Event Build: Captain Stats

10252698878?profile=RESIZE_710xNanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananana Stats, man

A former High Elf Thalmor that became a pirate Captain after getting hit in the head. Now in need of treasure, drinks and a crew, a clear improvement. A Captain even the dead fear.



Everything is geared towards stats, of course, speaking of stats 1 to 1 in Health and Magicka. Using the new Dark Moon enchant and the as chest piece counting Captains Boots from Dead Man's Dread it is possible to have all 12 enchant increase attributes. Placing Dark Moon, Fortify Health, Fortify Magicka and Fortify Stamina on Mourner’s Hat, Gloves, Necklace, Ring, Captains Clothing, Captains Boots, Necklace, Ring, Mourner’s Hat, Gloves, Captains Clothing and Captains Boots respectively. The Enchantments can and should be made as strong as you want, thanks to AE it never has to end. So no need to optimize it, though getting all enchants over at least 100, very doable thanks to Dreugh Wax or Stoneflower Petals and everything else that improves enchanting. Using a backpack is optional, the equipment is light and you are the Captain. Mage Backpack fits well with the outfit. And if you can find Vampire Gloves use those over regular Gloves, Vampire Gloves look slightly better.



For what is a pirate without his drinks.

SR-icon-ingredient-Salmon Roe.pngA kind of Magicka

Salmon Roe+Jazbay Grapes=Fortify Magicka+Regenerate Magicka. good for when you have to cast that one really expensive spell right now and recover thereafter.



SR-icon-ingredient-Creep Cluster.pngLoot and Plunder

Creep Cluster+Glowing Mushroom+Steel-Blue Entoloma=Fortify Carryweight+Fortify Destruction+Restore Magicka. For more looting and more plundering.

SR-icon-ingredient-Lyretail Anthias.pngDave’s Locker

Lyretail Anthias+Sload Soap=Fortify Conjuration +Fortify Alteration. Difficult to get and rarely needed, but still nice to have.

SR-icon-ingredient-Purple Butterfly Wing.pngStats Go Brrr

Purple Butterfly Wing+Garlic+(Fly Amanita/Mora Tapinella/Scaly Pholiota)=Regenerate Health+Regenerate Magicka +Regenerate Stamina. Late game potion for which only Purple Butterfly Wing is hard to get, requiring the near completion Saints & Seducers and after that is still difficult to get.

SR-icon-ingredient-Screaming Maw.pngAnother kind of Magicka

Screaming Maw+Thorn Hook=Regenerate Magicka+Regenerate Health. Also a late game potion, also requiring the near completion Saints & Seducers for both ingredients this time, but after doing so is easier to get, for the two plants? respawn more reliably then the Wings. Can replace 'A kind of Magicka' with its stronger Regenerate Magicka.

SR-icon-ingredient-Fungus Stalk.pngThe Most Exquisite Drink of them ALL

Fungus Stalk+Salmon Roe+Boar Tusk => to found out for yourself!



Conjuration is the primary skill for the early game, later on it becomes more effective to use primarily Destruction, when that has become cheap enough and the Stats great enough. Enchanting gives Captain Stats most of his Stats, were as Alchemy is primarily for the regeneration of the attributes and extra boosts. Because of Dark Moon's Health regeneration debuff, Restoration is definitely needed and easier to level as well. Alteration for defence. Lastly Lockpicking is used to get to more treasure. Extra ranks in Mage Armor, Avoid Death and Second Rank of Augmented Shock are optional additional picks if you have the perk points to spare.



You start of with mostly the basic spells, Oakflesh, Healing, ect, but it is important to get Unbounded Freezing as soon as possible, it is your main Destruction spell. Unbounded Freezing gives you a measure of unparalleled battlefield control. Even if it doesn't deal damage halve the time, 1 tap is enough and the crew can handle it from there, giving you plenty of time to Regenerate. Combined with Whirlwind Cloak it makes most melee enemies meaningless. The combination of freezing enemies and launching then away with Whirlwind Cloak is always fun to see.

