Event Build: Knights of the Benevolence

KKWgWDE.pngFreezing. The cold weather of Dawnstar pierced my bones as my steps slowly drifted the snowy roads that lead to the once-so-called Nightcaller Temple, now a hall of the most influential Templar Knightly Order across Skyrim. As I opened the enormous door, the sight of a Dunmer priest reading a book was present through my eyes.

“Excuse me. Are you Erandur?”

His soft voice soothed my weariness, “Yes, my daughter. What is it that I can help you with?”

“My name is Mila Valentia. I understand that you are in charge of the Knights of the Benevolence. I have trained and prepared myself. Please allow me to join the Order.”

His thick eyebrows rose, “If I may ask, why do you want to join the Order, my daughter?”

“The Maiden. Years ago, she saved my mother from the hands of vampires. She was my hero. I have begun to learn swordsmanship and the teachings of Mara, hoping to follow her path.”

The priest did not say anything. Only a smile was visible on his face as his eyes departed to one of the displays near the center of the hall; a mannequin dressed with the Maiden’s relics and a greatsword sitting next to it. A sword that once shone radiant light during Skyrim’s darker days.

“She was that kind of person,” the priest laughed.

“I never really get to know her. I only remember that she used to visit Whiterun when I was still but a little girl.”

A brief moment of silence. The priest started to tell of what little he knew about the Maiden.

OJiDBvY.pngHis tone embraced a sense of honor but also a hint of sadness that drawn the lonesome feeling of missing someone.

Our eyes locked again, “Allow me to ask you again, my daughter. Are you certain that you want to become a Maran Knight?”

I clenched my right fist near my heart, “Yes. Yes, I am, Sir!”

“I see. The roads ahead might be harsh and paved with hardships. But if the Lady’s radiance has shone in you, who am I to hinder your noble cause? Then, I welcome you to the Skyrim chapter of the Maran Knights Order. Welcome to the–




Hello and welcome! While I just finished a Paladin character for my last build, the calling of the Crossworld event motivated me to finally finish my Crusader’s draft surrounding the lore of the Maran Knights, a Knightly Templar Order that serves and protects the temples of Divine Mother Mara. Challenging the perception that Mara and her worshippers are all-loving and receiving, this build presents the power needed to reach and preserve that ‘love’. Which shadow dares to threaten the Mother’s Benevolence when her Behemoth guards it?

Song: The Maid from Orleans



Version: Anniversary Edition, although playing on Special Edition is possible with some adjustments. I briefly summarized the SE version at the very end of the build.

Difficulty: Master+

Recommend Mods: None of these mods significantly alter the gameplay and are more for roleplaying purposes. Worry not, playing on vanilla is still perfectly viable.




6YBKKYz.pngWhen the love of the Goddess of Love was threatened and innocents prayed for help, Mara bestowed a vision to the Patriarch of Her Benevolence as the events in Skyrim unfurled. The temple entrusted this duty solely to one of its most skilled knights. The one guided by the Mother’s vision. The one who can hear her soothing whispers; the Maiden.

MfD18P7.pngqcYrLum.pngRace: Breton makes for a superior choice with their outstanding ability to withstand the deadliest spells. Moreover, who would not tremble upon seeing a short and muscular female Breton wielding a greatsword?

Morality: As a sworn knight of the Mother of Love, the Maiden is the metaphysical representation of Mara’s teachings. Even so, when chaos runs rampant and compassion is forsaken, her swings are true.

Blessing: Mara’s grace is always upon the Maiden, enabling her to cast Restoration spells more efficiently.

Standing Stone: The Lover is perfect to accommodate the leveling process. As the final setup, the Atronach or Apprentice offers a different combat approach. A unique take is presented with the Ritual for roleplaying and skill-leveling purposes.

Class: Charming and skilled in swordplay, defensive and destructive spells are also under the Maiden’s sleeves to keep her prevailing in every scenario.

