Contest Build - Soul Eater

What entered is unknown and doesn’t matter, but what returned is a fate worse than death.

Come forth

the Soul Eater

The Masters have tasks for you. 8134959853?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Soul Eater, once made a deal for power, but forgot to make it his power. Now the Ideal master have a tool to be used in any way they see fit. And if it tries to rebel it can be cut of from its power source. The Ideal Master will make you uphold your part of the contract. You will obey.


Dunmer Vampire, the natural fire resistance of the Dunmer being the best before finishing this build. Dunmer also starts with higher Destruction making it easier to bring to 100. The Dunmer race is also in part the bases for the dremora in Skyrim, in terms of game data, making it the ideal bases for a weapon form the Cairn. The sex is personal preference. As for the vampire part only the no stat regen in during the day will be of use and the being undead finds the Ideal Masters.

Stat distribution

Stats: 5/5/5 starting with 5 levels in Magicka and working to the right. This gifs the Soul Eater the stats it needs to do what it is made for.


8098730280?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Soul Eater's primary source of damage is the lighting of the Soul Cairn. Using Thunderbolt and Lighting Storm. Till it has excess to those spells use Lighting Rune, it gives the most exp of the early game spells. Healing spells up to Close Wounds, the Soul Eater does not have a lot of health and stamina and will have to heal regularly, making it rely on the Ideal Masters to even stay alive. For the Ideal Masters supply the magic, with the Atronach Stone being increased with a 100% fortify restoration potion, magicka will have to be restored with the usage of a summoning staff. Exchanging souls for magicka, for power. For that is how the Masters work. The Shouts are also of the Soul Cairn, Soul Tear is like the Masters, Storm Call is like the Soul Cairn itself a constant barrage of lighting. For this is Ancient Power the Masters possess, and with the blessing of Durnehviir the Soul Eater it truly like a dragon. The Blessing of Talos is there for mechanical reasons to make the Shouts easier in there use. For levelling it is best to start with the Mage Stone.  


8098595257?profile=RESIZE_710xOne stolen Star

The Soul Eater is clad in the Daedric Armor set minus the helmet, for the head the mask Zahkriisos is used instead, which still works with Daedric Smithing. A one-handed Daedric weapon enchanted with Soul Trap to always be able to trap the souls. Than the Necromancer Amulet used to reduce the stat regeneration making the Soul Eater more reliant on the Ideal Masters. The Ring of the Erudite in combination with the Necromancer Amulet and the enhanced Atronach Stone allows the Soul Eater to have enough magicka for a round of combat. Magicka, which as mentioned in the previous segment, has to be recovered using a summoning staff. The Atronach Forge is the easiest way to get one of those. Staff of Storm Atronach is the strongest  that can be easily uptrained. If you want to make this build more difficult use a two weaker staff can be uptrained here, if you are mad you can try and find a Staff of the Familiar, recovering the least and running out the fastest. 

What also is needed is a total of 33% fortify Alchemy to make precisely 100% fortify Restoration potions to strengthen the effect of the Atronach Stone this can be done with a combination of the mask Krosis, the Ring of Pure Mixtures and a self-made fortify alchemy effect of 1%. As well as the use of Yellow Mountain Flowers and Salt Pile. These potions should also be used during combat. As well as the 100% fortify Destruction that can be make with this gear. Fortify One-Handed it optional Destruction deals more damage and should be the primary damage source.



The Soul Eater's primary skill is Destruction, followed by Enchanting, though Enchanting needs no perks. For Destruction all the way up to master. Disintegrate for you are not interested in the bodies only the souls. Restoration is also important but the healing should be costly and thus only go up to novice. But Respite is needed to be able to recover stamina in during the day. The Soul Eater is still undead. Smithing up to Daedric, to get the armor of Oblivion. Alchemy for the needed potions, all the perks that make potions stronger. Heavy Armor for melee protection and One-Handed as backup. 8098594477?profile=RESIZE_710x



The Soul Eater is made to collect souls for the Ideal Masters and devour them for power. To get to de Ideal master you go to the Dawnguard questline on the vampire side. Till you get excess to the Yellow Mountain Flower. The questline is thus not mend to be finished, for Harkon is why you needed power and you are not be able to wield against him. Once you have the Yellow Mountain Flowers the build can be finished. And the work of the Soul Eater can begin. You will have to get Soul Tear before getting a 100% spell absorption.

The main questline of Skyrim and Dragonborn should we completed, Alduin and Miraak are just competition after all, there souls should be brought back to the Ideal Masters. The College of Winterhold will have to be joined, but only for the staves and spells its questline is not of interest for the Soul Eater.

8098597485?profile=RESIZE_710x One stolen Beacon

But then there is work to be done. For the Master also want special souls. Souls asociated with other divine entities. Less competition om Mundus means less competition in Oblivion, securing the continued Ideal existence.

