Character Build: The Wind of Khenarthi

This build is long overdue for me. I've wanted to create a Wind-themed build because it's possibly the best "false" magic school that can be created, but my discovery of the Wind Destruction Magic Mod only increased that. This was meant to be an entry into the Evolutions Event, but I ended up running out of time.

The Khajiit seem determined to defy explanation and elude any attempt at definition. Having a profoundly deep connection to the moons and the heavens, they are renown for being poor at the magic of man and mer while maintaining their own special brand of magic.

Rangers of the open desert and less-open forests, the Acolytes are often exiles. Some have found themselves on the wrong end of the law one time too many and seek redemption before Khenarthi (known in the Imperial Cult as Kynareth) flies them away to the Sands Beyond the Stars. Others are pilgrims, seeking to grow closer to the Lady of the Winds, to hone their natural Khajiiti agility and swiftness. Ultimately, the motley crew devote themselves to the protection of Khenarthi’s domain, the sea and skies, the sacred life of all creatures with mind and voice.

Although no scholar has managed to travel with them for any length of time, all agree that the Acolytes live a life unparalleled among the traditional monks of Imperial cloisters. Carefree and mischievous, the Acolytes guide the very air around them, manipulating the currents to guide their arrows, even tripping up their foes, but more often than not, they are inclined to knock a hot mug from a man’s hand and smile a toothy, feline smile, saying…

“It is all the luck of the Lady.”

Race: Khajiit

Standing Stone: The Steed is always nice with the abundance of Alchemical reagents

Stats2 / 1 / 2

Major Skills: Destruction, Archery, Alchemy

Minor Skills: Light Armor, Sneak


What character better to take advantage of Wind magic than an archer? Enemies won’t be able to stay on their feet between the staggering, the barrage of arrows, wind-themed shouts, and the actual Wind Destruction magic.

>>>Wind Destruction Magic Mod. A very “complete” mod, it gives a spell for each tier that corresponds to the other types (spray, single-target, AOE, cloak, big single-target, wall, storm), three perks (2 ranks of Augmented Wind, 1 rank of Gale Force), and a unique enchantment that inflicts Wind Damage. The unique effect to Wind Magic (like how Fire has fear, Frost has paralyze, Shock has disintegrate) is the ability to send someone flying away (ie, activate ragdolling). All spells have a variable chance to send someone flying; from spray and cloak 5% per second, all the way to the master-level Cyclone having a 50% chance; the chance is also multiplied by 2.2 when dual-casting.

The perk Gale Force makes everyone fly away at low health and Augmented Wind does not alter the chance, only the damage done from the wind spells. The enchantment always has a 10% chance to trigger the effect, regardless of Enchanting skill, but the elemental power does change with Enchanting level and perks, as well as the Augmented Wind perks.

>>>Shouts. The traditional way of bringing in Wind themed magic, since the Voice has so many connections to breath and sky, while having a few choice options to mimic Khenarthi’s blessings and sight. Become Ethereal, Disarm, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint and Cyclone are all good choices. Disarm can be seen as urging the Winds to rip enemies’ weapons away.

>>>Vanilla Destruction Magic. Whirlwind Cloak is the bleeding obvious one, now, isn’t it? If playing without access to the Wind Destruction mod above, then lightning magic is a good way to go to be able to match Storm Call, but the odd Freeze spell will save you a poison of Slow sometimes.

 Dawnguard Boots & Gauntlets, Scaled Armor of Destruction, Adept Hood. A sleek woodsy armor combo that combines effectiveness with aesthetic. A custom enchantment of Muffle (no matter the Enchanting skill), will be of a 1.0 magnitude, the equivalent of the left-side Sneak perks.

Nord Hero Bow. A natural-looking bow with some flair and style, not to mention being Steel smithable with a speed comparable to the infamous Hunting Bow. Even without Enchanting skill (or with a potion of Fortify Enchanting) there are a few enchantments that are always useful with high charges: 1sec paralysis, chaos damage, or the mod-added Wind damage. When applied to weapons, the Wind damage has a 10% to fling enemies into a ragdoll, a percent which isn’t enhanced with higher Enchanting skill, making this perfect for our character. I’d recommend paralysis or Wind, since both are chance-based and affected by this character’s high rate of fire.

I didn’t feel that Auriel’s Bow really fit this character, but the heavy damage it does to undead can’t be ignored in some choice circumstances. This is also a character who picks up his kit from various quests and reflects his duty in Skyrim.