Attributes: The pieces’ enchantment and Standing Stone selection provide extra nifty Magicka and Stamina. Due to the hefty cost of Master class spells, slightly prioritizing Magicka over Stamina is recommended. At level 45, I settled with the base stats of 240M | 320H | 180S.

Pets: No journey is truly complete without galloping on your swift and trusted steed. Other notable pets are the Demented and Manic Elytra Nymphs which can enhance the Maiden and her fellow Maran Knights’ combat skills.




Trained for years under the guidance of a skilled Maran Knight mentor, swordplay is the Maiden’s most impressive yet deadly skill. All perks are taken except War Master since she has better access to crowd control via Paralysis spells.



Blessed by Mara’s grace, the Maiden’s mastery in casting Restoration spells is without question. She will progressively utilize several Restoration spells as offensive and defensive mechanisms, hence why cutting the casting cost is necessary.



Mara is indeed the Mother of Love and Compassion. Even so, for those who have forsaken her in the name of evil, her mercy lies in her blazing wrath. Perks that boost fire and lightning damage further bolster the Maiden’s main spells.



Alteration represents Mara’s protection that grants the Maiden near impenetrable defense, allowing her to become an unstoppable chariot carrying the love of Mara. Flesh spells and Atronach perk are crucial in realizing this gift.




Wise knights know how and when to temper their equipment and sharpen their weapons before crucial battles. Accustomed to novice blacksmithing knowledge, the Maiden will learn more advanced techniques as she travels the land of Skyrim.


o7Yslgx.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Heavy Armor

With the help of Smithing, mastering the skill of Heavy Armor is not necessarily crucial. With only moderate perking and some enchanted pieces, the Maiden can reach the max Armor Rating cap with her finely crafted and tempered armor.



A Crusader class generally does not possess expertise at blocking. While this is true for the Maiden, the perk Quick Reflexes sharpens her swordplay instinct to avoid and cancel almost all incoming power attacks. Neatly-timed blocking can turn the table during combat.



Decades of experience leading the other Maran Knights and communing with other people during her tenure as Mara’s messenger have greatly honed the Maiden’s charisma. She will receive much easier access when haggling with merchants.




While destructive spells are the Maiden’s main ranged damage dealer, having a crossbow as a backup weapon helps to maintain the magicka consumption, especially in the early to mid-game stage. The quest to obtain the Ebony Crossbow is also very fitting, and the elegant weapon falls under the Ebony class smithing.



Mara’s animal totem for the Atmoran is the Sacred Wolf and the Nordic pantheon refers to her as the Mother Wolf. Bretons also possess the knowledge of a wolf familiar summoning with their most gifted starting skill. Used sparingly in the early game, the familiar acts as a decoy and can offer a brief distraction.


Ritual Stone & Skills-Leveling

jnEokGt.png?profile=RESIZE_400xWhile there are no credible validations, some clues hint that Mara is related to the Ritual power to some extent. Do check this post if you are curious. With that concept in mind, we will utilize Ritual Stone to represent Mara’s love, a love that bestows mercy even upon damned souls slain by the Maiden.

Stored in the Atherium Crown, you can reset the cool-down timer of Ritual Stone simply by re-equipping the crown. Rather than reviving the corpses as minions, purifying and blessing their souls with the Mother’s love for the last time is more commendable. This is done by casting Turn or Repel Undead spells on the raised corpses.

The power has a 3 minutes duration before the corpses lay cold for the second time. Since they will become agro after being purified, putting them back to rest with your hands is preferable. Any damage dealt and spell cast will count toward the leveling progress. Thus, you will level Two-Handed, Restoration, Destruction, and Alteration simultaneously.

Abiding this roleplay means fighting the enemies twice and might give an extra challenge when the power reanimates stronger corpses. Consider using the Ritual Stone power only on vile beings like undead, necromancers, or bandits who have done horrific acts (their settlement shows a trace of torture or civilian corpses).


yVSKSCa.png7yMJs52.pngBMVjAtQ.pngAnniversary Edition allows us to dress the Maiden’s final look relatively early. Not only do we aim for that elegant yet menacing Bretony knight vibe, the enchantments and quests also shape the Maiden’s prowess and personality. The pieces (save the ring and the hood) are easily obtainable with some clever tricks.

