrid decision that his father had made. 

One day when he was sitting in his room in the left wing of his father's tower in the realm of Oblivion, he was thinking through his decision he had made and, when he was satisfied, he got up and went through the arched hallway, up the many cracked red and black steps to his father's throne room.

The room had a hearth burning in the back left corner next to a red and black throne that had numerous small spikes protruding from the top and a cage used to torture victims that foolishly wandered into Oblivion on the right side of the throne. Crowley stepped inside just as the door closed behind him.

"Son, come in, what may I do for thee?" Geivaalag asked. Crowley tried to clear his voice, which was dry from his climb up all those steps. After six minutes of unease, he spoke, "Father, I have come to tell thee that I will not help thee destroy Tamriel. You can try to assuage my decision, but, I tell thee that I hast made my decision.” His father got up so quickly that he upset a lantern burning in it holder that lay above his head. liquid spilled on the basalt floor, oddly enough though, the floor did not catch fire. "Thou hast betrayed me, foul snake. Surely thou hast sided with thy mother? What treachery!" Crowley approached the throne and opened his mouth to speak, but, his father silenced him with his hand. "Silence thy tongue, worm! Thou must pay the consequences.”

"Since thou likest Nirn so much, that is where I shall banish thee." He wove his hands around an imaginary orb, or at least one that Crowley could not see. When he fiinished weaving his hands in and out of each other, an orb that was quite real floated in the middle of the room. Seconds went by with nothing, and then the orb expanded into an Oblivion gate with To Tamriel written in daedric across the top. Geivalaag vanished from where he was and reappeared behind Crowley and forcefully pushed him in the swirling orange void that lay mere feet from where Crowley stood.

Minutes later, after falling through the void, he found himself on the throat of the world, Skyrim's highest mountain. When his head cleared, he looked down and saw scorched earth from where the portal had been. Crowley had to stop the apocalypse that his father had planned for Tamriel. The half-demon knew that that was the first step of his father's plan to make Dagon destroy tamriel and remake it into a paradise his father would be proud of. He must not let that happen.



Name: Crowley

Standing Stone: The Serpent 

Apparel: Hermos suit (armored), Black Angel Wings (optional)

Powers: Vampire Lord

Weapons: Daedra Slayer, Antique Daedric Sowrd

Spells: Crackle, Dragonskin, Ebony Flesh, Incendiary Flow, Scorching Hands, Volcano, Summon Mistman, Summon Wrathman,, Fingers of the Mountain

Shouts: Summon Durnehviir, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Whirlwind Sprint, Dragonrend, Bend Will

Major Skills: One Handed, Light Armor, Destruction

Minor Skills: Allteration, Speech

Mount: Hashire (Shadowmere hide with daedric horse armor)



Hashire - adds a horse with many customizable features to the world of Skyrim

Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - this mod replaces the vanilla standing stones with ones that have more interesting effects that lends themselves well to multiple character build styles

Imperious - Races of Skyrim - tweaks Skyrim races with two unlocked abilites and one quest locked ability

Lair of the Crimson Scar - this mod adds Crowley's posh lair that may or may not include plants that he can put the 'fear of crowley' into

Immersive Weapons - This mod adds various weapons to the game of Skyrim, including Geivalaag's final gift to Crowley, his prized antique daedric sword

Ultimate Assortment by Favored Soul SSE - Adds Crowley's dagger of choice, the daedra slayer

Volkihar Knight - Vampire Armor - this mod adds the volkihar assassin armor, which is use to protect Crowley's soul so that the horsemen cannot trap his soul 



Alteration - Crowley can perform magical feats that are beyond mere mortals

Destruction - Being a half-breed, Crowley can control fire to burn his enemies, but, would rather choose not to

Light Armor - Crowley's parents each had a hand in teaching their son how best to use armor to protect himself

One Handed - Crowley's mother taught him how to wield and use daggers and swords to strike quickly, catchiing his enemies off guard

Speech - Crowley tempted Eve to take the forbidden fruit, so why not have him use that skill on other mortals






When Geivalaag is ready to destroy the world to make apparent his master's return, he calls upon the four most powerful beings in all of creation (War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death) to hunt down and kill his son, whom he disowned. War, a dragon as black as night, whom he brought to kill any who oppose him as he prepares to redo the world in his image. To defeat him, Crowley must use his sword and any spells he may have learned to fell this mighty and seemingly unbeatable enemy. War will use every power at his disposal to have the half-demon brought to his knees.


Pestilence is a decaying green dragon that dwells in the realm of the Soul Cairn. he employs the powers of poison and resurrecting the long dead to add him in his neverending fight to protect the Soul Cairn from intruders. Crowley must use fire magic to paint Tamriel with green blood, otherwise he uses dragonrend and his trusty sword to end his life


Famine is a powerful dragon priest that dwells in apocrypha, waiting for a time when he can walk the realm of solstheim once again. He will use every tool at his disposal against the half-demon, including, but not limited to shouts and the multitude of dragons around him. He may even choose to take to the sky if Crowley decides this. including absorb dragon's souls to power his powerful shouts because Famine has a hunger that is never able to be quenched. Crowley will have to employ not only the shouts native to the island but also his old shout collection, sword and spell to defeat the indominable foe.


Death is a being dressed all in black. He is truly the mightiest of all horsemen because he is immortal and is immune to just about every man-made and natural element found on Nirn. It will not be an easy task to fell this enemy for he wields a powerful sword, has a shield that protects from attacks and elements and wears protective armor. To defeat him, Crowley must utilize all he has learned up to this point. Be prepared for the fight of the ages. 


After Crowley gets off the Throat of the World, he goes to the College of Winterhold to obtain very potent and powerful spells should he choose to use them in the upcoming battle with the four horsemen. After he leaves the college, he heads all over Skyrim to complete quests to fell the powerful priests of the four hoursemen. After felling the priests on Skyrim, he must fell the priests on Solstheim. After this,, he goes to Riverwood so he can start The Main Quest to rid the world of the aspect of war because he can never stop the actual act of war. War will still go on, with or without him. After he does this, he goes to an old vampire hunter's fort to start Dawnguard so he can obtain his full fledged demon form and finally put an end to pestilence, the avatar of it, not the act. After Pestilence's avatar is felled, he must kill a vampire who wishes to blot out the sun. After he kills the vampire, he goes to Solstheim to put and end to the avatar of Famine in Dragonborn. After Famine's avatar is dead, he goes back to Skyrim to face his greatest challenge yet, a face off with the mightiest horseman of all: The Ebony Warrior, wait a minute, that''s not right. Ah here we are, Crowley must face off against Death.



Main Quest - Crowley tackles the first horseman disguised as a black dragon, killing him means he is one step closer to averting the apocalypse

College of Winterhold - Crowley joins this guild because he needs powerful spells to fell the four horseman of the apocalypse

Dawnguard - Crowley must get his demon form if he hopes to take on the second horsemen, the green dragon, and escape unharmed

Dragonborn - The third and fourth horsemen, more powerful than the rest, await their turn to do battle with the half-demon

Dragonpriest Quests - Crowley must first find and fell these mighty lords to weaken the four before he can hope to take them on head to head


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