Character Build: The Two-Faced

Greetings fine fellows. Welcome to a build that has long been in the works. This has been quite a fun build to work on and is one of my favorites roleplaying wise. Hope you enjoy.

What a mysterious creature. The two, distorted faces of human nature.



Race: Breton

Breton is a great choice as you get several buffs to your magic as well as giving access to the Dragonskin ability and the Conjure Familiar Spell.


Standing Stone: The Apprentice Stone

The Apprentice Stone gives a nice buff to your magicka regen but with the downside of having a large weakness to magic. You may want to choose the Atronach Stone instead but it really is a personal preference. I felt Apprentice fit better.


Att. Spread: 3/0/1


Restoration: This is your primary skill which will help you be a force for good, as a healer. Pick up spells like Healing Hands and Turn Undead.


Destruction: This skill is also a large one within your playstyle. You’ll want to focus primarily on Ice and Shock spells, though you can incorporate Fire if you so choose. I found myself using mainly Ice spells on melee combatants to slow them and remove their stamina, and Shock on spellcasters to drain their magicka.


Light Armor: This skill constitutes your primary form of defense. It will help buff your Chitin Set (Armor, Boots, Bracers), and your Thieves Guild Hood. This also helps your secondary set of armor: Morag Tong Set (Armor, Boots, Bracers), and a Guild Master’s Hood.


Enchanting: Use enchanting to buff up your armor with enchants such as Fortify Magicka/Magicka Regen to help with your spellcasting or Fortify Restoration/Destruction to help as well. You may also consider picking up Resist Shock to better protect yourself against enemy mages.




The Two-Faced is an interesting build in terms of roleplaying. To start simple, you will want to join The College of Winterhold. The Two-Faced interest in magic will propel her to study at the College. However, The Eye of Magnus begins to affect her. She begins to develop a second identity. After the Psijics take the Eye, she would travel to Solstheim for an escape. There she would be able to get her Chitin and Morag Tong Armor. After several dreams pertaining to Riften and her other identity. She would investigate and find herself joining the Thieves’ Guild. After becoming the Guild Master, she would invest resources into studying her dual personality. It is now that the Second Personality begins to return and take root in her mind. This second identity might persuade her to join The Dark Brotherhood and complete their questline, among others that might help her power grow. For the most part, your first personality will play more pacifist, using Restoration a lot. For this first personality, equip your primary set of armor (as detailed above). Your second personality is more malicious, with some murderous tendencies. Equip your secondary set of armor (also detailed above) and utilize your Destruction spells more.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this build as much as I did. As always, all feedback is appreciated and huge thanks to Pixel. I am always open to any questions or constructive criticism.

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  • I feel like this build could use a more elaborate introduction to give readers a better sence of what the character is all about. What is the nature of this character's duality? 

    Other questions of interest are how does the character fight and what unique synergies, if any, does the build utlize?

  • Hey mate, you've forgot your tags, as well as the Rank:Apprentice

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