To obtain the beautiful Ebony S. K. Armor and Boots early, rather than slaughtering the whole Karthspire Camp, circle the back of the mountain to directly reach the Hagraven’s Coven. Use Dragonskin and Atronach Stone to safely close the distance and show them the true terror of Mara’s slaps. For Chyrsamere, cleverly jump the Forelhost front gate stonework to reach the top open hall where the Lost Paladin awaits to test your skill and determination.

The Extreme Magicka variant of the Necromancer Hood, unfortunately, will only appear at later levels. Another alternative is the Mage Circlet which is easier to get, looks just as fantastic, and is slightly stronger if obtained starting from level 25. The Fastened Shield nicely covers the slight back-clipping of the hood and armor, and is crucial to reach the max Armor Rating. More importantly, the negative effect forces you to embrace the identity of a wholly Crusader.

Consider unlocking Ebony Smithing at around levels 35 to 40. My favored method to quickly maximize Smithing skill is to craft and temper Dwarven Bows. Ancient Knowledge, Fortify Smithing pieces, Well Rested Bonus, and the Warrior and Lover Stone (one is stored in the Aetherium Crown) can all be applied together when upgrading the bows to fasten the leveling process.


Benefits of Smithing

Nqe2wAF.png?profile=RESIZE_400xCombat: Smithing is the key to boost the Maiden’s overall damage and Armor Rating to an astonishing level. A Blacksmith Elixir and four pre-enchanted pieces; Arcane Blacksmith Apron, Orcish Plate Gauntlets (from the “Smith ‘N Slash” quest), and a necklace and ring of Peerless Smithing are needed to optimize the tempering results. With all four pieces and the Elixir, your weapons and armor are 145% stronger after being tempered.

Economy: Crafting and selling jewelry is exceptionally profitable in the early stage. Save the precious gems and iron ores you found as you can transmute the ores into silver and gold ones. Unlocking the Orcish Smithing perk allows you to create and sell Orcish Plate pieces for quite the price. Be sure to befriend those Orsimer Strongholds!

Roleplay: Building the new halls for the chapter, decorating them with armor and weapons, and crafting the finest equipment for your fellow Maran Knights are parts of the roleplay core elements. Quite some work behind the crafting table indeed.


yVSKSCa.png49aw57k.pngNdLzyVR.pngCombat is straightforward and fast-paced. Imagine yourself playing a Doom Guy character, moving from one area to another while slicing, dicing, and blasting wicked creatures. By the time you optimize her skills, the Maiden will become a powerhouse. Still, she will not leave the battlefield unscratched.

Combat typically starts by casting Flesh and Cloak spells before marching with your greatsword. Elemental spells are her preference when dealing with ranged enemies. Restoration spells play a major role in sustaining the Maiden’s overall playstyle, replenishing all her stats and functioning as a crowd control against the undead.

The Maiden is mainly a rearguard (tanker), but she can also take the role of a vanguard (healer/spell-caster) when venturing with a melee class follower. While she is not a full support type, boosting the Maiden and her comrades’ stats is possible prior to facing dangerous opponents (see the Flag Weaving move).



Swordplay is your biggest enjoyment when engaging in a battle. Rather than aggressively mashing the buttons, some simple moves can truly lit the moment.

3CAs5r0.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Three Points Strike: Standing Power Attack + Normal Attack + Normal Attack

Standing power attack has a moderate chance to stunt or stagger the target and deals the highest damage with the Devastating Blow perk, thus giving you enough time to launch another attack. This move is especially potent against slower enemies.