When Destruction is maxed, it becomes easier to deal the damage yourself, To Loot and to Plunder with Lightning Storms or a double Unbounded freezing and shocking and blowing the rest away. Keeps your crew on edge. And pray to Arkay that is the shrine on the ship.

10253140259?profile=RESIZE_710xDidn't take care of the crew

Summoning your crew

Conjure Skeleton Minion => Warlock are the lookouts and soldiers your crew and used whenever needed.

Conjure Bone Colossus blows the sails bringing you where ever you need to be.

Conjure Staada is treasure, a good argument for a deal, to get what you want.

The Ritual Stone gets you the rest of the crew.

The Conjurations are immune to the freezing effect of Unbounded Freezing but can be harmed by Unbounded Storms so be careful when using the latter with summons.


Ralis is your navigator as well as the man manning the artillery. He has a map to hidden treasure and you have a ship to get there. Using a Daedric Crossbow stolen from the Fletcher in Solitude and Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana to great effect, and staying out of range of your Unbounded spells.

10253139671?profile=RESIZE_710xPet Elytra's

The power of your pet Elytra's should be used before entering battle especially the Elytra's Fierce Aura of the Demented Elytra Nymph. The Fierce Aura has a large AoE, comparable with Call to Arms, in contrast with the Uplifting Aura, being more of a Rally AoE.


Getting married and adopting children helps fill the ship, marrying Mjoll the Lioness will make Aerin show up as well from time to time. Always fun to have a guest over. Seeing Aerin walk off again because he doesn't know how the ships map works. Bye Aerin.


Collage of Winterhold for Spells and the Atronach Forge

House Telvanni for more Spells

Thieves Guild for No Stone Unturned, wealth and Fences


Dead Man's Dread for a home and equipment

Arcane Accessories  for even more spells

Saints & Seducers for a spell and a number of ingredients

Alternative Armors for Daedric Mail

Bloodchill Manor for Necromantic Healing, a Conjure Soul Cairn undead spell and a secret base

Bittercup for great Fortune


Unearthed for Ralis and special items

The Heart of Dibella for the Statue

No Stone Unturned for the great treasure

Any quest with great booty for more treasure

10253298852?profile=RESIZE_710xChild labor in action





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  • Great Build.

    I just dont know what the Dark Moon Enchantment is and where do I find it? Didnt get any information about it...

    • If it's the Lunar Moon Enchantment, its at Silent Moon camp. Does Fire Damage when it's night

    • The Dark Moon Enchant is the name of the enchant Elite/Ascendant Necromancer Hood, it increases Magicka at twice the rate of Fortify Magicka and decreases Health regeneration decreased by 30%.
      The hoods are added by the Necromantic Grimoire CC and start spawning from level 40 onwards on (Boss) Necromancers.

      Skyrim:Ascendant Necromancer Hood - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)
  • This build is not bad but there are many things that you can improve. As stated above I don't know what the dark moon enchant is and it might be nice to explain it since it's a new thing. Also, you need to check the spelling and grammar of the build.

    I didn't quite understand what you meant by that sentence "Using the new Dark Moon enchant and the as chest piece counting Captains Boots from Dead Man's Dread it is possible to have all 12 enchant increase attributes."

    Also I'm sure you can find a better name, as Captain Stats doesn't really scream mage (just my opinion)

    I hope you will come back to the build and work some more on it, cheers mate


    • Yeah, I tried to finish this build in time, becoming a rushed job and writing isn't my strong point any way. So if you or anybody for that matter can point them out more clearly that would be great.

      As for that sentence, it states that all 6 of the equipped items have 2 enchants that increase the attributes, thanks to Dark Moon and Captains Boots. Normal boots can't hold two Attribute increasing enchants. The hand and head slot could before AE only have Fortify Magicka as Attribute increasing enchant. Dark Moon also increases Magicka but more and can be placed on the head, hand, ring and necklace slots. 

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