Character Build: The Ultimate Mercenary


I thought up this build after playing Sonic Forces for the first time. I thought "Wow, the phantom ruby mechanic would make for a really good Skyrim build." This build is based off of the phantom ruby mechanics and powers from that game.  Also, Infinite has a really cool villain design, even though he is more of a misunderstand mercenary. I also like the idea of the ruby bestowing the wearer with ultimate powers. I was upset when I couldn't make a heterochromial jackal in Skyrim, so I thought I would settle for a khajiit, I made my Khajiit as close as possible to my favorite jackal.


 "I've only become what I am because of you, yet you don't remember. But I suppose that's the way it goes. It simply means that the old me was too weak, too pathetic to remember. And now, you've become nothing more than an insect waiting to be crushed underfoot."
— Infinite, Episode Shadow



The great sky cats also known as the Riddle’Thar descended upon a little village called Anequina in the providence of Elsweyr. The riddle’thar planted a seed into the bossom of Jone. Jone along with king Ri’zarr gave birth to a small kitten with black and white fur covering its body. Ri'zarr lived a large palace on the city outskirts, He thanked the moon gods for granting him a baby kitten.

Ri'zarr was playing with his son one day, when a knock sounded on the palace door. "Just a minute!" Ri'zarr called as he told Imfaris to stay while he saw what the Elsweyr branch of the Thalmor wanted.

 "May I help you gentlemen?" Ri'zarr asked, shaking a little from nerves. The branch leader spoke, the words came in a series of growls.

"We heard intel that you aquired a baby outide the specified parameters set down by the government of Elsweyr. We also heard that you stole a blood red ruby from the king’s treausury. We have to confiscate the baby and put him in foster care until we can find a fitting set of parents." After a few seconds, he adds “we will also have to confiscate this ruby you stole.

"I will not allow you to do this, he is my baby and If you take him, you are breaking the invisible pact that is formed when parents bear children. We also did not steal anything from the king," He told Imfaris to hide in the room behind the fireplace and not to come out for anything. “This ruby is ours, we obtained it legally.”

"Very well, then I see we have no choice." He signaled the other guards, “Search the house!"

The guards broke into the cottage despite Ri'zarr's best attempt to keep them out. They searched the entire cottage. After an hour of searching, one of the guards saw a trap door partially hidden under a threadbare rug and called the other gaurds over. They broke open the trapdoor with a crowbar.  The guards ran down the wooden steps to find a large, empty basement with no furniture except for a shrine to Sithis in the far corner and a fireplace in the center.

The guards looked around for any sign of the child, but found nothing but a mysterious switch jutting out of the wall next to the fireplace. The leader pulled the switch and the fireplace rotated to reveal a sandstone hallway with a room at the end. The guards proceeded down the hallway and entered the small room. The head guard saw a small black and white kitten along with a pink gem in a display case. The guard broke the case and grabbed the ruby, he then pocketed it.

The guards escorted the kitten back outside. The kitten ran and cowered behind his father..

"Ri'zarr, you can either do this the easy way, with gold, or the hard way with your blood, your choice."

Ri’zarr shook his head, “I have done nothing wrong, I find it strange to pay gold for something I didn’t do.” He said matter of factly The guard’s kind demeanor quickly turned sour, “I gave you a chance to confess your crimes, yet you deny them; Very well, then your life is forfeit!”

A guard readied his bow and fired a well timed shot into Ri'zarr's back.

The arrow did its work, penetrating his heart. Ri’zarr felt his life fading fast; he staggered forward and fell forward, stiff as a boad.

 "DADDY!" Imfaris yelled, he sobed over his father's body.

 "Come with us kid." Said the head guard.

The guard went to grab the little hand of the khajiit, but, Imfaris ran out into the streets of Anequina and took a boat from the port of Anequina and went to Skyrim.

The guard sold the ruby to the curiosities shop in dawnstar in return for money. 

A few years later, Imaris found the nimblepaws in skyrim and he earned the squad's respect and quickly rose as their leader. The nimblepaws are a band of khajiit thieves in skyrim based just south of Riften who were on a mission to steal a priceless treasure from the museum of oddities in Dawnstar. They squabbled about who was to steal their greatest find; the phantom ruby, an ancient talisman of the void that can munipulate time, heal the person who wields it and allow the wielder to bend reality. 

"Ra'jeej, where did they get this from?"

Ra'jeej shrugged, "I have no idea"

"Ra'jeej, well it says here that the ruby was stolen from Anequina, Elsweyr!" Imfaris read from a plackard beneath the ruby.

"It was stolen from my cottage when I was just a kitten" Imaris felt rage boil from deep within him. "We should take it back to Elsweyr.

When Imfaris went to grab the ruby, it glowed red hot upon his touch and burned the khajiit. The ruby broke open and unleashed a stream of pure energy that embedded itself into Imfaris’s chest, causing armor plated fur as hard as dragonscales and a helmet made of the hide of a daedra to appear. The ruby had also made Imfaris forget who he was. He was overcome with a sadistic need to see people suffer which stemmed from his pre-existing rage. He believed he would live on forever, causing fear and pain in multiple lifetimes. This thought process earned him the name Infinite.

