My Builds

Most of my builds are very heavy on the lore and roleplay. I love creating characters to fill the world and don't often use flashy new mechanics or mods. 


My Favourites

The Buoyant Armiger. A Dunmer champion of the late Lord Vivec, a roguish archer with crusader magic.

The Squib. An elf born without magic, who resorts to using staffs, scrolls, and other magical gadgets to compensate. 

The Last Sorcerer Queen. The final hope of the scattered surviving Ayleids, a powerful politician who seeks to restore their old empire, a child of Meridia and starlight.

The Pale Lady. The ghost of an ancient Snow Elf, seeking vengeance on the heirs of Ysgrammor. It pushes Become Ethereal to its limit.

Shamans of Skyrim. A triple-threat build of three shamans: spiritual leaders of their tribes, a supporter class with DPS potential. Forsworn, Orcish, and Skaald flavours.


Dunmer Builds

The Hand of Almalexia. A sole survivor devoted to the Tribunal god, Almalexia, a powerful warrior with a host of battle strategies.

Divayth Fyr. The wizard-lord of House Telvanni, a mer of mythic proportions, and consumate survivor. 

The Vengeance of House Hlaalu. The vampiric consumate survival of Crassius Curio, the once-jovial author of the Lusty Argonian Maid.

The Incarnate. My first build, and take on the Nerevarine of Morrowind, a champion of the Dunmer.


Khajiit Builds

The Werelion. An evil Khajiit "shapeshifter", consumed by Namiira of the Darkness, staying alive through supreme health regen.

The Mane of Elsweyr. The consumate leader of the Khajiit, uniquely gifted and cursed by the Twin Moons.

Fang of the Dominion. A Khajiiti Thalmor soldier who becomes slowly disillusioned with the organization.


Other Builds

The Snow Prince. A champion of the Snow Elves and paladin of Auri-El, with a unique soul gem/alchemy magic. 

Azra Nightwielder. The original Shadow Mage, harnessing the power of multiple dimensions and playing with the sci-fi aspects of TES.

The Knight of the Imperial Dragon. A corrupted Imperial legionaire, spurred by her newfound power as a vampire and a Tongue.

Order of the Lily. Paladin of Dibella, who follows down a twisted path of beauty.

Elysium replied to Elysium's discussion Character Build: The Lone Clan Mother in Skyrim Character Building
"Thanks, Ponty! It did feel a little daunting, but the lore was a lot of fun to delve into. "
Dec 2, 2019
Elysium replied to Elysium's discussion Character Build: The Lone Clan Mother in Skyrim Character Building
"Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the playstyle, it was much more sneaky than I'm used to. I'm glad to be back!"
Dec 2, 2019
Elysium posted a discussion in Skyrim Character Building
It's been a very long time since I've posted a build. I don't even wanna think how long. Either way, I'm back with a shiny new Khajiit build with tons of lore and roleplay. Check out my profile for the rest of my builds.
Special thank you to Teccam…
Dec 2, 2019
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Dec 2, 2019
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How did you find this community?

Years ago, I joined the Tamriel Vault (then, Skyrim Blog) and followed the same crew around TES sites.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Morrowind, Skyrim, ESO

What Fallout games have you played?

Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

No, but my sick character builds do. So much lore and roleplay that they pretty much build themselves.


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