Character Build: The Werevulture

A humble Priest of Jephre who wanted nothing more than to help those in need. He sought out influence and power but not for his own selfish reasons. His goal was to do everything he can to bring peace and prosperity to all. A prophet long ago told of a man who would master both claw and rod. Our priest found the power he sought but it came with a price. It came with a curse...


Race: Bosmer

Major Skills: Alteration, Destruction, One handed, Heavy Armor

Minor Skills: Illusion, Conjuration, Restoration, Enchanting

Optional Skills: Sneak and Speech(prophets know how to address a crowd but can also be silent at times)

Mage Gear: An assortment of Staves, Robes of Destruction, Mage Circlet ,Gauldur Amulet, Ring of Resurgence and Arch Mage Boots

Beast Gear: Falmer Hardened Boots, Falmer Hardened Gauntlets, Bonemold Helmet, Ebony Mail, Ring of Namira, Gauldur Amulet and 2 Falmer War Axes

Stone: Mage Stone changing to Lady Stone once the Mage Stone becomes less important

M/H/S : 0/1/1

Quests : Mage College, Bards College (do this and side quests early), Dragonborn Main Quest, Civil War (for slow time), Every Temple Quest (Heart of Dibella, Book of Love, Blessings of Nature)

Shouts are found below in "The Werevulture and The Prophet" section.

The Cursed Prophet is a powerful pure mage who uses his gifts as a tool to fulfill ancient prophecies. He has no visions except those given to him from Jephre. A deal was struck that gave the Prophet his visions and abilities.

Jephre does not give freely. His gifts are paid for with a price. Jephre taught the Bosmer to survive in nature, to be a part of it and even have command over it. In return the Bosmer must never harm or use any plant or plant product that grows in Valenwood. This is The Green Pact. The Prophet has a price to pay for his prophecy of the staff. He pays with his soul. He has become the Werevulture.

Of the various forms of Lycanthropy Werevultures were the weakest. They don't have the strength of the Werebear nor the speed and ferocity of the Werewolf. Beast form is more controllable though, you can go in and out of it at will.



I chose perks with an economical strategy in mind. I only picked what was needed, the most important perks from the skills used. One problem with a staff user is the staff not increasing your skill level. I used magic as often as I could to get the perks needed to improve staff performance.

Soul Squeezer: This perk is key for the character. It adds 250 points to all gems. This doubles a petty gem making it fill a novice staff with one shot.

Enchanting: This is mostly a no crafting build. By filling staves your enchanting skill will go far with no effort. Use this to enchant certain items.

Beast Boots - Falmer Hardened Boots with Fortify One Handed

Beast Gauntlets - Falmer Hardened Gauntlets with Fortify One Handed

Talons - Dual Falmer War Axes with Absorb Health


The Werevulture and The Prophet

The Prophet: A staff powerful wielding mage. He uses magic first, casting flesh and conjuration spells before combat. In combat he uses destruction first followed by a change to staves once his magicka is emptied. Return to mage form for emergency healings.

A staff mage is always well suited for ranged combat against groups. His mage armor will provide a certain level of physical defense if needed. The biggest enemy is a powerful archer, look out for those Draugr Deathlords.

Staves - Miraak's Staff, All Elemental Summons, All Destruction Spells, Halldir's Staff, Staff of Soul Trapping, Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

The Werevulture: A beastly creature with 2 powerful talons. The Vulture has use of any shouts he wishes. He cannot use spells nor potions. He must use powers and shouts, along with his trusty talons, to heal himself.

Vulture Form specializes in killing the living. A favorite move of mine, listed below, is not possible on enemies like automatons, atronachs and Dremora. Know your enemy.

The Werevulture uses Falmer Hardened gear with the Ebony Mail. Before you obtain these items you can substitute Orcish pieces. They can be found at any level such as stealing them from Largashbur.

