Character Build: The Student


This build tells the story of Quinchal before he realizes his destiny as wielder of the sacred circle, the symbol of conflicting ideals, the yinyang. This is part two of my three part build in a series I would like to call the master, the student and the conflicted soul. The Tsaesci are on the hunt for something called the ordained receptacle that they believe resides in the cold domain known as Skyrim. Quinchal must learn that he is the ordained receptacle and the only one who can drive the tsaesci out of Skyrim. 


Name: Quinchal

Race: Argonian 

Stats: 2:4:3

Armor: Orcish Armor

Weapons: Valenwood War Bow (gong), Seeker Changdao

Standing Stone: The Lord

Spells: Healing, Clairvoyance, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Flesh spells, Summon Assasin

Shouts: Become Ethereal, Unrelenting Force, Msrked For Death, Dismay, Throw Voice, Aura Whisper

Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Two Handed, Smithing

Minor Skills: Archery


Long before the founding of the Akaviri empire, there was a fierce battle between emperor Reman III of Cyrodiil and emperor Tsun Kai of the Tsaesci empire. The battle lasted over fifteen years. When it was concluded, the emperor of the Tseasci claimed the new land as the Akaviri empire. The empire, however, needed protection as it was still in its youth. "I need soldiers as Akavir is but a fledgeling nation, who will undertake this task for me?" he asked the people inside the enormous throne room. "You there!” He pointed to a throng of guards in the corner "I want you to go to this unheard of land caled Tamriel and see if you can not coax the armies there to sent recruits for the Akaviri empire.  Tsun sent a detachment of his guards from the imperial palace to the black marsh providenc to raid the land to find soldiers for his army. He also needed weapons and armor to bolster his army.

When the detatchment reached Blackmarsh to find able bodied soldiers to fight for the emperor, The guards searched the dense forest for recruits. The head guard called out "Will any of you Lizardmen fight for the golry of the Akaviri Empire?" You will be given food, drink, proper clothing and warm bedding to crawl into when the raging sunlight has ceased?" The lizardmen said they were perfeclty fine with sleeping in muddy huts. The guard repeated to question. Again, the lizardmen refused. I"Very well." He turned to his men and ordered the lizardmens' houses and land to be burnt down. The guards let loose a torrent of flame from their mouths. The fire burned everything it touched, not caring if an argonian got in the way. When the land was burnt to the ground, or so the guards thought, a female voice came from the wrecked of the once proud city. 

A sickly looking argonian female came out from behind a bush with a baby in her arms. She cowered as the gaurd was about to strike. The argonian female begged to be spared. "Please sir, if you have compassion in your heart, you will take my baby so he can be spared my fate." The guard agreed and took her and her baby to Akavir, in the Po'chang mountains, far from the emperor's watchful eye. The argonian thanked him for being a ray of sunshine into a sea of dark clouds. In return, the guard said he needed men for his army. The argonian said he could raise her son as one of the Akaviri. 

 Thirteen years passed since his mom's passing, Quinchal was now fully grown and ready to help protect the Akaviri army from outside dangers and even inside ones. First, however, he had to be trained in the lost akaviri martial arts along with the art of dispatching enemies quickly with voice, sword or spell. 

The jianshi hopefuls were sent to Morrowind as Akaviri has no local training halls. The student made the journey to the Morag Tong guildhall in Morrowind to begin his training under the tutelage of the wise Eno Hlaalu. Eno taught the student how to discipline himself so that his emotions could not cloud his judgemennt. The akaviri trusted Eno, even though Eno was not born of Akavir. The guild does not only cater to only dunmer, but it welcomes trainees of all races.

As days went by and the student rose through the ranks of the guild, Eno could see promise in the young argonian's eyes. Knowing he could not teach him any further, Eno finally saw fit to conclude the training and sent Quinchal to a land called Skyrim so he advance to the next step which is advanced training. The advanced training was done in three levels. Level one is the way of the voice. Level two is understanding and using magic wisely and Level three is swordsmithing and proper swordsmanship. Only when he has completed all three stages was he accepted by the Akaviri guard.