Clam the souls that don’t worship the Ideal Masters. Take the star from Azura and kill the priestess, The Black Star. Start The Break of Dawn and keep the beacon. Kill the  priest of Boethiah during The House of Horrors as well as that Vigilant. Kill Eola and the other cannibals, The Taste of Death. Destroy the Skull of Corruption and kill the priests and keep their souls, Waking Nightmare.

When you have excess dragon souls, return to the Soul Cairn and have the souls drained out of you. And kill any Daedra worshiper and Divine worshipers if you can.


The attack plan is open with Soul Tear before the target can react, it is your strongest attack and can give a temporary ally with thanks of the Masters. Target the mages first not because they are dangerous, but because they would make it too easy. Mages stronghold should be avoided if possible, especially necromancers for they already deal with the Masters.

Then switch to your spells mostly Thunderbolt and Lighting Storm, only Ice Spear why needed. If you have the time and space use Lighting Storm like against magic users, who have to be dealt with first, if not, use Thunderbolt and your soul trap weapon. When out of magicka switch to the staff to recover. Your chosen staff and Thunderbolt can and should be cast together for a continues offensive pressure. Heal up when needed and leave only ash behind, for the bodies are not needed. You don’t need them anymore.

Fights should not last long and the time in between fights should be short. Be aggressive, kill the target, recover all start with your staff and healing spell. And of to the next target. Do not conserve the charge of the summoning staff, recharging is quick and easy, but magicka is your lifeline. 


Closing thoughts

For this build I originally intended to have no stat regeneration at all. Amplifying the negative effects of the Necromancer Amulet and the Atronach Stone with fortify Restoration, but turns out that fortify restoration doesn’t effect the Necromancer Amulet, nor the other pieces of equipment. This idea was based on a challenge run, make a non-stat regenerating build, I intended on doing. Too bad it couldn’t be done, at least I don’t know of a way, so for those that came this far I would like it if you could answer the following question. Do you know of a way to stop stat regeneration in its entirety?

Thank you for ready. And know this. One should never make a deal with the Ideal Masters. 8098793499?profile=RESIZE_710x



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  • I've always been intrigued by limiting stat regeneration and have played with the idea of this in several playthroughs, using everything from mods that prohibit magicka regen on the Atronach stone, using the Necromancer's Amulet, to the Advanced Atronach, to even giving my character witbane with console commands to achieve the effect. So I like that you are playing with this idea for this build. It gives the gameplay a nice challenge knowing that your magicka pool is finite. You think with more strategy. 

    Heavy investment into crafting is something that I'm not especially into as a Skyrim player. I was briefly tinkering with an Ideal Masters build, very similar to yours, but I chose not to craft. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I like the spin on Destruction and the reason behind using Disintigrate based on the lightning strike in the Soul Cairn.

    How did you handle early game? And how did you handle Zahkriisos?

    Be sure that you edit and proof read your build before the judges starte evaluating builds. I am see quite a few awkward phrases and missing words that makes reading the build more difficult. 

    • I get that, crafting can be annoying indeed. But thanks that you like it.

      As for obtaining Zahkriisos, that was one of the first things I did, using a combination of Teldryn Sero, low difficulty and brute force. As for the early game after that Lightning Rune is quite powerful, so it made short work of most early enemies, good for leveling too. A staff of Storm Atronach would have made it easier now I think about it.

      And thanks for the warning/tip.

      • Alright, now I get it. See, that's super different than what I do, I play the build the difficulty it's supposed to be in endgame at the beginning of the game.So if I did Zahkriisos it would be at the build's difficulty, whether I had the gear or not. I see, you just made a light bulb go up in my head. I understand now that people don't always do this. Thanks for telling me that. 

        • Yeah, if the challenge of the build is not derived for the difficulty setting, I don't see a reason to make it so. Especially with this character, that doesn't really start till after you have met the Ideal Masters. 

  • I am sadly not well versed enough in the game intricacies to answer your question, but I like the build that's for sure. I like the "deal" with the Ideal Masters and maybe you could have created a small backstory to further explain that.

    I liked that build simple gameplay wise with some constraints to make it more interesting.

    • Thank you. As for the back story. My intention of was to indicate how much was lost with that deal.

  • What a cool build. I don't think you can reduce the stat regeneration any more than you already did though. At least not without mods, or maybe console commands.

    But that aside, I love the flavour. What you did with the thunder from the Cairn, and going around the lack of mana with a staff. Very cool!

    • Thanks, yeah console can work.

      I found playerenchantobject 1396b 0010DE1A 0010DE18 this gives Daedric Armor with a hidden damage health and stamina regen. This should work if used after hitting level 25 Enchanting together with the Necromancer Amulet. 

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