O4uz4fC.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Claymore Charge: Sprinting + Great Critical Charge

Great Critical Charge has a good chance of staggering the foe when used to open the combat. Due to the long animation and some enemies’ tendency to run and power attack, consider maintaining a moderate distance before launching the charge attack.


armN0jU.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Stellar Reflexes: Blocking + Sword-Bash + Standing Power Attack

With the Quick Reflexes perk, blocking an incoming power attack will slow down the time and give you a window to react. Rather than avoiding the attack, counter-attacking it with a single tap from sword-bash and standing power attack is more beneficial.


5qhT0Pu.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Circling Slash: Sword-Bash + Right Side Power Attack

The right-side power attack can position you behind the enemies’ back during the attacking animation, and if timed appropriately, it will stagger them and briefly stop the AI’s tracking system. To safely perform this, bash your opponent’s face first.


mz8xGaW.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Fluidity: Claymore Charge + Three Points Strike+ Circling Slash + Three Points Strike

Combing the moves above and the Maiden will perform elegant foot works. Start by landing a Great Critical Charge to stunt your foes and continue to slash and dice them. When they get back on their feet, quickly circle behind their feeble back. Power attacking your opponent’s back will stagger them forward.



Not only proficient with her extraordinary swordsmanship skills, the Maiden also possesses a handful of spells. For Shouts, to honor the knight’s code, any Shout that does not inflict passive de-buff to your opponents (e.g., Marked for Death and Drain Vitality) could be ‘shouted’. Companion Insight is the only crucial Black Book power to avoid triggering the Fastened Shield negative effect should you accidentally hit your follower.

TCGsIUR.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Divine Revelation: Clairvoyance & Aura Whisper/Detect Life/Detect Dead

She who can hear the subtle whispers of Mara knows where the road leads her. Her eyes see what others cannot see.


0f05azD.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Her Protection: Flesh Spells, Healing Spells, Circle of Protection, Guardian Circle, and Become Ethereal

She who has sacrificed the joy of life to serve the Divine Mother knows no pain nor fear. Scars collected all her life. Still, relentless she survives.


O6OB63c.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Flag Weaving: Scrolls of Calls to Arms, Demented and Manic Elytra Nymphs, and Dragon Aspects

She who used to wave the flag and raise fallen spirits needs no expertise in Illusion to boost her comrade’s morale. To Oblivion and back they will follow her.


Bf6PP94.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Heaven Retribution: Flame Cloak, Mara’s Wrath, and Fire Breath

She who is full of love and compassion shows the most terrifying side when the Divine Mother’s wrath blankets her body.


FTRwUSb.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Cannon Blast: Elemental Spells & Unrelenting Force

She who has witnessed countless battles was fascinated by the naval cannon mechanism. Her magic resembles this destructive power.


1tlltxm.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180Passive Attributes: Agent of Mara, Mother’s love, Gift of Charity, Sailor’s Repose, Force without Effort, and Companion Insight

She who prioritized others before herself often risks her own life. In return, those who received her help, even the deceased ones, guard her prayer.



The culmination of the Maiden’s skills that turns her into the bane of all evil. Utilizing late-game spells and high Spell Absorption, Mara blesses the Maiden with near-limitless power. These special moves are a single unity broken down into three steps which cover fast magicka regeneration, extreme defense, and high fire damage.
CERCLE DU CIEL: Clear Skies/Paralysis Rune + Guardian Circle

Praying amid battle, the sky lights up and Mara’s warmth bathes the Maiden with a heavenly Circle. With a high Spell Absorption rate, Guardian Circle becomes an infinite magicka well and will replenish the Maiden’s magicka incredibly fast. Due to the long casting animation, consider placing a Paralysis Rune or using Clear Skies Shout to buy more time for the Maiden to complete the spell casting.