Smithing - before battling the enemies of the akaviri empire, the grasshopper must learn the basics of crafting the finest armor. Legend says that akaviri armor is so tough that enemy weapons would shatter upon contact. He also learns to make weapons that are as sharp as a scale of a tsaesci and can strike as fast as a Kang'Po'Tun.

Two handed - the jianshi in training learns to control his blades so they do not betray him when he needs them. With the two handed blade, he can block unfriendly arrows or blades. The blade can also cut through armor as if it were bamboo.

Heavy Armor - the crawling beetle learns how to bolster his defences so that even the mightiest arrow could not penetrate the toughened hide of a warrior of Akavir.

Archery - during his training, the Argonian learns how to control his breath and heart rate in order to pierce through his enemies' flesh. When his bow is tempered to the desired strength, not even tsaesci can withstand his viscous attack.





When Quinchal finishes the tutorial, he must begin his quest to prevent Tsun Kai from obtaining his soul. Along the way if he runs into weak enemies, like bandits, highwaymen or draugr, he uses his yumi to fend them off.  

For magical enemies like mages and dragons, he use his knowledge of alteration magic to form a magical barrier. Then, he uses his steel greatsword to deliver the killing blows to dragons. For mages, do the same thing as with dragons, but, use you yumi so as to stay out of range of the mages powerful and deadly spells. 

For giants, the samurai in training uses his steel greatsword to deliver fast and repetitive blows to the great lumbering hulk. For dragonpriests, Qunchal uses his flesh spells and  just keeps wailing away at them with his steel greatsword. Once they are dead, he searches their body for any useful masks to help him in his adventures.



Start the main quest, up to and including the way of the voice as soon as you finish the tutorial as that is Quinchal's first trial. When you are done with the masters of High Hrothgar, Go to the college of Winterhold, that is where the second level of training begins. As you progress through that quest, you learn the various spells to mold your flesh into different materials. Obtain any other spells you might find neccesary or that you feel fit the fledgling samurai. After you have done that quest, go to the companions guildhall to learn the way of the sword, the thiird and final tier of your training. You might also obtain a follower or two. Use followers whenever you can because they can draw enemy spells or sword attacks away from you so you can focus on the main objective which is to start undermining Tsun Kiang Tso's Regime after you complete all three trials.


Quinchal, prepared to strike out against the Tsaesci


 Tsaesci's Bane - Dawnbreaker + Dismay + Summon Assassin The Jianshi distracts the neemy with his summoning assassin power, then he instills fear into their hearts and then runs them down and pierces their soul with dawnbreaker

 Silent Strike - Nightingale Shadow + Throw Voice + Valenwood Warbow Quinchal turns invisible, fools his enemy with a false voice and the shoots true with his arrrow

 Final Blow - Marked for Death + Elemental Fury + Steel Changdao When an enemy is close to death and their soul is spent, the jianshi delivers the killing blow with unmatched quickness



Companions - Quinchal learns the way of the sword and also how to control his sword so it does not betray him in battle.

College of Winterhold - The jianshi in training will learn many valuable spells from this guild. Several of which might be useful in his neverending fight for justice.

Waking Nightmares - the ant must journey to his ancestors stronghold of nightcaller temple and walk amongst them to find out how they transformed into dragons.

Thief's Guild - the grasshopper learns of the Tsaesci's plans to destroy Tamriel and vows to put a stop to it.

Dark Brotherhood - The argonian must protect his new family from the Tsaesci onlaught that threatens the sanctuary.

Boethiah's Calling - The jianshi in training obtains this magical artifact that repels evil and uses it in the fight against the tsaesci.

The Break of Dawn - the budding jianshi does this quest to obatain the one sword that Tsaesci and their ilk fear above all other swords, dawnbreaker.                                                                                                                                                         

Companion: Vilkas or Inigo


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