Major Shouts and Powers - Slow Time, Dragon Aspect, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Drain Vitality, Mora's Boon, Dragonborn Force, The Secret of Strength

Minor Shouts and Powers - Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Command Animal, Lover's Insight, The Seeker of Might

Favorite Moves

The Beast - In Vulture form you feed from your victim's flesh then shout at the enemy, removing life from the living and the dead! Later in the game you can add a Homecooked Meal once you get married.

Requires: Cannibalism + Drain Vitality + Homecooked Meal



The Slug - You cast a protective shell around yourself then bring the enemies to a crawl. Your attacks are stronger, you can shout more often and enemies wonder how they died.

Requires: Dragon Aspect + Slow Time + Ebony Cloak + Dual Talons



The Lure - You cast Flaming Familiar at a huge range. When enemies discover it you cast again a little closer to you. Repeat until enemies are within range then hit them with The Staff of Chain Lightning. This staff has a permanent Impactperk which means it staggers everyone that is hit. It even staggers the last guy in the chain.

Requires: Flaming Familiar + The Staff of Chain Lightning


Miraak's Smile - Miraak's Staff is greatly undervalued. This weapon is a great prize for a long and difficult Dragonborn quest. It is a versatile and powerful weapon capable of staggering all but the great Dragons. With this tool you can set up defensive walls around yourself and allies. You can encage an enemy into a corner with no escape.

Most impressive is the staff's ability to turn its wielder into The Dungeon Runner! You spray one tentacle in a doorway and continue to your destination. No enemy will cross it until it is gone. By that time you are gone as well! Use this tactic to swiftly get through places you just don't want to play yet again or even if you are in trouble. I ran through the entirety of Raven Rock mine using the staff.

Role play:

The Prophet is a Holy Man. He helps whoever he is able to help even at great personal risk.

NO CRIMES! Don't even carry a lockpick. There is one exception to this rule. You can steal the pieces needed to complete your character.

You can go in and out of Vulture Form whenever you want to but be careful. The beast cannot heal himself easily.

Do not search urns or dead bodies! Holy men do not steal from the dead. You can take items laying in the open or even search unlocked chests. This leads to a swift moving playstyle making dungeons much more fun.

This is a NO CRAFTING build, sort of. Your enchanting level raises quickly from refilling your weapons. I used this to enchant 4 items (gauntlets, boots and 2 war axes). Other than that you do not craft anything.

The Prophet is a full fledged supporter of The Empire.

Keep Faendal as a follower. He is too weak to steal a lot of experience but is still a reliable Bosmer ally. Sacrifice him to get the Ebony Mail. Do not have another follower until you marry Brelyna Maryon. She cooks you a meal which helps feed the beast.

The Great Hunt: You honor your people and religion by participating in a regular hunt. It is how you show obedience to Jephre. You will need your hunting skill for gameplay reasons too...

All gems you buy have to be empty. You fill them yourself while hunting.

This build is a smooth playthrough, that's one of the goals. You don't spend hours raising a craft or scouring through every container or body. You are left with pure gameplay, combat and stories. The mage aspect is completely 

opposite of the vulture, they only share a necklace. Pure mage when you want it, pure 

melee when you need it. Both have their own unique weaknesses which make for better gameplay.

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  • Nice. Creative. Versatile. Lacks the ability to fly, but still looks good.
    • Thanks TC. I am sure someone made a flying mod somewhere.
      • There's quite a few in fact. One of them even adds wings to the dragon aspect form and allows you to fly when that shout is used.
      • Again, I am a console player. The flying part was mostly a joke. Now that I think about it, I think that at some point or another MxR has showcased the mod CND is talking about. You got well-earned heart and G+1 from me.
        • I too am purely a console player, thats why nothing I did when I made this (years ago) had any mods.
  • What's the deal with those weird links that lead to "internet archive wayback machine"?
    • When I made them (it was a riddle you have yet to solve) it wasn't the wayback machine. They were actual web pages. That's how old this build is.
      • Dang, it really must be really old.
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