LUMINOSITÉ ETERNELLE: Dragonhide + Dragonskin + Flag Weaving (Optional)

The absolute defense of the mighty Maran Knight that deflects both physical and magical damage to an extreme degree. With Atronach Perk, Chrysamere, and Dragonskin, the Maiden will absorb 90% of incoming spells and 100% if bolstered with the Atronach Stone. Having max Amor Rating negates 80% of any physical damage, and Dragonhide further increases the percentage to 96%. Fists of Randagulf and the Blocking skill top it all by granting a total of 97 to 98% damage reduction while blocking.


Heaven Retribution + Cannon Blast + Sun Flare (Optional)

The manifestation of the time when Her Benevolences saved the Maiden from her near-death experience, a proof that Mara will never forsake her. Remembering the fire that was about to burn her flesh, Mara’s Wrath manifest into flames that only harm those who walk on distorted path. With an infinite magicka supply from the Guardian Circle, blasting countles Elemental Blasts is now possible. Sun Flare is the cherry on top that presents a more glorious blazing carnival, adding extra fire damage.


Apprentice vs. Atronach

kBEqLlL.png?profile=RESIZE_400xApprentice: Apprentice Stone doubles the Maiden’s magicka regeneration, granting the luxury to comfortably cast most spells without relying heavily on Guardian Circle or potions. However, it comes at the cost of vulnerability toward hostile magic. The Atronach perk with Chrysamere still grants a 40% chance of Spell Absorption, and the Dragonskin ability doubles the percentage to 90% for 60 seconds. Even so, it is still quite challenging when facing higher-level magic users. Be more tactical when approaching mages!

Atronach: If you enjoy more challenge, I highly suggest playing with 0% magicka regeneration when choosing the Atronach. No magicka regen can be achieved by contracting Witbane or applying this neat trick by Sickliff. Atronach Stone grants immunity toward hostile spells at the cost of relying heavily on Guardian Circle or potions to replenish the Maiden’s magicka. And yes, you can fail to cast Guardian Circle if the Maiden is staggered during the long casting animation. Worst, the magicka spent on the casting cost will not recover. Be wiser when casting the spells!





TxbUKcq.pnguouL9iQ.png“I’ve been looking for you. Got something I’m supposed to deliver – your hands only. Let’s see here… a letter from your Order. They said the situation in Dawnstar is a dire matter.”

PfKvjBm.png?profile=RESIZE_584xp4aGAsC.pngObjectives: Protect Whiterun from the Dragon Attack, Save Dawnstar from Vaermina’s Hunger, and Build the Heljarchen Hall

Primary Quests: “Dragon Rising”, “Waking Nightmare”, and “Kill the Giant”

Arriving in Skyrim, the Maiden’s first mission is to investigate the supernatural phenomenon that terrorizes the people of Dawnstar. However, there will be other matters that she simply cannot overlook. Any quest that involves the safety and well-being of others and does not stray the Maiden too far from her mission is a matter that also needs to be settled.

Combat at this early level is fairly simple, combining basic Flesh and Healing spells with short rapid burst Flames spell and deadly swordplay. When facing mages, lightning spells are the sparkling stars. I highly suggest befriending Faendal and taking some free marksmanship lessons to grab the basic perks early, particularly the spells cost reduction ones.

Taking the Steel Smithing perk allows you to craft the beautiful Steel Soldier Armor that looks astonishing when combined with Novice Hood, Ironhand Gauntlets, Steel Cuffed Boots, a Backpack, and a Steel Greatsword. If you play without the Alternative Start mod, I recommend escaping Helgen alongside Hardvard so you can freely take Alvor’s steel ingots.

Witnessing the return of the ancient beasts, the Maiden offers her service to the Jarl and citizens of Whiterun. The position of the Thane is a symbol of their trust toward the Maiden’s good intention, toward Lady Mara’s will to preserve the peace in Skyrim. Often Venerated as Akatosh’s wife, Mara is also the handmaiden of Kyne in the Nordic Pantheon. There may be a reason the Divine Mother guides the Maiden in this cold-harsh land.