Scouting ahead is always a great way to start off in combat, planning your defensive area. Once I found a target, it was easy enough to get a stagger sneak attack and use the opportunity to set down a rune and shoot again, allowing my magicka to regenerate while they charged to set off the rune. While archers can become particularly vulnerable against large groups, using something like Wind magic allows us to have great crowd control, whether it’s from the mod-added spells or Whirlwind Cloak and Unrelenting Force. Long- and short-ranged poison delivery can also add some extra oomph, slowing or ravaging health while we can focus on another threat.

Slipping into the shadows for sanctuary is always another option and more often than not the preferable one, as our light armor combo and low health pool/high stamina allow us to run away to let a few shots off at further distances. Our maneuverability is enhanced further with Ranger and Quick Shot, which the high rate of fire allows us more chances to trigger the bow’s enchantment.

Shouts are easily used a fair bit in combat, being the easiest and most accessible magic while wielding a bow. Become Ethereal and Whirlwind Sprint make for perfect getaways or dodging, while things like Unrelenting Force, Disarm, and Cyclone disturb the enemy enough to allow you to kill it before they get too close. Animal Allegiance is a very undervalued shout but comes in terrific use, especially for a ranger who does battle in the wilderness a lot.


Rising Winds

Fortify Magicka, Fortify Destruction, Restore Magicka, Damage Health
            Ectoplasm + Glowing Mushroom + Red Mountain Flower

Able to amplify magickal powers to an extreme amount, the small sacrifice of health is well worth the extra reserves and power.



Invisibility, Restore Magicka, Regenerate Health
            Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust + Red Mountain Flower/Mora Tapinella/White Cap

A complete shield to recuperate in the shadows or allow an escape attempt to regain health and attributes.



Damage Health, Ravage Health, Lingering Damage Health
           Imp Stool + Scathecraw + Skeever Tail

A bleeding drain of life and health as the target feels the breath torn from their bodies.



Clear Skies

Could there be a more appropriate build for this glitch? The shout causes a stagger in combat, but can only be activated outside. With its short cooldown, it can be used a reasonable amount of times, similar to bow-punching for staggers but more elegant.


Unrelenting Force/Cyclone or Dual-cast Wind spell + Wind enchanted bow

A signature move of the Acolyte, allowing the him to keep his distance while prickling the enemy full of arrows. A reliable gust of wind throws back enemies to a manageable distance, allowing enchanted arrows to pin or ragdoll enemies to stagger them even further back.

 Always a cat out of touch with his spiritual brethren, the Acolyte, like many of his people, had fallen prey to the rampant poverty and drug trade in the south. Leaving prison after some years, he found himself in the House of the Winds, learning their trade, feeling the Winds in his fingers, and healing his soul after his long years as a criminal. One day, he got a station, a permanent land where the Lady’s Breath blew high, a land in need of a protector. And so he was sent to Skyrim.

Seeking redemption in the light of the Lady of the Winds is difficult and more often than not, it becomes easier to slip into the indulgences of the previous life and all it had offered before (Thieves Guild, Lights Out!, Promises to Keep) but the Acolyte still manages to do good by the Lady and the Mother Cat in his travels and tenures (Blessings of Nature, Book of Love), helping both the furred and the fur-less in need (Missing in Action, Blood on the Ice, Forsworn Conspiracy, Wolf Queen Awakened) as he struggles to represent the Lady’s goodwill. In this service to his patrons in Skyrim and following their ways, the Acolyte begins to understand his place and what it means to become a good cat.

Finally, Khenarthi’s Voice touches him softly and guides him to where the overlarge, winged cats breathe their fire and threaten the safety of Mundas (Main Quest). She sees through his imperfections and grants her servant the Voice to call upon the most primal of Winds, that with form the Breath of the Lady. In this service, he finds in himself a hero and he abandons the guild he had become so well known in, escaping with their precious Skeleton Key and spiting Azurah’s dark twin.

In joining a band of mercenaries who hunt the un-living (Dawnguard), he guides them along the endless paths and trails of his land as they destroy the ancients. Finding another group of mercenaries that remind him so of the Winds in Elsweyr, as they struggle for their personal honour and glory (Companions). He tries to show them the Sands Beyond the Stars and to not be led astray from the afterlife they truly deserve, curing themselves of the Hungry Cat’s greedy affliction. But, without a word, the Acolyte leaves to find his fortunes elsewhere, on the roads of his land.


Thanks to the artists whose work I've borrowed, edited, and used, including our very ownSotek who drew the original image on the stat section. [ X , X , X ], not to mention the creators of the Wind Magic mod for inspiring this character.

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  • Another beautiful gem Elysium. I rarely - if at all - play an Archer but this build has persuaded me otherwise. Don't forget your Rank:Apprentice tag

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