The ruby, not able to take the strain of Infinite’s mind, broke into pieces. The sky became a swirling red storm cloud and out of this storm cloud came the pieces of the ruby. The pieces formed into dragonpriests, giants, bandits, draugr and even dragons. The illusions of the ruby scared the thieves so much that they ran in terror.

Infinite had to find a way to reform the ruby, stop the illusions and bring the ruby back to its rightful place in his homeland of Elsweyr. This is easier said than done however. 



 Race: Khajiit

Sex: Male

Apperance: blue and yellow heterochromial eyes with black and white fur with dreadlock style white hair

Stats: 3/2/0

Standing Stone: The Atronach Stone

Armor: Daedric Armor (no helmet)

Amulets Amulet of Arkay (phantom ruby prototype), The Gauldur Amulet (The Phantom Ruby)

Weapons: Daedric Bow, daedric sword

Spells: Teleport, freeze time, Daze, Eternity Feast, Wrap Space, Reality Slash, Arcane Thievery, Test of Time, Shatter Space, Black Hole

Shouts: Dragon Aspect, Dismay, Summon Durnheviir, Slow Time, Drain Vitality, Soul Tear, Become Ethereal

Major Skills: Alteration, Heavy Armor, Illusion

Minor Skills: Smithing, One Handed



Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - All of Skyrim's standing stones are reworked in interesting ways

Glenmoril: The Maze of Labyrinthian - this mod allows Infinite to use the true phantom ruby powers once all fragments are reunited

Khajiit Eyes Extended - Khajiit Heterochromia - this mod gives Infinite his unique eye color




Alteration - the phantom ruby can drastically alter reality

Heavy Armor - the ruby can conjure armor as hard as the material the ruby is made of

Illusion -  the ruby creates powerful illusions  

One handed - the khajiit is rather skilled with his claws and swords

Smithing - using the ruby, the khajiit can craft and upgrade various metals


The Mane stands ready to defend the place and all of its treasures against the treacherous Thalmor.


Use all of your skills to eradicate the ruby’s mayhem. When the ruby is completed, use your newly gained powers to rain chaos down on your enemies, if you are wounded, use the ruby’s healing powers to heal your wounds. Use either bound sword or Infinite's Cube depending on the situation. Use dragon aspect or storm call to destroy the weaker illusions such as draugrs or bandits. For stronger illusions like giants and dragons, use dragonrend or drain vitality combined with your Phantom Lord form. For bosses and mages use either Heart of Fear or Strength of the Ruby. If you become outnumbered, use Phantom Flash to make short work of your enemies.



Level 1-9: start the nimblepaws guild, use you steel sword to wreak havok on your enemies and sow utter terror among your enemies. You should also collect all 10 rubies or flawless rubies to rebuild the broken phantom ruby. Stop at the speaking with silence quest. Before you collect the rubies, you should start the companions. Stop at the silver hand quest.

Level 10: infiltrate the dawnguard to learn about the weaknesses of the hunters. When you are done with the questline defect to the vampires and become a phantom lord and wreak further chaos with your newfound powers. Start dragonborn and main quest. Stop the main quest at The way of the voice.

Level 11-25: work on completing the dark brotherhood questline and maxing out your smithing skill so you can aquire your armor. When the armor is complete wreak havok on your hapless enemies. Also, finish dragonborn and main quest. Start the College of Winterhold. Stop at the good intentions quest

Level 26-30 - finish the nimblepaws guild so you can become an agile shadow.

Level 31-39: finish the college of winterhold and start skyrim sidequests. 

Level 40-45: finish up any sidequests that are left undone.


Infinite and the nimblepaw guildmembers




 Heart of Fear the mercenary commands time to crawl to a halt and creates fearful illusions in front of his enemies and than closes in for the kill. For the Khajiit, the joy is in the chase, never the kill - Slow time + Hysteria + Infinite’s cube 

 Phantom Realm  infinite slips into the shadows and uses the ruby to turn his enemies against each other - Become Ethereal + Mayhem

 Phantom Flash The phantom ruby can bestow untold power on earthly constructs - Elemental Fury + Dual Flurry Perk

 Strength Of The Ruby the ruby conjures armor to make the jackal truly terrifying and it also makes his shouts last longer - Dragon Aspect

 Infinite Sight the magical stone enhances the khajiit’s natural ability to see in the dark and enables the khajiit’s eyes to cross realms to see the dead - Night Eye + Detect Living/Dead  


Dawnguard (Vampire) - This quest is required to unlock the ruby's true potential

Main Quest - Infinite must use his skill and wits to eliminate to illusionary dragon that threatens Skyrim

Thieves Guild - The Khajiit needs to regain favor among the nimblepaws

College of Winterhold - Infinite needs to be at peak efficiency if he wants to rid the world of illusions

Dragonborn - Infinite must stop the one who is responsible for all the illusions in Skyrim and on Solstheim

Forbidden Legend - This quest allows the Infinite to obtain greater power

The Companions - Infinite is called the ultimate mercenary for a reason 

Companions:  none


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