JKB2Lqu.png?profile=RESIZE_400xOnce you have done the necessary business in Whiterun, it is time to hit the road again and march to Dawnstar. If you travel from the eastern side, taking a short break in Candlehearth Hall is a good option. The quest for the Fists of Randagulf and Blade of the Ice Monarch can be started by reading Adonato Leotelli’s Journal in the tavern top hall.

Helping Erandur should be the first thing to do once you enter Windpeak Inn. The priest will be our first Maran Knight comrade and the guardian of the Nightcaller Temple, ensuring that the Mother’s love is always upon Dawnstar. Feel free to bring him as a follower for the rest of this part, as he makes for pleasant company and is a reliable Spellsword.

After Vaermina’s omen has ceased, Dawnstar will be your second stage to prove the Maiden’s skills and trustworthiness. Helping the citizen, becoming the hold Thane, and buying the plot of land marks the end of this part and a good launching point to start establishing the new Maran Knights chapter. Heljarchen Hall shall be the first to witness the new dawn.

 “Being a humble servant of Mara, I have little in the way of gold or coin, but perhaps I can offer you something better... companionship.” – Erandur


yVSKSCa.png7ugwAj7.png“There you are! Got another note from your Order. They didn’t say anything – only smiled when they received your letter. Suppose you did a great job in Dawnstar.”

TyRrBp7.png?profile=RESIZE_584x8BuksjM.pngObjectives: Protect the Temple of Mara in Riften, Become the Thane of the Holds, and Recruit new Maran Knight Candidates

Quests: “The Book of Love”, thane quests, and any good morality quest you encounter

As the Maiden starts building the new hall, the Order has entrusted a new duty to conquer the beast of Skyrim, Riften, and protect Mara’s Benevolence within the corrupted town. The starting point of this part lets you choose whether the Maiden will head straight to Riften or investigate the missing Spell Knights and start hunting the pieces for the final attire.

Stepping foot in Riften, your priorities are to complete the Temple quests and help the citizen, essentially turning Riften into a brighter place to ensure the Temple’s safety. Avoid any quest relating to the Thieves Guild and Blackbriar family. Once you become the thane and Riften is tamed, it is time to continue establishing the new chapter.



Forming a new group in a foreign land is no menial task, especially with how little the Maiden has in her disposition. Therefore, building a good reputation and gaining the favor of the people will ensure that everything goes as planned. This part is where we explore the land, travel between different holds, and offer the Maran Knights’ services.

What to Do:

cZshT76.png?profile=RESIZE_400xThane of the Holds: The title symbolizes gratitude and trustworthiness toward the Order’s services and intentions. The housecarls are the aids sent by the Jarls to assist us in raising the new Maran Knights Chapter.

The Companions: Sparring and training with Ysgramor’s fabled man-arms, the Companions, will certainly improve the recruits’ combat skills. We will only join the Companions and not delve into the main quests, especially after learning about Hircine’s influences.

The College of Winterhold: Some recruits are more proficient in casting spells than wielding a hulking sword. Establishing a good relationship with the College ensures that the new and future Maran Knights have a place to hone their arcane talents. I took the roleplay liberty of not becoming the Archmage.

Orc Strongholds: Becoming a Blood-Kin lets us trade with the Strongholds and enter their mines. While there are several ways to become a Blood-Kin, you can still do “The Cursed Tribe” quest. Once the quest is near its end, do not take Volendrung. Yes, the quest will not be complete, but we are here to help the Orcs, not to become the champion of Malacath.  

Civil War: Bretons typically have good relations with the Empire, and the unification under Mara’s love is one of Maran Knight’s visions. However, as the Thalmor left a bitter taste for the Northern Covenant during the Great War, the Civil War perspective might take an interesting turn. I eventually chose to pursue the diplomatic route to let me roleplay the Maiden as a healer, healing the wounded soldiers in Stormcloak and Imperial camps.

yRiB0au.png?profile=RESIZE_400xDawnguard: The defeat of the Vigilant Skyrim Chapter marks an impending threat from the night dwellers. The new Chapter will gladly help the re-established Dawnguard to combat the blood-sucking scums (I also received a mission from Florentius to save Carlotta Valentia, hence why Mila is in the Intro).

