Event Build: The Aedric Absorber

Greetings and salutations my fellow Skyrimites, to my latest Skyrim creation! Combining Skyrim’s variant of MMA or Magical Martial Arts as I like to call it, as in unarmed mixed with some spellslinging, the occasional swordplay, and the relatively unused tactic of purposely absorbing your Atronachs via Absorb Magic, welcome to a femme fatale that can kick ass and look good doing it! Welcome to my second to last entry for Crossworlds! Meet….

Release hunter within....


“The tale of the Breton woman who would become feared and admired as the Aether Absorber starts, like most do, simply. She came to our village, injured, and scared, cradled in the arms of her brother-in-law, a renegade Thalmor who went by the name of Arcturus. We allowed them in, so long as they help out, whether it be hunting or aiding in putting down the beasts that escaped the Spinners’s stasis of the primordial Ooze.

Things, as they often do in the Grand sagas of doom-droven heroes, turned tragic when the spirit of an ancient vampire we had held imprisoned broke free, cursed the young maiden, and stole away with the body of her dear brother-in-law. We were able to save her life, at the cost of trapping the curse in her right arm. As she was of age, she took some supplies, and left. I sent out an avatar to accompany her, but they got separated shortly after following his trail into Skyrim.”

-Journal of Maginelle, The Green Lady


Build Overview

Race: Breton, not only does it fit the backstory/lore of the characters, but they gain bonuses to a fair few of the skills used, alongside Dragonskin working well before we can get to 100 percent Absorb Magic

Standing Stone: The Mage or Warrior to start with, followed by The Atronach, boosted via any found or bought Fortify Restoration potions.

Stat Spread: 0/1/3 on Magicka, Health, and Stamina. This character isn't using a wide arsenal of spells, and what are will be easily cast via reduction perks/enchantments, alongside the fortified base 100 Magicka. Health will cap at 170

Major Skills: Speech, Destruction, One-Handed

Minor Skills: Enchanting, Lockpicking, Heavy Armor

Alignment: Chaotic Good



“Ah, Velours Spardaius, for that was her birth name, rarely did care much about her style. She rarely patched up her clothes, revealing little to the imagination...not that I complained, and neither did her lover, heh.”


After escaping Helgen with Hadvar, your first step will be to acquire some heavy gauntlets and boots which at low levels will be the Iron Boots and Iron Gauntlets you can grab off either Alvar’s table by all the blacksmithing stations, or from his home's basement.

Once that’s done, I decided to A. First join up with the College, I roleplayed it as our dear Absorber trying to find out just what having a Daedric arm would do to her, and B.Learn to control her burgeoning magic abilities. After that, as soon as possible, do Dawnguard, to kill Vingalmo (Who I RPed as the vampiric spirit from her backstory)

Combat wise, in the words of Lucio, let’s break it down!

Archers and Mages-As in most games, you’ll want to take out the ranged guys and gals first. Even with just Dragonskin and the resist magic to start, mages won’t be so problematic. Use shocked spells to drain their magicka, then rush in. As archers and mages (especially mages) tend to wear light or no armor, your blade and fists will take them down easy peasy.

Bandit Chief and Reaver Lords-While your run of the mill banditos don’t pose too much of a problem, its these dungeon boss type enemies, often clad in heavy armor, wielding a big ol’ two-hander (alongside magic in the case of Reavers). As you are lightly armored, you’ll want to block when needed, and stay mobile. Pop a cloak to do some DPS.

Dragons-The Dov, these scaly bastards proved quite a hurdle prior to Dragonrend, especially with our AR only reaching about 34, you’ll want to use the rocks and trees, and any other cover, to block the flames/frost breath, and pelt then with spells, particulary shock to keep them from Shiting, er Shouting, Once there, you’ll want to keep circling them, block or bash when needed.


Here's how combat flowed for me in general. Pop a cloak for DPS (Or Whirlwind Cloak to give yourself some breathing room), and once you’re low on Magicka, use any left to summon, say, a familiar or Atronach. What this allows is, depending on how much you boosted the Atronach stone (I got it to around 77% or so), there’s a chance your summon will either A. Be absorbed by Absorb Magicka and thus give your magicka back, or B. Stick around and help out in combat. This and Soul Trap helped level Conjuration up to 100 for the Sigil Stone, and with Ebony Gauntlets, a Soul Gem, and a Daedra Heart, and boom, got yourself a brand spanking new pair of Daedric Gauntlets via the Atronach Forge.


Alongside this, I used the only real “special move of this build”, nicknamed Therion Trigger. Basically, combining drunken Fortify Marksmanship potions (which can be easily made with Juniper Berries and Elves Ear, which boosts unarmed damage as well as the stated), Dragon Aspect (for increased AR and unarmed damage), a Flame or Shock Cloak for DPS, and to top it all off, Bardic Knowledge for some Stamina Regen, and then start fisting your enemies to your heart’s content.


Follower wise, I used, and eventually had my character marry, Janessa.


MMA is achieved by favoriting the Blood Blade, and hot keying it and switching it every few punches or so.


"But even in the depths of despair, only two things mattered to me. The taste of blood-soaked flesh... and revenge upon one man."


“Ordinarily, fusing a non-Mundusian object to an individual would, unless the one doing so were a god or some such, or someone connected with ancient magics, such as the Wilderking, it also works if one is related to a being not of Mundus. And in my research into Velour’s life prior to her coming to our little village, we discovered her grandfather was a Daedric knight of sorts, who stood with mortals against Dagon during the Oblivion Crisis”


  • Having grown up in a fairly small hamlet, try and limit your interactions in, say, Whiterun or Solitude to a minimum. However, feel free to take your time in cities like Falkreath. In the large city cases, just do what you need to, and leave as soon as possible.

  • Always say the rude or sarcastic, if possible, dialogue options to NPCs

  • You may have a Daedric arm, but you are not a monster, so give a Septim or two to any beggars, especially kids.

  • You are fond of dogs, so if you ever encounter one, drop some meat by it.

  • While you won’t go out of your way to save others, if, say, you come across some farmers being attacked by bandits, lend a hand.


Closing Notes

Well, there we go everypony, my second to last build for Crossworlds 2019. Thanks to Lee, as always, for the spreads This build began back in early 2017, when I first began playing Tales of Berseria. The build idea then came to combine it with another demon armed protagonist. With that in mind, I hope you enjoyed my little build based off Tales of Berseria’s Velvet Crowe, and Devil May Cry’s Nero.



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