Contest build : The Vigil of Molag Bal

Backstory : "Marion no ! » the reverberation of her voice in her coffin woke up Selena Vitalli. Always the same nightmare, the moment when the darkness came inside her heart. The loss of her partner and the fall of the Hall of Vigilants, all these thoughts continued to haunt her. She felt so weak, without a goal nor hope. Joining the Dawnguard seemed to be a good option; a suicide mission. All that changed when she met Serana, awoken from her long slumber. She gave off strength and charisma beyond her imagination. Becoming a vampire after hunting them for so long why not after all, she had nothing to lose. She embrace this un-life with all her will finding a thirst she never knew. The taste of the blood invigorated Selena's undead body. The life she took warmed her being giving her more strength . The gifts of Lord Harkon were great but even he was nothing compared to her new god. She swore to become his most faithfull servant; The Vigil of Molag Bal.


Race Imperial for the helpful boost of restoration and other racial bonuses

Standing Stone Mage then lover and when you get enought skills the Lord Stone

Stat 1 magicka/ 2 health / 1 stamina every 50 points in health

Major skills :

One handed : Armsman 5/5, fighting stance, savage strke, critical charge and bone breaker 3/3

Alteration : novice-expert magic resistance 3/3, stability and atronach

Restoration : novice-adept regeneration,respite,  necromage, recovery optional avoid death

Enchanting : enchanter 5/5, insightful enchanter, corpus enchanter, extra effect

Minor skills :

Conjuration : ( only after becoming a vampire) novice-expert necromancy, dark soul, twin souls

Heavvy armor juggernaut 5/5


Before joinning Harkon :

Leveled mace ( iron , steel and elven) enchanted with shock

Leveled robe of restoration

Leveled heavy boots and gantlets (iron, steel and plate) enchanted with fortify one handed and heavy armor

Circlet of your choice enchanted with fortify conjuration and alteration

Ring of your choice with a regenerate magicka enchantment

Collar of your choice with fortify one handed

Once your join  Harkon you evolve with an eviler style

Mace of Molag Bal

Leveled robe of conjuration (master is the best)

With the atronach forge daedric gauntlet( fortify one handed and heavy armor) daedric boots (resist fire and muffle)

Circlet with fortify destruction and fortify conjuration

Amulet of the necromancer

Ring of the erudite

Shouts : as vigilant unrelenting force , fire breath ( one world), become etheral.

As vampire marked for death,soultear , summon Dumehviir and and drain vitality.


Gameplay : Play as a vigilant until you got the necromage perk hunt all evil force  or undead with your mace. Your are depressed and angry every risky mission is good for you. Once you become a vampire you will be hungry for more and more power start to use spells forbidden like necromancy or summon soul cairn minions.Don't hesitate to use range  shout or the vampire lord form your character will be prettty weak in close combat (specially against a group of two handed vigilants).

Quests : main until Dragon rising to unlock the shouts, College of Winterhold to get access to the trainers, unfathomable depths ( to boost your AR) and most important Dawnguard Volkihar side.

Closing note : as you probably noticed it's a pure vanilla build but feel free to add some mods to spice it at your will. This build can be hard at the begining but once you become a vampire , oh boy , it's fun to play i hope you will enjoy it as i did .


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  • Glad you could manage to post this in time. I took the liberty of tagging your build for you. Also, I notice a broken image in your build just ahead of the gameplay section.

    • Thank you again Curse for your help for my first build in english

  • I'm liking the dual-playstyle you've got here. Always enjoy when a character goes through a dramatic change halfway through the playthrough. Good luck on the contest!

    • Thank you Shadon i tried to make an interrising build even without mod i'm glad you liked it

  • This is a super tragic build and story, and I'm loving it! Losing a loved one and then pursuing power for revenge... it's beautiful! Fantastic job, and congratulations on your first English build. You did amazing, friend!!!

    • Thank you for the encouragement Kendrix i appreciate it

  • I'll admit, I'm not always interested in vanilla builds, but the whole duality thing is pretty cool. Always love me some solid character development, even in Skyrim builds.

    I also have to come clean a bit and say your character worshipping Molag Bal also drew me in for obvious reasons...

    • Hello Johnnyawe thank you for your comment. The choice to make a pure vanilla build is due to technical difficulties with my computer i was oblige to make it on my old Xbox 360

  • I quite like how the character changes between the stages, you can almost say that you are playing another character.

    +1 for me

    • Thank you Nystee for tour comment and your support

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