Solestheim: While most Dark Elves are followers of the Reclamations, Maran Knights hate only those who show intolerance. Therefore, there is no reason not to help the people of Solestheim (and the Ebony Mine is a nice bonus :P). Befriending the Skaal is also necessary for they will help us to defeat the First Dragonborn.

Dark Brotherhood & Molag Bals’ Quest: With Innocence Lost and House of Horrors mods, these two often-sinister-quests become doable for a noble knight. “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!” is still viable in vanilla, depending on your moral compass when punishing Grelod, but the Molag Bal’s quest is a big no-no without the mod.  

Threatening Places: Places like Gallows Hall, Wolfskull Cave, and Nordic tombs are often silent witnesses of dark practices. Purifying and sealing such places will prevent another horrific acts. A Rune spell can be cast on the entrance to represent the sealing.



Prioir to exploring the land, we can recruit two prominent candidates to safeguard the temple in Riften; Mjoll and Marcurio. While they have 0 morality, Mjoll is determined to seize evil and corruption, and Marcurio is a believer of the Divines. Simple criteria such as those are to be kept in mind when you start scouting other Maran Knight candidates.

With Hearthfire houses and Goldenhills Plantation, we can recruit up to 4 new Maran knights by giving them the steward position, granting a total of 7 pioneers for the new chapter (including Erandur, Mjoll, and Marcurio). Be sure to decorate your new hall(s) with books, spell tomes, weapons, and armor to provide a steady arsenal for the future Maran Knights.

How to Recruit:

dNmpGX6.png?profile=RESIZE_400xDangers lurk and roam the land of Skyrim from every corner. The title of the Maran Knight is only bestowed to those in good standing with Mara’s teachings and who possess extraordinary skills. Tackling the three most common threats that inhabit the land; bandits, undead, and dragons; is a great way to ensure whether your followers possess the necessary skills.

Successfully clearing at least a single bandits’ den, draugur or vampire dwelling, and dragon lair implies the recruits are ready to embrace the duty as proper Maran Knights. Higher difficulty settings and the mod Follower Can Die truly make the gameplay of this part shines. Yes, you can fail to establish the new chapter if you lose too many followers you deem worthy.

Be sure to keep an eye on your followers during their trials. Give them room to prove themselves, yet always be ready to protect and heal them should the need arise. I highly suggest to not reload a Quick Save, no matter what happens to your followers. On vanilla, the moment your followers reach 0 HP and kneel, they fail the trials. Should they succeed, then the new Maran Knight title is theirs to hold.

To celebrate the coming of the new Maran Knights, craft them the finest armor and weapons and place an Amulet of Mara on their chest, a proof that the Divine Mother is always watching their well-being. Traveling from one hold to another, helping others to build a good reputation, and establishing the new chapter are the most joyful moments of this part.

“Rarely in my travels have I encountered those who possess skills equal to your own. I see I still have much to learn. If you’d permit me, I’d be honored to accompany you in your travels for a time.” – Mjoll


yVSKSCa.pngCUogP3W.png“Here you go, another letter of your Order. Well, that – and also a thank you. Your friends helped me from hungry trolls yesterday. Pretty sure others in Skyrim also feel the same about your people. You have our gratitude.”

rjkN7el.png?profile=RESIZE_584xolX4qfC.pngObjective: Seize the Remaining Major Threats

Primary Quests: Main quests, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and “The Cause”

zicabAd.png?profile=RESIZE_400xWhether you succeed in establishing the new chapter or not, it is still the Maiden’s duty to combat the remaining threats in Skyrim. This part is where you focus on progressing the main, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn quest lines. If the new chapter is by your side, the more reason to finally face the impending threats. The chapter is now stronger and has the needed power with the new Maran Knights.

The remaining journey is to achieve Mara’s will for love and peace in Skyrim, and the new chapter will preserve them for years to come. Once the Divine Mother’s vision is realized, it is time to close the Maiden’s story in Skyrim. There are other regions in Tamriel where the Mother’s love is still violated. As one of her guided children, Skyrim is only a part of the Maiden’s journey.

To conclude the story, you can pass the position of the Chapter leader by giving Chyrsamere to the most trustworthy and memorable Maran Knight during your journey. I chose Erandur to lead the New Chapter. I also displayed all of the final armor the Maiden wore in the most established hall, simply roleplaying that Erandur was the one who displayed the relics after the Maiden’s departure.

Bid your comrades farewell and pray for their safety and prosperity. The Knights of the Benevolence have shone new dawn upon the land. The Mother’s love is finally within the heart of Skyrim people.

“I understand. We must all follow our own paths. If you visit Skyrim again, we’ll be here waiting for you.” – Erandur

“Such a shame. I thought we were getting along so well. I’ll protect this town should you return someday.” – Mjoll

“So, you think the chapter won’t make it without you? We’ll see about that. Godspeed, friend.” – Marcurio




Years Passed, Nightcaller Temple

Closing Song


The kid’s eyes glimmered. Once again, your bravery inspired a young soul and sparked the light within her heart.

“Allow me to ask you again, my daughter. Are you certain that you want to become a Maran Knight?”

Positioning her posture, the kid clenched her right fist near her heart, “Yes. Yes, I am, Sir!”

That smile and spirit… reminded me of when we greeted young Eric and the other knights years ago.

If only you were still here.



yVSKSCa.pngaT3HjJX.png*Phew*– again, this one is quite a lengthy build. Regardless, I appreciate it greatly if you make it to the end. The Maiden was inspired by Jeanne d’Arc (with a bit of Siegfried) from the Fate series and (to some extent) the historical biography of Saint Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. She was a charming and mysterious lady with a fascinating story, and hopefully I did her justice.

pnhTgJ0.pngHuge appreciation to the amazing artists for their astonishing art and to Chris Diokno for sharing some facts about Saint Joan. Shout out to Ponty’s The Lamp Descendant, Furrion’s The Remnant Keeper, and Skypothesis’ The Sunfire Herald as their astounding build inspired some of this build’s elements. As always, thank you for checking in, feel free to give any comment, and see you on the next journey. :)




yVSKSCa.pngOjVndct.pngAs promised, here is a glimpse of the Maiden in her SE appearance. The only major difference is the selection of armor and weapon, and unless you delve into enchanting, obtaining the enchanted variant of the gauntlets and boots can be a demanding task. Consider these two armor combinations (which will also affect the perks investment in the Smithing skill);

  • Adept Hood, Gray Dawnguard Heavy Armor, Steel Plate Gauntlets and Boots, and Dwarven/Glass Greatsword
  • Adept Hood, Brown Dawnguard Heavy Armor, Ebony Gauntlets and Boots, and Ebony Greatsword/Dawnguard Rune Hammer

9Nhu4qN.pngAnother minor element is the absence of AE spells which is easily replicable with their SE counterparts; Mara’s Wrath with Flame Cloak, Elemental Blast with Incarnate and Thunderbolt, and Paralysis Rune with Ash Rune. Other than that, the Maiden is still the mighty and noble knight that the Divine Mother loves.

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  • Excellent working the Maid of Orleans to Skyrim Jazz. Your presentation is still some of the greatest. Fun fact, from what contemporary accounts of Jeanne said of her, she was quite strong, relatively short, and also somewhat tan.

    • Thanks, Chris! Gotta love smoll Jeanne in all her glory, lol.


  • As always, you never fail when it comes to amazing builds!

    • Thank you! Appreciate it greatly.


  • I'm amazed. Just astounded. I've never felt so inspired by a build, and felt such clarity of purpose. I've just got to go try it now.

    • Hey! Thank you! That's a really high praise. I appreciate it greatly!

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